Breakfast and Megamarts

While Singaporeans like bee hoon, pau and other local delectables for breakfast, I had a little surprise!

Nothing beats waking up in the morning to home-made waffles with maple syrup and fresh strawberries!

Perfect for window display! The waffle is so light I had 1 and half!

I thought this brand of margarine is really cute. I love the exclamation mark at the end, like it's screaming at you to pick it up at the supermarket.

While we're on the topic of supermarket, I love the supermarkets here in the US! They are so massive and everyone can be pushing a cart, but no one knocks into one another. Aisles are wide and items well stocked. The only thing is, if you're not familiar with the placement of items, it's quite a distance walking from one end to the other.

Most supermarkets are open past midnight, some even 24 hours, so it's really convenient if you want to buy groceries late at night. Parking is ample and free too! This is Walmart Supercenter, which is a mega-hyper-mart!

12 responses to “Breakfast and Megamarts

  1. your waffles with strawberries really made me hungry as I am reading this post early in the morning…its like such a healthy and tasty breakfast item! I must try it soon… 🙂

  2. That’s a very sweet breakfast and look yummy. I had tomatoes this morning and feeling hungry now. Wish to go Walmart one day too, looking forward to a long holiday. Joanne, so envy ya…

  3. The first time I stepped into Walmart, I was amazed at the sheer size of it! It’s really an exercise pushing the cart and walking up & down the aisles, haha!

  4. I just want to ask you if your mail as read by you or your assistant. Cause I want to send a personal letter and I am afraid that if it was your assistant it might get thrown away cause it is “not important”

  5. i love Us Supermarkets as well.
    Nice breakfast you have there.

  6. Mmmm! Waffles!!! =) I like mine the fattening way… with lots of butter and syrup!

    Yeah, the markets here have much more room than overseas! I went to Korea and some of the places were so cramped! (I love Wal-Mart, btw… so cheap!)

  7. Wow Joanne, thks for sharing your trip experience with nice photos intact. You deserve a good break after all the hard work.:))

  8. walmart is great until u see costco 🙂

    vegas is very fun, just dont come back married!

  9. hi joanne,

    the margarine (“i cant believe its not butter”) is sold in singapore too! i still saw it in ntuc few yrs back =D

    n its taste gd too 😉

  10. Cheese burger

    Woah.nice breakfast there.

  11. The only hypermart that you will see in Singapore which is something similar to what you see in US is Giant Hypermart in Tampines.

  12. walmart supercenters … awesome 😀 i like shop n save too … but they’re for food 😛

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