First snow experience

An hour drive out of Las Vegas and you’d get to Mount Charleston, where you can find snow and ski during certain times of the year. I was really lucky this time, because the weather still hasn’t warmed up yet. We wanted to head to Grand Canyon initially, but because the weather was unexpectedly cold and I had no warm gear packed, we decided to do something else instead. Not that it’s any warmer here at Mount Charleston, but at least there are lodges where I can hide!

I was really excited because this was going to be the first time I see snow!!

It's quite a misconception that it's always hot in the desert. Las Vegas has desert and snow-capped peaks too! This was taken from the car.

At one of the lodges taking a toilet break. See the ski resort behind me!

My frozen hand!

Believe it or not, it's the first time I see snow. And I've yet to see falling snow too!

There's an old restaurant up at the lodge that is very quaint. I'm sitting by the fire, warming up with a cup of hot chocolate while waiting for lunch!

After lunch, we drove up to the ski resort. I wasn't dressed to ski at all, and although there's the option of taking a scenic chair lift up the mountains, I figured I'd be frozen halfway up because the wind chill was already quite unbearable down at the beginner's slope. I think I'd save this experience for the next trip! There's rental available for the full gear and equipment.

Trying to make a snow angel but because I'm on a slope, I keep sliding down!

I can't move my hands and legs at the same time. It's a very clumsy motion of moving one limb at a time! Haha, it was hilarious!

The deformed snow angel I made...

26 responses to “First snow experience

  1. Glad to see you having fun, I’m looking forward to mine in either NYC or Egypt this August!

  2. Ang boon guan

    Hi joanne peh, I hope u have a enjoyable and wonderful adventures. 🙂 How I wish I could go too, but not now as it’s time for me to earn money first before I can pay a visit to the country I want. How I wish there’s snow in Singapore… 🙂

  3. hey joanne

    nice photos there. hope you enjoy your trip.

    why was it that you got bangs for the previous post, and yet in this post your fringe grew amazingly fast and you dont seems to have bangs now??? haha.

  4. It was really excited to see snow for the 1st time, specially for us who stayed in a year-round summer country.. My 1st snow experience was in Jan 08 when I was in Tokyo – we didn’t get to see falling snow in the initial part of our trip until one morning when it did! Oh man, I remembered my friend and I were so excited that we even skipped our breakfast to play and take tons of pictures in the snow! haha..

  5. 好美的指甲啊。。。呵呵。。。留长的指甲很好看哦。。。。呵呵。。。更新好多哦。。。希望有一天能和你合照啊。。。。XD

  6. did u try to skii ? i saw snow whn i was in switzerland =]

  7. i laughed so hard at that “deformed” angel. i’ll be anticipating more pictures! enjoy your holiday!

  8. When were you in Las Vegas? It’s spring now, so it’s not as cold. If you want to see snow falling from the sky, that’s usually around Nov-Feb…at least where I am in Illinois. Snow is fun for the first time, but the novelty wears off fast especially when you need to get to class quick and you have to trudge through a ton of snow. Not fun.

  9. wow, u lucky ger! can see snow in not a winter season! i like ur red boots! they r v nice! can tell mi where u got them and e price? tks.

  10. Wow! Your 1st time? 😮
    my 1st time was when i was 3? i went to San Fransisco. I remember when my hands was freezing so much that i started crying! and we went to the car for heater, and cried for almost 30mins? since i was wearing fingerless gloves! 😮

    You should have tried skiing for snowboarding! and share your experience! since i never tried it before 😦

  11. eh…where’s your bang?or you go to this place 1st before cutting it?

  12. hi joanne, i like your boots. may i know where did you get them?

  13. Hellos
    I seriously want to know how snow felt like when you put them on your hands . Will they just melt into water ? ;p

    • Hi jerelle

      No the snow doesn’t melt in the hands. My hands are too cold to do that. You can squeeze the “snow” and pack into ice bAlls!

  14. I love your mc donald boot!

  15. Can understand how you feel about snow.

    I could not wait to see the first snowfall when I was studying in Edmonton. And when it did snow, my landlady woke me up at 4a.m. just to feel it! Snow is pretty – like cake icing!

    Enjoy your much needed break in lovely America.

  16. This is seriously your first time seeing snow? Better than me, I dont even noe how snow looks like. And when you like, took a photo graph of your hand, isnt it manicured? Wont the manicured nails like, break?

  17. lol @ ur snow angel!
    haha, that’s a cute try! XD

    aww, I wanna c snow too! but I can’t stand cold. O_o

  18. Woah..Our Pretty Princess now in Mount Charleston) enjoying her 1st winter experience..Snow Flakes,Snow War all seems so ever beautiful..but so poor thing lor ..u look kind of cold sick..on a side note..may b u can prolong ur vacation a little longer over at the states…cos its damn hot and humid here in sg.Its almost becoming unbearable now.. HOT..HOT..HOT.

  19. hii!!after your hand in mine, what is the next show you acting?

  20. Hi:) first time coming to see yr blog:) haha:) it’s very nice!!:) you’re so lucky to be able to see snowfall… have not seen it before:)

  21. hi! i love your manicure and boots!!! u are looking good, Joanne!

  22. Hey joanne, I remembered that a few years ago, I went to japan with my school and saw snow for the very first time. When it was time to skii, I was so excited and I skii-ed really fast. Guess what? I collided into the metal board which I thought was wood and sprained my ankle. 😦 that long board you put on your legs got trapped in many wires (the board lit up at night) and the passer bys were really nice. They came to my aid and tried to pull out that long board. I had sat on the snow for like half an hour By the time everything was done.

  23. I’ve seen some snow when i went to Europe sometime back but have yet to see that much snow as you do. The snow just melts in my hands and my clothes were all wet when I went up to the tour bus.

    I would like to experience snow again!

  24. you should go to nepal. although i’m only 11…. (haha) it was B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. wake up, open your door and you can see the ice capped mountains greeting you right outside your door. you get to see the pretty sunset too!

  25. Hi Joanne,

    Wondering if that pair of boots is from Dr. Martens? =))

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