Don’t buy cheap memory cards

Important lesson learnt on this Vegas trip: Don’t try to save money buying cheaper memory cards.

I realised that not only did I have to make sure the memory card says SDHC, the card speeds play a very important role too! You can tell by looking out for Class 2, 4, 6 or 10 on the packaging. Of course the bigger the number, the faster the speed. Choose something that matches the electronic device you’re using it for. For more info see SD.

Quite a number of my pictures did not record properly on the new memory card that I bought since the old one I brought from Singapore failed on me. For some reason, the pictures previewed fine on the camera but when I tried to load it on my computer, they’re either truncated or did not show. I have since exchanged for one that has a faster speed, and probably more suitable for my camera.

Which means, photos where I unveiled my birthday present, had homemade waffles with maple syrup and butter that is not butter, visited premium outlet store, the inside of KÀ theater …are all gone.

Sob sob.

8 responses to “Don’t buy cheap memory cards

  1. Dear Joanne,
    How have you been? I hope you are well. Anyway, I am your biggest fan. Such big fan that when before you won the Star Awards, I kept chanting your name.
    Hope you will reply soon.

  2. That’s very sad. Pat pat.. Maybe test the SD card before use to prevent such thing from happening.

  3. Woah, after reading you blog then i only realise the quality for memory card is quite important, thanks ^^.

  4. Yeah, don’t buy cheap things sometimes.

    Do you know recently I bought a bag worth $1o , instead of more expensive but better quality one worth $79?

    Then one month later, the strap broke due to the weight of laptop, charger, and library book in my bag. Luckily , my laptop is still functionable.

  5. hi joanne , may i know which brand you brought for the memory card ?

  6. hi joanne! im sure all the girls out there would love to know how you get such beautiful skin(and who doesnt want to know what products a celeb uses?)!could you share with us your skincare regimen?

  7. Hey, we can recover photos from SD cards. Give it a try, cardrecovery.

  8. oh…same case to me here!i just bought a camera, then from promotion i got a free SD card. i was so excited to get a free 4 GB SD card! but when the first time after using this card,i tried to upload my photos and there was an instruction asking me to format my card. so what i could do was just format and pufff…gone my photos for the first time. then here comes the second time, where loads of photos were taken in 1 orchestra i went last night, trying to upload just now, ask me to format again! what?!

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