Retail experience at Apple

Going to the Apple retail store in the US is always an experience. Every product is hooked up to the Internet and allows you to browse freely. Every sales person knows their products at the back of their hand, offers their personal take on products, and helps us make our purchase one that suits our needs.

What is most fascinating is that, no one stands in line to pay. Not because they have no social etiquette but because they have a different way of paying.

There's a special jacket that is attached to the iPod Touch that allows the retail guy to scan the barcode of the product and checkout our items on the go.

He takes your credit card, swipes it on the device and have you sign on the screen.

After which you can choose to have your receipt printed out or emailed to you. We chose the environmentally friendly method.

Everyone's excited about this!

5 responses to “Retail experience at Apple

  1. *GASP* Are you there 30 April? I want an iPad 3G!

  2. OMG… i been working for apple for almost 3years…
    I wanted to go US to check their service and product. They do have lots of cools and funny things. I alway get to know some products which is only available at US and some country which my customer told us to get it.
    COOL i will save more money to go there…

  3. Heheh, it seems so cool! 🙂

  4. joanne

    you must watch the ‘O’ Cirque du Soleil show in Bellagio if you have time. It is a magnificent show.

  5. I hope that I can bring such positive experience to this regional retail and bring forth positive shopping experience.
    How do you grade such tech shopping experience between 1 to 5 with 1 been the poorest and 5 Wonderful.


    Have a positive trip.

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