Eating in a Supermarket

Something happened to my memory card today, so most pictures are taken with the phone. I managed to get myself a new memory card but when it comes to products like that, we get them a lot cheaper in Singapore.

I decided to experiment with a different look! It's been a long time since I had bangs, I think I look so different in them!

Hair up or hair down?

Everything else, especially food, comes in big portions so even though we might pay the same price as do in Singapore, it’s actually cheaper because we get more.

I love supermarkets, but this day, I went to the Whole Foods Market, where you get a good selection of organic/healthy options. There is such a great variety, I don’t mind becoming a full-time cook!

Whole Foods Market, Town Center Las Vegas

At Whole Foods Market, Bobby says it's the mecca of healthy/organic food. It's a supermarket but you'll find hot bars, soup bars, salad bars, grain bars, where you can pick out what you want buffet style, and be charged according to weight.

More variety of food you can take away!

Sandwich bar where you have a wide selection of sandwiches to choose from! Wow!

There I am picking out my lunch!

Here's what I picked out...a little bit of Spanish Rice, Pepper Chicken, Baked Broccoli, Pineapple Rice with Endamame, and Mac&Cheese.

Versus Bobby's green leafy salad lunch!

There are seats scattered all over the supermarket where you can sit and enjoy your lunch. I heard the dinner and dessert selection at night is delectable!

29 responses to “Eating in a Supermarket

  1. Wow..I always had this love-hate relationships with supermarkets all around the world. I love browsing among the different sections seeing way they have, buying them and then hating it when I had to pay for it and lugging it back to the hotels. This one looks fun! Your lunch box definately looks more appetizing than the one Bobby is having. Variety

    I like this new look of yours..very different from the norm. I just wonder where did u hide the bangs usually?? I can’t spot it in your previous photos. Amazing!

  2. You seems like having lot of fun over at LA, just enjoy as much as you can before coming back to reality again. Anyway, you look refresh & kawaii in that last picture, love that. :DDD

  3. You seems to be having lot of fun over at LA yah ? Enjoy for all you can before coming back to the reality, HAHA! Anyway, you look kind of refresh and kawaii in that last picture, love that! :DDD

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE whole foods. the whole vibe of the place.. is just wholesome haha. enjoy! 🙂 i had whole foods in nyc, try the chicken masala / tandori chicken. they do good indian food!

  5. is that delicious? look like nice ler.

  6. hey hey =]

    u look like a teacher to me, with the bangs n spects..hehe..

  7. wow, joanne, u look so kawaii in the last photo!!
    just like a uni student!!
    i nvr know that you can have such nice food in US,
    i thought they eat burgers and burgers everyday! heheh

  8. Is the Supermarket there bigger thn Singapore one ?

    • Oh yes Jerelle, you cannot imagine how massive it is! They have anything that you want or could possibly need and it’s not that expensive too, because although it is in USD, the portions are bigger!


  9. Love your new bangs!! makes you look more 亲切 =). Hahaha..i m curious…did you cut it in a salon or (oh wow) by yourself or….? Nevertheless, it looks great on you for sure! Enjoy a great deal there!

  10. melissa miss joanne

    gonna agree with rine..u do like a teacher..LOL
    gonna say ‘ hello ms peh’ just joking..well have fun in america..hope to see u soon…and really love those pic ((:
    miss yah!


  11. thx for sharing ur experience!!
    makes me feel like planning a trip there too.

    bangs makes u look younger and potrays e ‘nerdy’ look, esp wif specs; but in a good way! (:

    have fun e both of ya! ^^v

  12. joanne u prefer there or here?

  13. hi,you look younger with bang.hahahaha.1 of my fren is in usa also.i would like to ask that where you bought your spec?in usa or spore?coz i keep looking for the same one:)

    • Hi Gervian,

      Glasses are from an old vintage store in LA. You might be able to find them on eBay, but the problem with that is you can’t try it on and they tend to be more expensive.


  14. Hi Joanne, your hair looks really thick, shiny and healthy. Wonder how you maintain it?mine always looks messy and frizzy

  15. Joanne

    Versatile You can carry both bangs & no bangs!
    It’s all about self-confidence.
    You have it and that is what I admire you about.

    Enjoy every moments.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  16. its a fresher sweeter look on u!:)

  17.,it is quite difficult to find in local shop right?instead of ebay.anw,thanks.:)

  18. Hi Joanne

    Congrats on winning the top 10 🙂

    I think without bangs, you look more sophisticated. I prefer it 🙂

  19. Joanne, you look really cute with the bangs 🙂 Even cuter with the specs… haha

  20. Hi Joanne,
    Where did u cut yr fringe? I like it when it is bun up tho. U look like a teacher. And when it is down, u look more like an ex-change student. Enjoy yr well deserved holidays. Cheers “>

  21. loving your US posts..keep them coming! Would like to know about your experiences in US, I can’t wait to go next month!

  22. you look more pretty with bangs!!!!i am currently watching “your hand in mine” and the ep are getting more and more nice…they always end at the nicest part and have to wait for the next day to see what happen:( did you end up with Dr Yeah ?

  23. hey you look soooo much younger in your bangs!!!seriously….and when did you cut your hair???

  24. you look so cute with bangs! I like it both up and down 🙂 and OMG I went crazy at Whole Foods. I love the hot bar! The BBQ tofu is sooooo good. It’s so easy to pile on the food (coz it’s like a buffet, haha I’m sounding like a glutton!), and get a shock at the cashier! LOL.

    Here’s my entry on my experience at Whole Foods. I was very amazed by the beer carton art!

    The ang-mohs must be thinking, ‘Crazy Asian girl, taking photos of beer cartons?!’/ :p

  25. Oopps looks like Bobby is the healthier one. I like Whole Foods for organic food and beauty items, but Walmart is probably the most cost-effective.

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