From LA to Vegas

There are no intentions of touring LA just yet, since we’d be back towards the end of the trip. I had a nice workout at the gym this morning, followed by a really delightful buffet breakfast, which had a great fruit selection of strawberries, blueberries, grapefruit, oranges and the usual watermelon, honeydew and pineapple. Berries aren’t as expensive in this part of the world, so I was happy with the unlimited intake of antioxidants. No pictures because I didn’t bring my camera to the gym.

After that, I did a little shopping at Barneys New York at Beverley Hills and then we made our way to Vegas. Hopefully I get to go back to that street again to take some photos because that’s where Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Ave and Barneys stand side by side. I’m fascinated because my understanding of these places are pretty much limited to their online websites!

I love the way this hotel has got all these black and white photographs adorning the walls. So classic!

See if you recognise anyone?

And there's more...

Driving by Rodeo Drive, where all the brand boutiques have their own standalone shops.

The entire street is just lined with designer boutiques!

These are what homes along Beverley Hills look like!

The houses are so private and unique. I just love how these big trees line the road. Most part of LA seems a little dry but this area is so green and inviting!

I got myself some vintage eyeglasses.

Not that I really need to wear glasses, but I thought it was a different look. I love vintage tortoise-shell frames!

It was a 4 hour drive from LA to Las Vegas. The winds were pretty strong today!

We didn't manage to get to the dessert by sunset, otherwise, it would have been quite a beautiful sight!

En route to Vegas, we stopped by Barstow to have dinner at "IN N OUT"! This is the best burger place in the West Coast. Many people tried to bring it to Singapore but apparently they refused to sell the franchise anywhere else in the world. It's fully customisable cheese burgers, no fuss and very delicious!

After which, I had the Cold Stone Creamery. I know how familiar it sounds because Australia has Cold Rock Creamery which is brought in to Singapore but according to Bobby, Cold Stone was the original! And this I hold in my hand is cotton candy flavour. This is a small size by the way. I couldn't even finish the entire cup!

20 responses to “From LA to Vegas

  1. USA is awesome! but the flight there is just death >.<

    • Oh yes Amanda, tell me about it. I contemplated Alaska at some point in time, but that’ll be 20+ hours of flying if I were to go from Singapore. There’s so much to see in this part of the world, I don’t enough time!!

      • Joanne,

        If you want to take a long flight, take a Business Class or First Class, more comfortable seat, better quality food. Heehee!

        By the way , congrats on your successes on recent Stars Awards.

  2. Oh my god.. You were there!! Pretty envious!! Good luck and take care.. Post more beautiful pictures too!!

  3. Don’t you love the USA? =) I hope you had fun, esp at the shopping trifecta (Saks, Neiman, Barneys!), and looking at the gorgeous houses! Have a good time in Vegas, don’t lose all your money!

  4. hey joanne, i’m new to your blog. since you’re in CA now, try ordering some items on in and out’s secret menu

  5. have fun in vegas!! and be sure to check out TAO night club when you’re there. i enjoyed my entire trip when i went to Las Vagas in 07.

  6. You’re so lucky & i’m parents do not have the time to take me there..Love the place..Vegas has awesome lightings=] its so lively even at night! you should go to Universal Studios..its awesome there=] hope you enjoy the trip=]

  7. Hi Joanne,
    I love your brows so much! Do you mind telling me where do you get your brows done at? Mine always turns out so thin and shapeless. Please help me out here! Would appreciate it if you could tell me the place, name of the person who did it, and what type of grooming did you go for, as in a specific shape or..?


    • Hi Vanessa,

      My brows are natural, other than plucking the stray hairs, I don’t do anything specific to it.


  8. Hi Joanne,

    I’ve just started reading your blog since yesterday (28 Apr – Spore time).

    IN & OUT – is super good! I am not one to hit the fast food joints but when in California this was highly recommended as we were on a driving holiday. And the fries were good too.

    If you head up towards S.Francisco and hit the Factory Outlets @ Gilroy – Bobby should let you stop off for garlic ice cream…

    Have a great time! Hopefully, I’ll get to visit Vegas in 2011.

  9. Hi Joanne, i hope by now u had recovered from jet-lag. i think u look gd in your vintage glasses 🙂 i’ve enjoyed viewin all ur pics that u posted durin ur trip. gd luck 4 ur audition!

  10. 😮 I’m so jealous! You have such nice brows! (:

  11. Hi joanne, you should see Bellagio fountain from Paris Las vegas Hotel , across the strip from the Bellagio. Yap, IN n OUT is just so fresh, you can only find in West Coast of States. . I used to stay in States from 2004-2006 where my husband was posted to work in Oklahoma so i took that chance to travel quite a bit in States. iIf you have time, you should fly to Seattle for 7 days Alaska cruise, it only cruise from Apr-Sept of the year. We only spent about US5k for the Alaska cruise for a family of 4. The other time, we joined Norweign Cruise Line.
    If you do not have much time, you must at least go to Grand Canyon and grand canyon skywalk.

  12. hi joanne seem like u are very enjoy in USA ~~~

  13. Hi Joanne!

    I’m a Singaporean who’s studying in USA now. I visited LA during my spring break and loved it! In N Out is amazing! Especially the animal-style fries.

    Anyway, if you’re still in LA, try the Daikoukuya ramen in Little Tokyo (327 E 1st Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012 ). It’s delicious!

    And if you’re staying for a couple more weeks, you might want to try this dining in the dark concept restaurant (

    🙂 Enjoy your stay in LA!

  14. Oh I can’t wait to shop and eat at Vegas …. I think I will drop dead there so much to do, so much to see! So envy of you now!

  15. Yes, I can only recognise 2 movie stars – the slimmer and younger version of Elizabeth Taylor and Oprah. I always love black and white photos…..they bring out the essence of a picture!

    Enjoy your holidays and a much needed break from the crazy and stressful world of movie making!

  16. love coldstone! with peanutbutter, M&Ms and cookies! lol i miss 😦

  17. Hi Joanne!

    I love your vintage spects! Mind sharing where did you get it?

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