If you had S$11,300…

I’ve created a poll at the sidebar just for fun. These are by no means the only two comparisons, but oh well let’s see what everybody thinks.

Presuming you have S$11,300. You can spend it on either one of the following:

A group package tour for 4 to Turkey for 13 days


A Hermès Chaine d’Ancre handbag in chevron canvas and leather trip?

Tick your choice in the sidebar!

[Poll ended 17 April 2010 with Turkey 704 votes to Hermès 77 votes.]

5 responses to “If you had S$11,300…

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  2. definitely turkey trip in my case! 🙂
    i love travelling!

  3. Why Hermes Chaine d’Ancre? Im not sure what’s the pricing of Hermes like in Sg, but i’ve got a few personal favourites of hermes items like the Constance (which adds a very chic vintage look to whatever you’re wearing), Lindy, and Kelly Pochette..

    Also, for SGD11,300, you’re very close to getting a Size3o birkin in Paris.

    Oh well, i’m just saying anyway ;P

  4. i will go turkey trip.
    i love travelling and it will leave you many vivid memories. 🙂

  5. Turkey, of course. Lovely country. Been there and would not mind going there again.

    There’s nothing like travelling and seeing the world! The experience gained is etched in our memory!

    Designer bags? Get bored by them after a while!
    Been round the world 3 times and still not tired of it!

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