Wearing Roads?

Here’s one of Budapest-based designer Kata Szegedi designs that I really like.

The latest S/S10

It’s easy for cut-out clothes to look trashy and unfinished, but the way she allowed skin to show at the right places with this piece is inspiring. I particularly like that her best friend Daniel Benus made shoes to go along with this, so it becomes a seamless part of the jeans, or what’s really left of the jeans.

Before this piece was finally put together…

These connections and roads are what inspired the intricate layering designs.

It's amazing how precise the cuts are! The stretchy denim material allows this piece to adhere to the skin nicely. Of course you need to have good legs to go with this!

Here's the finished jacket on a dress form.

Here's how it looks on real model.

The back of the jacket on a dress form

The back of the jacket on a model

I like the way the top is cut to flatter the feminine silhouette, but somehow using a satin-like material for the same cut-out pants just don't seem to work as well.

2 responses to “Wearing Roads?

  1. wow it’s so fashion! But don’t you feel tight and breathless or uncomfortable? Haha

  2. Do u know where can I get her collection in SG? Thanks!

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