Inspiration or Coincidence?

Now was Szegedi’s collection inspired by Gucci’s S2010RTW collection or did both Frida (Creative Director of Gucci) and Kate had the same vision?

I can’t help but see the similarities. Right down to incorporating lkat print into the collection. Although in this particular comparison, I prefer Szegedi’s neon lkat pattern, combined with cut-outs, black velvet patches, on a see-through fabric. The piece is alive!!

Gucci S2010RTW (left) and Kate Szegedi S/S2010 (right)

Gucci’s S2010RTW collection sees harnesses being layered on, jackets opening at the back, combining the hardness of metals with the cut-outs to carve a feminine  figure.

It’s about time the designers celebrate curves instead of making clothes for stick-thin body types.

This was what I wore for one of the photos I did for April's issue of ICON magazine. The cut-out design cinches the waist and celebrates the curvy silhouette of a woman.

This jacket is made of deer skin and despite being bare back, can still keep you quite warm. The metals actually take to the heat of your body after a while.

The cut-out design on the pants is found throughout Szegedi's collection except that on Gucci, it looks more subtle and polished.

While Szegedi sticks to making separate pieces, Gucci makes dresses. Doesn't this remind of paper cut-outs?

3 responses to “Inspiration or Coincidence?

  1. Walao! What a nice blog Joanne! I can see you as a fashion editor and I thank God you HAVE better sense to blog in English cos my Mandarin is just CRAP!

    I think it’s coincidence. The swim suit you wore is very sexy. Was told fashion designers sometimes inspire one another so may be designs may have some similarities!

    Btw, read your tweets – if you’re as nocturnal like me you may end up feeling hungry and eating more. FATTER! So ah…don’t be like me. Sleep early! Wishing you beauty, success n bliss always.

  2. sharon tulasidas

    Liked you in the black Gucci dress was Star Awards as well.
    You were one of the very few best dressed celebs! 🙂
    Congrats on the award too!
    Let’s look at another cover soon? It’s almost a year!!! 🙂

    • Hi Sharon,

      Thanks! Yes definitely looking forward to it. Am traveling quite a bit this month but still hope to see you soon!


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