Try Papercut Lashes!

If you’re bored with regular false lashes, here’s something else that might interest you.

I was browsing around on lazy Sunday and discovered these pretty things! They are called Papercut lashes and you can purchase them online from Luna and Curious which is located in London.

I’ve checked with the owners and they have kindly replied that they ship these all over the world from between £3-£5 (S$6-S$10 approx). The shipping prices generally remain the same if you order two or three pairs,  but if you wish to purchase in larger quantities, they are willing to discuss prices for shipping.

Available in 5 different styles, each pattern represents a traditional Chinese symbol. Peach Blossoms symbolises Love; Peonies - Happiness; Horse - Success

Super large lashes. £12 (S$25.60 approx.) for a pair

Petits. £10 (S$21.40 approx.) for two pairs

These are applied using eyelash glue, the same way as you would the regular false lashes. They are machine cut and made from laminated paper, so it wouldn't disintegrate like paper would, even if you're at a foam party of if you got caught in the rain.

They are recommended for one-time use, but as with any false lashes, if you take good care of them, you might be able to get more wears out of them.


5 responses to “Try Papercut Lashes!

  1. hey joanne, this is interesting and something new to try out. Wonder if it’s comfort to wear on? If you manage to buy them, let us know if it’s easy to wear or post a photo of you on FB? Looking forward to your new eye lash look!!! hehe..

  2. WOW! this is so interesting! thank you Joanne for sharing.

    Was wondering, who is interested in getting these? Leave me a comment on my blog at

    I’m thinking of ordering some! 🙂

  3. sweet findings.. will you be getting any of these lashes and update us on the rates charged and maybe a picture of you wearing them..

  4. gosh, these are beautifully made!

  5. this is nice & beautiful..

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