ICON April Coming Soon!

Doing a photo-shoot is a bit like acting.

In acting, we put on our costume, take on a role and in interacting with our co-stars and props, execute our actions and emotions based on the character we have taken. I didn’t enter the industry knowing how to communicate and tap on my reservoir of emotions. It required me to practice, live life and keep an open-mind to continuously learn about the craft.

In a photo shoot, from the clothes we put on, to our facial expressions and the way we contort our bodies, it is all emotional and meant to convey a certain message. Therefore, logically it’s a matter of applying the same acting techniques to a different medium. It’s not a stand-there-and-smile or stand-there-and-look-sexy sort of thing. If it is, the picture will be dull and uninviting. In this case, our co-star is the camera, our face, body and limbs are our props and we need to communicate emotion and allow those moments to be captured by the photographer.

There are many beautiful people in the world who have great bodies and wear clothes like it’s second skin, but it’s the emotion behind the picture that will gain attention and attract eyeballs. That’s what makes a picture come alive.

Some time ago, we got together at Mark Law's studio for ICON's cover shoot. The styling team (from left to right): Elaine, David, Cést Moi, Jeremy Tan

Here's one of the poses...

Look out for the upcoming April issue of ICON!

5 responses to “ICON April Coming Soon!

  1. Thanks for sharing your experience on model shoot. I learn new things from you. It is really challenging to be a model, remind me of my bridal photo shoot. I think the mood is very important to be able to act well in front of camera =)

  2. Oh so cool Joanne I love u:D<3<3<3

  3. Aweome cover, Babe! Your covers get better and better! 🙂 HAWT.

  4. Really nice blog, great writing and presentation. I like all the photos you put up.

  5. Finally got hold of a copy after searching through 4 book shops and 6 newsstands. Lucky for me as there was only 2 copies left at the last one I went to. Good things are hard to find perhaps. Beautiful pose…great work 🙂

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