Jack’s Matters

It’s media heyday whenever a scandal breaks out. From Bill Clinton to Tiger Woods, we’ve seen how the media thrives on celebrities’ scandals, turning what is essentially a domestic issue between these men and their wives, into the centre of everybody’s attention. As a fellow celebrity, I can understand the pressure that comes from the media and public. There is already the constant need to manage other people’s expectations, judgements and perceptions, whether it’s for the work we do, or the more personal details such as the person we’re dating, the place we’re getting married, or simply the way we look, that is amongst many other things. What more in instances where values and morality are being called to question?

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10 responses to “Jack’s Matters

  1. Maybe it’s a warning to all guys, don’t mess with other woman. Haha.. Unless they want the publicity attention.

  2. that is a really sad thing. i m bored of these utter useless coverage as well. the media should be producing more beneficial articles instead.

  3. yst when i watch the news, jack neo’s wife broke down and fainted, i think they shld give the lady a break.

  4. Actually..Honestly speaking, i don’t understand why should the public care about his affairs? I mean he did a great job for producing great films portraying the Singaporean society! Isn’t that we should appreciate his efforts for films more than his personal affairs? I will still support his films no matter what! 🙂

  5. While it was heartening to read that you are able to empathized with your friends who are the other party, have any of your married girl pals been the cheated wife or suffering children?

    Whilst the husband and the other women go into a relationship fully conscious of their decisions, but the family is completely unaware. I think he needs to be shamed to a certain degree for it to be a lesson, both for the husband and any women who wants to entertain the thought of going into a situation like so. But of course there should be a limit to how far it should go, without too much stressed on the wife and kids.

  6. the day people decide they want to be celebrities and put themselves in the limelight, they should expect the media and public scrutiny. it comes in a package.

    i find it hypocritical when celebrities moan/grumble/complain about the lack of privacy. it’s like being tired of something that is part of your job. don’t choose the celebrity path if u can’t take being scrutinised. extreme, but true.

    wadya think?

  7. well frankly speaking I think jack neo’s wife is pitiful. I presume that jack neo had made use of his wife for publicity sake, during his haydays and now. Even if his wife does not want to be put into the limelight, he still put her in. If he is being considerate, stop putting her in a spot.

    anyway, we can learn from this by saying that women also has rights as well, from how to deal with being sexually harrassment, or dealing with husbands who have been caught cheating, or dealing with being the ‘other party’ in the relationship.

    yah, hopefully the whole saga will end, provided jack neo does not come out and continue making a big hooha out of it.

  8. 不愧是mass comm毕业生 xD

  9. That’s why celebrities should have a higher standard for integrity in their lives

  10. joanne,i hope too that everyone will soon forget about this.but jack neo is not as famous as bill clinton and tiger woods so its not fair to compare jack to bill and tiger

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