Marriage before Courtship?

Whatever happened to the good old days of being friends first?

I’m speechless.

58 responses to “Marriage before Courtship?

  1. what is e telemovie about? want to know more..

  2. Wow…back to the olden days?
    Or it might be a spam or just a joke? hmm…

  3. I thought such thing happens to you pretty frequently. 🙂

  4. LOL!! He sounds interesting! 🙂

  5. that’s cute, get to know him, its no harm to know new people, but about the married part, you gotta know him more before you decide XD

  6. in the old days… people are match made! he did say he wants to get to know you… aust is nice place to live too 🙂

  7. wow.
    errmm..joanne, did u rmb me? I went to iluma that day. I was the girl trying to get your autograph but failed miserably. I went to sg for hols and hoped that i could see one of the sg celebs and i did. I took pictures of u standing so close to me and i was so happy. Thanks so much. =)

  8. Haha true. well this days, ppl just rush into stuff too fast -.- some even have sex before marriage… wtf is wrong with this world now?

    – Jayne Chong.
    West Sacramento, CA.

  9. haha..heard this joke before: people used to know each other, fall in love, get married and have we have more of have kids, get married, know each other, falling in love being optional

  10. ya lor , nows a day people very “char lar” !

  11. OMG that guy must be either dreaming or drunk >.<

  12. OMG, what a freak…

  13. he probably copied and pasted that to many many asial girls with a beautiful display picture . lol sounds too desperate and creepy but in any case, feel flattered! (:

  14. got more direct anot? ha

  15. (maybe) this is the consequence of being westernized.

  16. What did we do to have such people in the world? Stay strong Joanne!

  17. haha! desperate!

  18. hahahahahahaha!

  19. Ignore that Ricky..

    The most important is : to be friends first , know his good and bad points. Then you know whether he is your Mr Right.

    Marriage must be taken seriously and is the life-long commitment.

    If you make hasty decision, you will suffer long term if you got children.

    Do you know some people marry too harshly and found that they are not compatible , must divorce each other quickly without thinking of the consequences?

  20. perhaps some people are just plain desperate. they didn’t even be bothered to know the character of the person first. no comments.

  21. oh yes, i totally agree with ur comment! people these days are thinking like WAY AHEAD. its madness

  22. Aiyo why like tt?! tsk tsk tsk…

  23. Ohmygod man! I’m also speechless. LOL . Maybe that person’s crazy? -.-

  24. Lol! That’s funny.
    Happy New Year, Joanne! 😀

  25. woah! haha.

    anyway, it seems like he learned such methods on how to courtship asian ladies from mike! haha. xiaxue’s bf.

    Mike thumbs up! 🙂

  26. Very dangerous but it is so in the olden days.

  27. Hahaha, the ‘you got play pet society’ comment is cutesy. 🙂

    Loves your leica and your chanel bags Joanne! Cant wait for the day that i’ve earned enough to treat myself to such goodies. 🙂

  28. hey Joanne….erm….wad is gift of for plying d games-recognising the characters in d show rmb?

  29. I think he was joking…

  30. Oh no… how can that be? Everyone should start of as friends, marriage even before the minimum friendship? hmm..

  31. Hahah! Desperate.

    Bloghopping and congrats for winning nuffnang’s blog awards. I know this is really late lol

    Hope to be nominated as finalist next year too 😀

  32. Oh… Is he really an Australian???

  33. blur the name for his protection? in case people spams his account?

  34. Dear Joanne,
    Ya, I agree with you, that’s really speechless.. Some people are like that, too straight forward and open-minded.. But that’s really too over..

    By the way, this year star awards is when?

  35. hey Joanne…erm…wads the gift for the countdown game-recognising the characters in d movie rmb?

  36. lol, so funny.

  37. hello. maybe that guy thought facebook was some match-making cyberspace haha!

  38. hahaha i feel funny… while i saaw this….

  39. gosh , the guy is so straight forward … of course courtship comes first before marriage ler…unless really desperate to get married…

  40. WOW!! Hoho he so bold to leave such a post~ That’s amazing..
    Ya, be friends is the most initial stage. He toO open minded to confess lo, What makes him think tat u interested?!
    Hee Joanne, u got so daring interesting admirer~ U got shocked after seein this? =)

  41. but im sure you would also feel flattered?and this is something you can laugh about with your friends and share with blog readers.

    I recently see quite a few bloggers also posting up facebook messages whereby the guys are trying to chat them up. as much as they sound “incredulous” and often “irritated” when they share such incidents with readers, i always felt that the real aim, be it consciously or subconsciously, was to let readers know how highly sought after they are.

    im not saying its the same for you, just wanna share about what i think and my first reaction everytime i see such posts.

  42. Hi Joanne! How do you stay so tanned? Do u do indoor tanning? 🙂

  43. Carlsberg Telemovie… A New Challenge for our ” BEST ACTrESS “… Pre selected among the A-List .. CHey !!
    Its strange that there is not much blogging here in ur blog..
    Maybe .. we will see / read more on ur role as the movie draws near..

    stay tuned cos Joanne is in it..

  44. hey joanne!
    have you read the msg that i sent you a few days ago via facebk?
    pls reply, tks! 🙂

  45. melissa miss joanne

    hello joanne jie!
    whoah!!! so scary and just a freak man…but i never believe in marriage before courtship plus..never met before!!! like so weird lei..ahahahahh but anyway im in singapore…cant wait to see u!!!
    love watching ‘your hand in mine’!! very nice wor….hehehhee

    take care!

  46. I think it’s how modern people communicate.
    In my own opinion, those ’empty’ souls meant no harm in posting these comments. They are just making use of the available technology to satisfy and fill up the emptiness in them. Don’t worry too much of such people.

    Take care,

  47. I get that a lot too… from divorced men to… *sigh*

    Love the look in your profile 🙂

  48. Joanne, go ahead to accept the Angmo… Hahaa

  49. LOL That the the side effect of being famous, I think.

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  51. at least he is straight forward and get to the point.(=^.^=) miao

  52. well, at least he is straight forward and get to the point… no romance at all. alamak
    (=^.^=) miao

  53. haha. this post is funny.

  54. Ahha. Thats a joke of the day.

  55. haha, you dont need a boyrfriend.

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