High on Heels

I’m one of those people who get high on shoes, especially heels! There’s something delectable about stilettos that I can’t describe without sounding obsessed. It’s the way it’s made, and the way it makes me feel when I put them on.

What is it about expensive shoes that make them worth so much more?

I think it’s the ergonomics of the shoe. Expensive heels elongate your legs and adorn your feet so that they blend into your silhouette.

I am not a guru yet, but here’s my two cents worth based on my limited experience with Louboutins and Zanottis.

My pair of Christian Louboutin has a hidden platform so it’s very comfortable even at towering heights. So much so that I feel like I can prance around in them the whole day.

Giuseppe Zanotti on the other hand, forces my feet into an arch, so my calves are leaner, my butt is perkier and my back is slightly arched. Their shoes makes me feel sexy!

Giuseppe Zanotti heels galore! I'm so thrilled! Which ones do you like?

I like this pair...

...and this pair!

My ensemble for the 8DAYS event at Iluma. BCBG dress with Giuseppe heels.

Jade and I posing at the wall, with our covers behind us!

56 responses to “High on Heels

  1. I love that pair which u wore to the 8Days Event at Iluma on 13 Dec 09.. Looks really cool & great on u.. (^.^)

  2. nice heel! very special! wher did u get them from???

    u bought shoes fr gojane.com b4 rite? any comments? feedback on their shoes?

  3. eh why is your voice in “your hand in mine” so whiny and wimpy ah?

    Very unlawyer-like leh

  4. really nice! 🙂

    – Jayne
    West Sacramento, CA

  5. hello , joanne peh
    那穿的那双高跟鞋也跟你一样那么的漂亮! ^^

  6. Hey Joanne,

    You’re looking more and more polished every time you post! I used to think you look too much like a girl-next-door to be an A lister. But I really have to take that back now. You look awesome, every bit like a star.

    Also, you seem to be the only princess who is able to strike that balance between living publicly and feeling comfortable.

    Well done!

  7. Joanne, u looks gorgeous lately.

  8. i love all.. =)
    but even if i buy any of them. i also won’t be wearing it often. i’m too tall for it. height already 173. =( .

  9. yea i agree with Reader that you look more polished and glam as time goes by. You looked more sweet girl next door last time, but you look really like a star now. Im not trying to be mean, just voicing out an observation, i think jade seah looks quite lu4 ren2 jia3 next to you.

  10. joanne,where is Iluma?I wish to see you in some other events

  11. hey Joanne, how do you keep your balance on such high heels. i mean are you comfortable wearing such high heels and walk around or shop around? do u wear such heels shopping? i dont think its comfortable?

  12. I love high heels too I would like to recommend you to this website http://www.stuartweitzman.com
    I am a big fan of their heels

  13. http://www.stuartweitzman.com big fan of their heels 🙂

  14. Hi Joanne, can you recommend me some freelance good make up artist cum hair stylist who services are at affordable rates? Its for wedding dinner. Or do you have tips for makeup? Thanks.

  15. Hi Joanne, miss reading your posts lately. Still as insightful and cool! I must say (like what the rest commented), u’re looking better with time, indeed from glory to glory. Gorgeous ‘showcase’ of heels by the way (: They’re stunning!

  16. Nice pair of shoes! Yeah, I agree with Josiline. Your voice in ‘Your Hand In Mine’ does sound a little child-like.

    • Hi Lollipop and Josiline,

      🙂 Thanks for watching! My character will change in many ways, including my voice. Everything you see right now was designed for a purpose so stay tuned to find out! 🙂


  17. hahah:D now I know who’s the Jade in medicorp that someone mentioned to me.

    anyw, that heels that you wore are srsly CHIO!

  18. … the lastest comment is also from someone call Jade! I thought its a rare name. But hahah, it seems common now:D

  19. question! how do celebrities wear high heels all day during events/filmings and not get blister at the back?

  20. Merry Christmas Joanne! 🙂

  21. Merry X’mas Joanne.
    I totally agree with your love for heels. *high five* Kudos to the one who invented heels.

    The higher the better!

  22. Merry Xmas Joanne Peh!

  23. helloooo! how you keep urself fit and slim? 🙂

  24. I LOVE heels too!! But wearing them on a normal day basis, hurts like hell.

  25. Hi Joanne, I really love your Giuseppe heels (: It’s really chic and fashion. Alessandra Ambrosio and Doutzen Kroes wore it for Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2009. Same heels, different design. totally awesome. I love the way how the heels can elongate the legs. I’m like you, can go really crazy over heels. Haha (((:

  26. hi Joanne,
    merry xmas….. ur acting with cavin soh is awesome…

    Anyway, see u at countdown rehersal at vivo..

  27. Happy belated merry christmas, may u with the one u love happy forever. 🙂

  28. wow…..the forever pretty looking joanne peh

  29. I think Jade is prettier.

  30. HI Joanne Peh..
    i 1st time leave comment here. i m from malaysia.

    happy new year to you..
    hope u have a wonderful year in 2010!!!
    hope some days can meet u.

  31. Merry Xmas!You looked great in’Your Hand In Mine’

  32. i love the first pair on the left!! thats the type of heels ive been looking for so long..
    anyway i wanna say, wow Joanne, u can sing pretty well~
    🙂 cheers! and Happy New Year to all..

  33. happy new year to you

  34. ur show-ur hand in mine is really nice to watch

  35. have a happy new year. smile always.

  36. Hi hi..

    may i ask how high is your highest heels??

  37. τυмβεя мιи

    нαρργ изω γэαя…

  38. Love the Giuseppe Zanotti heels you’re modelling in! I’ve been crazy over the Louboutins, and have yet to check out Zanotti’s yet.. But I have to, soon!

  39. Happy New Year!Hope to knock onto you some day!

  40. Hi Joanne,

    I saw your interview with Zaobao (published on 03 January 2010). It mentioned that you’re (apparently) the most ‘sought-after’ mediacorp star in 2010 (alongside with DYT). Congrats.

    However, what horrified and disturbed me deeply (and many readers I believe) is that in it, when asked,

    你觉得视后过后, 接下来就是要当阿姐了吗?

    You answered,

    “那时外界决定的吧。 就像郑惠玉本来是阿姐, 范文芳是公主, 但后来她忽然就做了阿姐, 到底是因为什么条件呢?”

    Are you trying to doubt Fann Wong’s ability in becoming called or recognised as a higher ranked female actress among others? What she gained through her years in showbiz is seen by all locals.

    She went to Taiwan / Hong Kong / China since her debut for album promos and even to Hollywood! And FYI, the first year she entered into showbiz, she garnered Best Actress AND Best Newcomer AND Top 5 Most Fav. Artiste.

    Fann has worked so hard all these year and the many didn’t even bother to give her the due recognition. A recent radio poll (however) had concluded that Fann is the new No. 1 as opposed to the current.

    Even the foreign media knows our Fann Wong well and mentions (everytime) that she’s our 新加坡一姐.

    She’s named Ah Jie shortly after that as well. She was already ‘on-par’ with the then Ah Jie Zoe Tay.

    I know that all these Ah Jie recognition is being given by the media (recently they gave Jeanette the 新上位阿姐 which I thought is really ridiculous because there’s only 2 on Caldecott Hill), but one should always be humble.

    Please explain what you meant in the interview. Or was it misinterpreted by the reporter?

    • Hi Jay,

      Thanks for reading my interview. I think you have misinterpreted my meaning entirely. I wasn’t questioning Zoe or Fann’s status nor discrediting the hard work both of them have put in in their own ways. My question was directed at what the factors were that made Fann went from being “Princess” to becoming”Ah jie”. As you have put it quite clearly, Fann became Ah Jie not because she decided to become one, but because of the work she did and the recognition she received, hence, my point is that, the title of “Ah Jie” is not within our personal control nor determined by ourselves. If someone refers to me as an “Ah Jie” I would be flattered, but at the same time I would also like to know why? What is it that I’ve done or achieved that warrant that term? To me, the work I do is more important than all these names given because that is what I have control over.

      Anyway, the reporter did mention to me, off record, what he thought were the factors that makes an “Ah Jie”. He said he might do a write up on it, but I’m not sure when. Do look out for it!



      • Hi Joanne,

        Thanks for the clarification! I understand what you meant in the newspaper report now.

        I saw from recent news articles reporting about the new blockbuster for channel 8 called 新洲之夜. Here’s wishing you all the best in your future endeavors and am looking forward to many more of your good productions!

        Take care!

  41. Those shoes are fierce!

  42. must be happy!! 🙂

  43. helloos~ you look great in ur dresses and fashion, looks Healthy whatever styles is put in you. Me and my family always love ur fashion styles and voted for you! keep it up! *cares*

  44. thanks for the card though this is the second time i thank still wanna thank u .

  45. Whoo, so many lovely pairs of shoes and what a beautiful dress, you look stunning. 🙂

  46. pls ignore my pervious mgs thank u.

  47. verapriscillahoe

    hey joanne, since you lyke Louboutin.. try hearing this song(: its named after it.

  48. I agree with you joanne. what have u done to be deserved ah jie? thats y ur not ah jie now perhaps. good question.

  49. Joanne,
    How is your new year? Did you wear this high heels to go party?. Are u in Singapore?


  50. Hi Joanne!

    Forgive my taste if it’s not good enough, cos I’m only 12 this year. Haha. The second shoes is beautiful. Does all the shoes with the boxes belongs to you? Anyway, I love Your Hand In Mine. =)

    Cheers & Loves,
    Cheryl =)

  51. What is your current movie you are working on?

  52. i’m totally bored…here’s jus some random comment: HEELS-LOVER here!!! but sad to say, heels kill my feet…there should be a shoe that is both artsy n 110% confy @ the same time(bet it’ll cost a bomb!)…now my current FAVE is any shoes with lace-up detail, the “sporty” look. OH AND CUTOUTS, love cutouts!! so arts n craft!!!

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