I posed with Angelina Jolie!

….and Cherie Lim and Zoe Tay for the 1000th 8DAYS cover issue! It’s such a huge honour so thank you!!

Grab your copy now!

Looking at past 8DAYS covers, I realise how much things have changed over the years.

When I walk into every shoot and interview, I’m always at a point in my life where certain things have happened, are happening or are about to happen. These experiences shape the way I speak, I carry myself and the way I’ll look eventually on the newsstands. It’s quite bizarre looking back and remembering those moments with every cover, however nostalgic, sad, traumatic or blissful.

I do hope to keep 8DAYS company as they move on to another 1000 issues, it’s going to be exciting!!

All the best!

12 responses to “I posed with Angelina Jolie!

  1. Joanne, you looked really classy and beautiful on the cover and always. Glad you are morphing into someone stylish and not a cookie cutter mould like the rest of the others.

    Btw, Queen Zoe looked really good and beautiful too. It is amazing that this woman has been on the scene and on the covers for decades yet still look relevant. I do hope Joanne, you will share her longevity and endears.

    Congrats 8Days!

  2. hey joanne,
    Just want to ask u if the show ‘Your hand in mine’ is seperated into 2 parts?? And nice magazine up there,will sure to get a copy:).

  3. sorry to say but the cover pic doesn’t seem to be you! hahaha. or is there something wrong with my eyes?

    at first i was searching where’s joanne and finally i decided to look at the name and i saw it! haha

  4. Hi Joanne you should remember me.i was the girl who waved to you two times

  5. HEY! you look like Chen Qiao En here!

  6. Hi Joanne Jie-Jie!

    I remember saying buying the magazine today! I just got a copy! Your dress is really special. And wow, until now, you never tell your parents about the 784 magazine of 8 Days. Haha. But I know you have your difficulties lah, haha. Your first cover of 8 Days is very nice too, but now you’re getting more and more prettier. =) And Wear Are The Overs means actually you all wear the covers or the covers are on your dress? Haha. Keep on going! All the best in everything you do!

    Cheers & Loves,

  7. Hey gal, this cover totally don’t look like u! I had a hard time thinking who is this gal……so different from all yr past photos….. 🙂 nice

  8. You looked great here! Very elegant 😀 I like it soo much! I can’t get 8 days in Malaysia, can I?

  9. You are so beautiful…

  10. I Absolutely love your dress!:) You look pretty btw!

  11. Hi Joanne Jie-Jie!

    This is my life time first time buying this copy of 8DAYS, and it’s just bcos of you. =)

  12. Ohh Yah, and I’ve bought the 8DAYS Issue #1004, saw your letter to your parents, and your handwriting is abosulety beautiful and cool. =)

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