First Christmas Present…

…from me to me!

The huge box in which my present arrived!

I love surprises!!

I’ve been wanting this for the longest time!

The good thing about shopping online is that you can do it anytime, in my case, in the comfort of my room and pjs. Since I usually do my research online (and spend a long time on that too), it complements my shopping! After getting friends to check out some camera shops in Singapore and also in Hong Kong (where apparently cameras and camera equipment are cheaper), I finally found the best deal for the D-Lux 4 on Amazon.

At US$899.99, I received a camera, a carrying case and an 8GB traveler’s package which includes a tripod, an 8GB SD card, flashcard reader, screen protector, adapter tubes and camera/video filter set.

Wow, what a great bundle deal!

This seller also offered free shipping in the US, so I figured I’d use vPOSTUSA to save on international shipping costs. Besides, the seller did not indicate that he ships to Singapore and it wasn’t easy to contact the seller because there was no email address or contact form to fill to find out (I had to call his store in the US to ask about the camera’s warranty), I chose the more familiar freight forwarding service offered by Singpost.

In total, I paid about S$1399.86 for the Leica D-Lux 4.

Shipping within US: Free

Shipping from US to Singapore (vPOSTUSA): S$60.56

Price of item: S$1250.91 (US$899.99)

7% GST (Singapore): S$88.31

Here is how shipping for vPOSTUSA is calculated:

There is a base charge of S$12.40 + $8.60 per kg (based on volumetric weight  or actual weight whichever is higher, subject to a minimum charge of 0.5kg).

In the case of my camera set, the actual weight is 3.5 kg. the volumetric weight is 5.6Kg, so the chargeable weight will be the latter.

Therefore the shipping cost would be S$12.40 + (S$8.60 x 5.6) = S$60.56.

Once the value of the item exceeds S$400, there will be a GST charge based on the Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF) value of the item plus all duties payable in Singapore dollars.

Will share more purchases when they arrive!

Doesn't it look delicious?

I have adored this old-school camera carrying case for the longest time!

And the unassuming little toy that does wonders!

26 responses to “First Christmas Present…

  1. maybe you can be the dai yan ren for V post??

  2. Perhaps it’ll be good that you write the term “ADVERT” or something that highlights to readers that the entry is actually endorsement-related.

  3. I love Leica cameras too…. my dad has a old one… which i dunno the model… and urs look cool as well… dun forget to take pictures and share with us the quality of it…

  4. the styrofoam looks like marshmallows. LOL

  5. I’m Jealous..haha…this camera is a real beauty…maybe i’ll ask my aunt who lives in the US to get it for me=]

  6. Dang.. Thats insane!!! that much money? Its almost 1k in USD! You should make a video about the features and your point of view. 🙂
    By the way i am the girl who comment on your video about the camping back, which you happen to reply to me. 🙂 my youtube acc is JCisAzN1337. It will be a dream come true if i could keep in touch with you.

    – Jayne Chong.
    West Sacramento, CA.

  7. I think it is better to go for product which is available here and got all tbe function you need.

    Suppose that the goods are damaged during courier delivery, who will be liable?

    BTW, I heard that you will be singing with Fann and Tay Ping Hui. Good luck to you!

  8. ” the box in which my present arrived” ….

    You don’t add another “in” after “arrived” my dear.

    Your blog is an assualt to my grammatical senses.

    but I love it nonetheless 🙂

  9. Oh…so cooolll! I want one too …LOL =p
    Merry Christmas in advance =)

  10. how is the resolution of the photo you taken by this new toy ? is it clear and good ?

  11. i think my grandfather will enjoy this gift alot. He is a big fan of Leica lens. Unfortunately, i know nothing about photography, any recommendations for a cheaper alternative. Usd 1k+ is out of my budget. thanks!

  12. Excellent choice of camera …Leica is well-known for their lens….heehee I’m a Leica freak = )

  13. That’s the way in life, pampering yourself as a way of rewarding yourself. I love cameras, they are like capturing memories of things around you over time.

  14. ops, I just google the model: Leica D-Lux 4 and found 5 website selling @US$699/-. Good camera 🙂

  15. Does look gorgeous…now i’m kinda tempted to google more info and get one too

  16. wow now i am tempted to get a leica too, may be M9 though currently i using a fx camera. i agree with you, i like your camera carrying case too…….

  17. yes yes yes! you got yrself a very gd camera. I once used this exact model for a short while..

    yr loyal supporters..=)

    love yr acting

  18. oh strong supporter for online shopping! way to go~ 🙂

    i love the looks of the retro. 🙂

  19. Hmmm. How long does it take to be shipped from US to SG?

  20. hey may i know what is the difference between leica and the DSLR? thanks 🙂

  21. OMG haha! my dad has this exact camera! he bought it in singapore!!

  22. I love this camera.. you will too. pack it and shoot anything and everything… Fiddle with the aperture controls and improve ur fotography…

  23. hihi a i from singapore i so pretty i like you so much and many more

  24. Wah, it’s so expensive! But worth. =) Cool man, I’m also trying hard to save money to buy a digital camera, any good recommends? =)

  25. Dear Joanne,
    Will your coming post be any of the photos that you take with your leica?
    Enjoy photography as it may be slightly addictive. :p I’d tried it personally.


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