I’m a Maneater


In tonight's episode of YOUR HAND IN MINE (Episode 15), my character suffering from claustrophobia, bit into Yaodong's arm in a moment fear and panic. If you thought it was a fake bite, it wasn't, the director wanted me to do it for real. The marks are testimony to my "vicious attack". Actually, it's also because we had to do many takes.

Poor Yaodong!

19 responses to “I’m a Maneater

  1. OMG! Would that be considered a love bite? 😛 Yaodong’s so lucky…LoLx…

  2. heyys:D
    i watched it just now and your expression when you got stuck in the pantry was really funny!~ MUAHAHAHAHA.lols

  3. Omg, how many takes did you all take altogether then? So Joanne, how did u compensate Yao Dong after your vicious attack then? hahaha…

  4. Joanne, are you and Yao Dong of the same height or isit camera angle? Bcause i realised that for tall female artiste, even though i don’t think the male artiste is as tall as the female in real life. The both of them tend to look of the same height.

  5. Ouch! Poor Yao Dong! The things that are done in the name of art!

  6. Hi Joanne,

    I truly enjoyed your great sense of humor. I beg to differ despite you proclaimed those bites on Yaodong’s arm were real tooth-mark of yours.

    1) if they are real, then Yaodong must have been allergic to your saliva as well due to the presence of rashes around the injury.

    2) I am very doubtful your Director will allow the injury to take place due to occupational health reasons and legal liabilities.

    Hence, I believe your make-up artist has done a top-notch job, hahaha…….. I am forever enthralled by your heartening blog and great sense of humor. Double thumbs up! 🙂

    • Hi Shirley,

      Well, that’s very interesting theory, but I have to tell you that you’re wrong this time.
      It was most unfortunately real. LOL.


  7. Ouch!耀栋哥哥肯定很痛吧~

  8. melissa miss joanne

    Hey joanne jie!
    Oucchhhhh!!! poor yaodong!! but bobian!! hahaahahaa but ehhh u bite till so hard sehhhhh so “vicious” hahahaahha
    anyway im so happy that by the time im back can watch ” YOUR HAND IN MY” ((((((:
    hmmm would be coming back in 2 weeks..hopefully its still on!! hope to see u around soon!! would be gng down to RG on 2-3 weels of december….hmmm..anyway wad u doing during christmas?? any filming on that day?? errrr, do u know when is felicia chin coming back fromK.L??

    till then..have plenty of rest and yeapp..SEE YA SOON!!! miss yah soooo muchhhhh!!!


  9. Hi Joanne ,

    was suprised dat u really bit him real..
    he looked reali in pain …

    jus curious .. do u guys really have to show no mercy.. jus for the sake of reality..

    i mean the slapping , punching and some violent scene.. rem seeing some baddie got kicked down under.. ouch.. ( i guess he must be paid a lot to be kicked down there ) ..

    Anyway.. really enjoy the show … u r improving a lot in ur acting.. care to bag another Best Actress again next year.. we sure will be hopping and praying 4 u..

    • Hi yourimax,

      Ahhhh…you’ll never really know. Come volunteer to be on set to find out! LOL!

      • its possible to volunteer on set?? cool…how do you do that??

      • Company Gift Exchange Lucky Draw for Christmas this year … 3 Wishes .. wat u wish to get from Santa…

        One of the wishes – A Joanne Peh Poster … BIG BIG ONE .. will u think my wish will come true ? Princess Santa …

  10. hi joanne jie if u really bit him then must be very very painful…ayo poor thing but if sch a beautiful women bit also nvm lah haha! n jie acting is improving must JIAYOU o ! 😉

  11. wa…look very painful. in the show, end up both of you got together right? i heard rumours saying that you guys were dating in actual life. is that true? =)

  12. aiyo…i din c part…

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