Something gone bad

Just for laughs. The usual gang up to no good. Oops.

11 responses to “Something gone bad

  1. Hey Joanne,

    You mean that was a newly bought food which really ‘chao xeng’?! Wow! Anyways don’t now if you could answer this, but out of curiosity, how come those ppl surrounding u guys don’t seem to know u guys are there? Or were there security guards which follow you ppl to foodcourts to block em out?

    Thanks! =)

  2. Hi Joanne,

    Thanks for sharing this brief video clip of beguilement. 🙂

    With the economic downturn and blazing hot weather, I am not surprised that the Chinese doughnut is ‘ off ‘. Just as well none of you consumed it.

    Is this mv taken by your Hero?

  3. Haha…”ham-jin-peng” chao shen edi…this is funny! XD
    Btw, i didn’t know that “ham-jin-peng” is known as chinese doughnut! lol~

  4. Rowena! Haven’t seen her for ages!

  5. i thought ‘hum-jin-peng’ is some kind of biscuit…cause ‘peng’ in Cantonese is biscuit..

  6. hey joanne, can i know which video-editing software you use? just want to do some research on which video-editing software is preferred. thanks so much!

  7. lol! yeah, that was totally random. nice transitions and radial zoom blur. lol!
    when i read “just for laughs” i was expecting a gag or something. hahaa…

  8. Hello,
    I like your hair 🙂
    It looks very well nourished and smooth.hehe

    and i tnk long hair suits u btter leh..

  9. wow nv thought i’d see u here JD 🙂

  10. Haahaa 🙂 The food had gone bad…was the ice-cream nice? Haahaa, the actor beside you was stunt when u took the video of him eating the ice-cream..^_^

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