Custom made Sunglasses

I love tortoiseshell frames for its classic look and vintage feel but the ones I found that fit comfortably on my nose bridge cost over $400 (gasp!) while finding a pair of genuine vintage ones that fit might not be easy. So if like me, you are looking for specific type of frame as your sunglasses, you might want to consider getting them “custom-made” instead. From $99 onwards at Queensway (second pic).

1. Choose the frame

2. Choose the lens (colour, tint, with UV protection)

3. Get your custom-made sunglass in 2 days!

16 responses to “Custom made Sunglasses

  1. thx thx for sharing! looking for a gd glass too!

  2. where in queensway is this? 🙂 can’t see from the second pic.. hehe

  3. Thank’s for sharing…I’m also looking for sunglass match for my eyes coz my eyes have a high degree!!!

  4. so nice!!!!!

  5. Thks for sharing….pls let me know where in queensway i can custom-make the shades. You can email me if u wanna keep it P&C 🙂

    • Actually these weren’t made for me, I went with a friend, and wasn’t really paying attention. I think the place is called Eye Profile, according to the second picture.

  6. Hi Joanne! can you kindly share which country’s ebay you got your lovely chanel bag from? i’m rather paranoid with buying things via ebay. any other tips besides noting the seller’s popularity? Cheers! =D

    • Hi Cloe,

      Good that you asked, I’m going to share my experience with a scammer from eBAY in an upcoming article, so look out for it! In the midst of composing!

  7. good news! my wife gave birth le 🙂

  8. Thks babe! 🙂

  9. hi:) the glasses are nice but i tot its quite cruel to use tortoiseshell D:

  10. hi ppl, i managed to see the address!

    it’s at queenstown shopping center.
    Unit number #01-48B? I not too sure for the number.

    but confirm at queenstown shopping center.

  11. Merced Carbajal

    Hello, I have been looking for a specific pair of sunglasses/goggles. Picture the goggles that pilots used in WWI, well i want that kinda of style with the strap and everything with aviator frames and mirrored lenses. I have not been able to find anything like wat i described and i was wondering if i could get them custom made. Thank You

  12. Are the sunglasses high quality or are they just like those plastic fake wayfarers that everyone has that snap every two seconds?

  13. and it’s in london right?

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