Remote-controlled baby

Saw this piece of news floating around the Internet and thought to myself: What happened to the good old days of baby dolls that blink and make a crying sound when you overturn it?

I mean if you think those were creepy (Child’s Play), what about this?

Wii Babies

This game comes with a baby doll with a slot in its back for the Wii remote, which allows the doll to react “by giggling, gurgling or crying through the Wii remote [speaker].” With Balance Board support, you can also “rock baby to sleep, burp baby, [and] teach baby to walk.” There will be 10 “Baby Mode” games such as “feed baby” and “send baby to sleep,” and 8 “Play Mode” games such as “rattle, catch, clap & balloons.”


6 responses to “Remote-controlled baby

  1. Though it may be high tech to many ppl out there, I personally still find that this kinda technology for such a product is creepy.. haha..

  2. The seed of Chucky…. Muahahahahaha

  3. Imagine in the middle of the night the baby suddenly cries…~ Hahaha

  4. Arhh!! get it away from me!! i have to agree with you Sp80… this kind of things are really creepy…and its creeping me out..ugh!!

  5. Wohhh, this’ kinda cool yet weird~ The power of technology, sometimes too powerful.

  6. This isn’t as creepy as this other game called ‘Mass we pray’ google it. so weird =x

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