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JOB VACANCY: Personal Assistant

I am currently looking for a full-time personal assistant to start work from end November to early February.

Job Description

To assist me during television filming, magazine shoots, event appearances and all other entertainment-related work activities. It includes drama wardrobe coordination and organisation; compilation of schedules; answering of emails; managing expenses; on-site assistance and seeing to all personal needs during production.

Job requirements

1. Applicants must be at least 18 years old

2. Able to read and write in English and Chinese

3. A minimum Diploma or GCE ‘A’ level with a keen interest in TV production. If you do not possess any of the above, kindly state your work experience and your case will be reviewed.

3. Computer literate and possess good organizational and communication skills

4. Physically fit and able to work for irregular hours

Interested applicants, please attach a recent colour photograph and send a cover letter along with your resume to joannepeh.email@gmail.com by 20 November 2009.

You may refer here for a sample cover letter and resume. Your personal information is required and do include more information about yourself, including your interests, experiences and what you hope to achieve.

You will be notified by phone for an interview should you be shortlisted. Once you are shortlisted for an interview, please provide the relevant educational documents and a photocopy of your NRIC.

Thank you and I look forward to your emails.

29 responses to “URGENT HELP NEEDED!

  1. dun worry u would find one coz nowadays everyone is looking for a job.

  2. aww, its too bad that i’m still taking my a levels!

  3. i hope u will find a suitable candidate! good luck…

  4. wow…… so interesting……. can i apply? 😉

  5. I want to help U but I don’t have any experiance about entertainment. Sorrry Joanne….

  6. Hi Joanne,

    I have an interest in TV production and would love to apply for this post. However, I would only be available in December. Could I still submit my resume to you?


  7. How about me? :p I am so so interested but you need a A level. 😦

  8. It is more like a 3 months contract job, am I right?

  9. I’m living too far and Can’t read chinese
    too bad !

    Neway good luck with looking ^^

  10. hi joanne,

    i am interested and how is the job like?
    i am thinking of quitting my current job and hence, will have the chance to apply for this!

    any preference for only female?


  11. wow..a really interesting post. so tempted to sign up. but why from end nov to feb only? i do have experience of about 3 yrs in being a PA. So bad i have got a job already..Haiz

  12. Wow… sound like you are looking for 3 candidates 🙂

  13. Excuse me,can I ask apply of Malaysian???I hope can working with you…

  14. Hi! I am waiting for O level result and looking for job. Your post caught my attention and I am very interested in it. By the way, may i apply this job? =D
    I am able to read Chinese, same goes to english. Hope I am able to work with you till my result been release.
    I’ll be waiting for your reply.Thanks!

  15. Would love to apply for the position of PA? Am I eligible to?


  16. Hi Joanne,
    I’m currently first year student in SMU and am interested in this job application.
    I’ve always been very interested in TV production (: However, my exams end only on 2nd Dec and my school starts in start of Jan. So i can only help out during my dec holiday. Is application still possible?

  17. Wow PA, big business ah : D

  18. Hi Joanne, I really wish you the very best in finding someone who writes WELL in English. I’m sorry but some of the comments on this page are hilarious grammar-wise and really cracking me up.

  19. Yvonne Yeo Yi Wen

    Hi Joanna,

    i’m Yvonne this year 21 year old i’m interested in this job…i’m currently not working…n i can speak both english n chinese language…i’m also interested in TV production…so hope you can pick mii up in this job…thanks…


  20. Wow so many enthusiast!
    Hee hope stressful Joanne will find most suitable candidate to help her ^-^*

  21. i can working anytime…i also can help u everything….pls cal mi….

  22. Quite an attractive post.! Am well qualified….a trained secretrary, with typing speed of 160 wpm, an experienced teacher of English ..hence am endowed with patience and good counsel, a self-taught cook, hence you won’t go hungry, am gifted with a sense of humour, so your days will not be bleak and dreary and your funny bones will be tickled; have enough experience and as a senior citizen, you can cry on my shoulders for I am full of understanding and compassion, speak 5 languages so no problem with communication …….but alas, can’t leave my job as a property agent because am earning five figure a month.

    Nevertheless, all the best and may you be blessed with a great assistant as befits a popular and charming celebrity!

    Gan Chau

  23. so how? found ur PA le ma 😀

  24. haha~ i didn’t know artistes have to look for their own PAs. i thought the company will help to settle all these issues! 🙂

    hope you have already found a suitable PA! 🙂

  25. you need a boyfriend. haha

  26. Aiya I am under 18 and I haven’t even start A-level. I am having my O now…
    Or else I will apply~
    What a good chance to work with artiste!!

  27. Hi jy,

    You are not quite updated on the news ya? Even this old aunty knows that our lovely Joanne is going steady with a handsome ang mo. Clue …….he is one of the actors in Little Nonya.

    As an ex-teacher, I always coerce my students and everyone to read, read, read for reading maketh a full man! Reading adds knowledge and colour to our otherwise mundane life.

    Cheers! Happy discovering!

  28. Hi! should have seen this earlier, but too late now since i missed the date. and i guessed you have already got a PA now.

  29. I think it is better for you to inform HR in your office that you need PA and HR will interview the potential candidates and select the suitable person on your behalf.

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