My Maiden Experience – It tickles!

6 responses to “My Maiden Experience – It tickles!

  1. Hey where’s this place? The fishes are HUGE!

  2. melissa miss joanne

    Hey Joanne Jie!
    Hope the experience of fish spa was fun!! haha, my friend went there and kept complaining that it was soo soo soooooo ticklish…but she said was worth it..hahahaa..shall go when im back in singapore..anyway where is it located at??


  3. hihi..
    i’ve tried that last yr after ccf event and it’s ticklish..less then 2 mins i took out my feet and pass my time to my cousins

  4. Are u sure that was ur maiden experience! My first time I tried e fish spa e fish were smaller & less in number & I couldn’t even leave my foot still in e water. U didn’t even squirm much la!! I conclude.. either u’re immune to tickles or your feet was too full of dead skin. haha

  5. I never try it b4
    Hope I can try it tis year….

    Support u oways!

  6. did u went to the one at harbourfront? the fishes there damn big.. very scary… u might want to consider going to the one beside marina square.. its called kenko something… there are a few sizes of fishes… can choose…

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