Why So Serious? (+ Fashion Asia Pics)


I’m always touched when my juniors from WKWSCI (Wee Kim Wee School of Communication & Information) write to me. Whether it is to ask for advice, or to leave a comment or to share what their thoughts are, I find myself reminiscing about those school days. I’m envious of them, for stressing over the readings, grappling with deadlines and struggling to make it on time for morning lectures because I actually quite enjoy being in an academic environment where the grueling curriculum serve a purpose for you, without you having to set one for yourself, even if you aren’t very clear what it is.

One of them left a comment on a previous entry, regarding how her ex-boyfriend suggested that she should have take a more practical module instead of “Acting” but she was glad she took no heed because acting was the only fun she had the entire semester. While I was formulating my response to her, I wondered if that is the reason why people here sometimes take everything too seriously? Have they stopped having fun? Part of my response to her was “…I don’t understand why people equate fun to being frivolous and [fun] is often frowned upon and associated with being lazy, impractical or time-wasting.” because I genuinely think having fun is part of living, and that it does makes work or study a lot more enjoyable than it is.

Is there a prejudice against people who actually have fun working or studying? Is it wrong to want to have fun? Are they mutually exclusive?

One of the reasons given is that people can get carried away when they’re having fun, so much so that it distracts them from the tasks required to be completed which inevitably results in a  lack of productivity and efficiency. But we are not talking about children here, we are talking about young adults and adults who have developed an awareness since. Surely they can be trusted to know their responsibilities and fulfill them?

I’m not saying it’s not important to be productive or efficient or professional, but they need not always be at the expense of having fun. One of the differences between human beings and machines is that we have emotions and our interaction with one another is organic, as opposed to being programmed. Yet how often have we met people who seem to be talking and reacting like there is a course to follow?

While I don’t have scientific evidence to prove, I do feel that human beings are naturally drawn to happy, positive emotions because it’s a lot easier to experience them, ceteris paribus. Of course I might be wrong. It’s just that I’ve seen for myself, that in cases where the overall experience is positive and enjoyable, there is less focus on the unpleasantness and difficulty of the task, less complaints, and a greater willingness to engage in it.

I’ve heard and it saddens me to know that there are employees who have been told by their employers to adhere to certain rules and work conduct which indirectly promotes behaviour that is devoid of human emotion. We are all unique individuals with different personalities and one of the reasons why humans, instead of robots, are in most jobs is because the world is made up by people. Products, ideas, campaigns, movements are all driven by human beings. Because each of us bring to the table a part of us, which is different from someone else.

We all want to work hard, but we can definitely work harder, if we can also have some fun at the same time.  They are not mutually exclusive, unless we humans make them to be.

Enough said, here are more fun pictures from my Fashion Asia Bangkok trip to share. Have fun everyone!


I have no idea why that pose came about!


Clarence, the unsuspecting victim stole the scene from us!


I thought these earrings were really cute. Muak muak.


I like the look and feel of this top!


Pretending to mannequins...


...still pretending to be mannequins...


...Keith looks totally the part!


Did u know the "book" I'm holding is actually the box that comes with the accessories at Stretsis? So pretty!


OMG, what/who is that?


Alvin (MediaCorp make-up artiste) and I




A happy face from each of us.


These are fake flowers but they look so pretty!


Welcome to Bangkok, Thailand, The Land of Smiles.

37 responses to “Why So Serious? (+ Fashion Asia Pics)

  1. LOL… Wee Kim Wee spelt wrongly… Kim doesn’t have a “h”…. 🙂 I bet he turned over in his grave over this… RIP WKW! 🙂

    • Thank you Want, my mistake, has been rectified. I’m too used to naming Wee Khim, the famous local photographer. Haha!


  2. i like the red shoes! (: whr did you get it from?
    how much does it cost? (:

  3. awesome photos, Joanne 🙂 🙂

  4. Hi joanne. Just wanna know from where did you geth the pair of red and white sneakers from? (The sneakers which you matched with your orange dress). Thanks!

  5. haha.. i simply luv luv luv this post of yours joanne! they are sOooooOOooo true…in one way or another. Y isit wrong to want to have fun working or studying?

    I strongly believes that it would merely mean you are enjoying what you are doing, instead of being in a living hell if you are not.. isnt that very pathetic? But of cos, some self-discipline needs to be involve so as not to get carried away.

    p/s: i luv that boots you are wearing! its gorgeous!! but only for ppl who have long legs like you do.. Lol..

    Continue to have fun & enjoy your work! 😉

  6. Hi Joanne!

    I totally agree with you that people should pursue a job that they can enjoy doing, especially if it’s going to be for a long time!

    I just realised the tiny smiley face on the top right column of your blog layout, its so cute! x)

  7. We human is not robort.. We can’t do so many things at one time.. But my boss always chase me for things.. Keep ask me , pass paper to collegues, where got time to finish? Hv she ever think of ppl shoes? I dun think so.. Like 2dae SUPER SUPER pissed off with her…

  8. In Proverbs 15:13 ‘A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit.’

    This is the writing of King Solomon, the wisest and richest King of Israel, it is straight forward.
    King Solomon was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and his estate that his father, King David gave him amount to US$ 200 billions approximately. And for King Solomon to make such a statement in his writings in the Book of Proverbs, he knew that a happy heart is the secret to our well-being, others is secondary. So enjoy yourself in the shooting.

  9. Hi Joanne, I love ur orange dress too! care to share where is it from? :p thanks in advance 🙂

  10. Joanne’s head to toe clothings are all so chio! the orange dress too.

  11. haha …. agree agree! some bosses are just too uptight to let their employees have fun while working. As long as things get done before the end of the work day, y not let them enjoy themselves?

  12. Hi Hi

    I missed this episode featuring Bangkok fashion due to a work trip, anyone knows where I can view it? Joanne~ Where is the accessory shop which you bought the Kiss Me earrings? the necklaces behind you were so cute!

  13. hi i am your fan!! can i have your email address?? hotmail one… plz 🙂

  14. Great post! This absolutely speaks what i have in my heart.

    It a tough choice to be part or apart from the norm.

  15. Hi Hi

    I missed this episode featuring Bangkok fashion due to a work trip, anyone knows where I can view it? Joanne~ Where is the accessory shop which you bought the Kiss Me earrings? the necklaces behind you were so cute! PLEASE reply PLEASE… =)

  16. Hi, i love your blog too! could you tell us where is the accessories shop?

    • Hi,

      It was some shop at Chatuchak market. It was so confusing and I was just following the crew…so I don’t really know what’s the shop’s name. Did u guys watch the show? Maybe it was indicated during the program?


  17. Hi , joanne.
    I truly admire your character.
    Especially the way you put words in a well manner.
    If i were you and i received negative and contradicting comments,i dont even bother to reply,unlike you. Haha 🙂
    Anw,JIAYOU .

  18. may i noe which brand of camera u have??
    ur pics all look great 🙂

  19. i didnt watch fashion asia.

  20. the show is very interesting especially the last few episodes

  21. hi joanne,

    the moment i saw u for the very first time in ion today, it was also the very moment i had a gruelling break-up.

  22. whats a gold class experience?

  23. hello(:
    can i know whr you get your red shoes from ? the one you pair w your orange dress ? 😀 thanks.
    Anw, saw you once at sunplaza & ya, you look rlly pretty in real life too (: haha.
    continue with the qood work & love your shows! ^^

  24. hey joanne,

    any recommendations to get nice boots @ good affordable prices in singapore??

    • Hi Raeskimo,

      What’s ur budget? Are u talking about ankle boots, booties, knee-high boots, thigh-high boots ??
      Leather, pvc, winter-type?


      • hihi Joanne,

        Thanks for your reply.

        wat would you recommend for petite size people? Is knee high boots advisable? Leather and pvc would be fine..

  25. Joanne, which brand of camera u have??
    ur pics all look great

  26. Joanne, may I know what’s ur camera model? ur pics look great!

  27. I will be going to Bangkok for a holiday which places do you highly recommend especially shopping & eating places . As this is my first time going 🙂

  28. OMG, Clarence!!!!

    I’ve seen him on David Gan’s blog too. I think he’s mighty cute but prob. v gay too. But doesn’t stop me from having a girl crush on him.

    Rock on!

  29. Luv yr look!

    Support u oways!

  30. aiyo! you sabo me! put those pictures in your blog! hahaha

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