Exquisitely Edwardian

Edwardian Style

If you caught the last episode of Fashion Asia Bangkok on Channel U last Tuesday, you would have heard me rave much about this Edwardian-style top. I wanted to wear this because I felt that while the outstanding design might render it more fitting for a costume party, it need not be so depending on what you wear below.


At FLY NOW, Gaysorn


This was how it can been brought to the streets. Picture taken in Paris during Fashion Week 2009.

16 responses to “Exquisitely Edwardian

  1. Dear Joanne,
    Thanks for all the updates on yr blog, it is a joy to read yr update.U cover everything, thanks so much. Keep it up

    Side note, can I check with you what software u use to lable all your pictures? It looks good. Rightnow, me using fotoshop to label but not so nice.

  2. i already gave you a comment on fb! but, can’t help it! 😛 i think you’ll look great in balmain jacket too. Not everyone can fit into one, since the shoulder part is pretty unique! 🙂 you look fab! ^^

  3. i love the top! it’s so gorgeous!!

  4. hihi Joanne,

    erm..u look great in d dres..reali…
    erm…cn u add me in msn…ziming1995@hotmail.com..TQ..

  5. muz be a nice play

  6. hi babe! share with us more fashion tips! and maybe on how u keep ur fab figure! =D


    • Hi Sarah,

      I can, except I think it’s going to sound really boring, because it boils down to one word — exercise. Do u really want to read entry after entry on exercises?

      🙂 Joanne

  7. Oooohhhh……this ?Victorian (instead of Edwardian) outfit is lavishly elegant and refined. It is not only regal, theatrical but possesses superior qualities of delicacy and fine craftsmanship – just look at the laced ruffled collar and shoulder. Magnificent!

    Love seeing beautiful model like you being magically enveloped by this rare yet sophisticated garb. 🙂

    By the way, is this a mini-skirt/hot-pant with a top or a one-piece costume?

    • Hi Shirley,

      Glad u managed to get a copy of Her World. Actually the owner from Fly Now told us it was Edwardian, cos’ I thought it was Victorian too. Top, bottom, tights are all separate items put together to make the outfit. 🙂


  8. Is yours the only celeb blog with loads of pictures? I enjoy your photos tremendously, keep them coming. A very big THANK YOU for your time and effort.

  9. Thanks Joanne for your reply. 🙂

    I sat up till 0430 to finish reading the magazine last night after work.

    Hmmm……..what do I think of it? First off, I must confess this is the very first time I ever got hold of Her world magazine and was sort of expecting to see lots of beautiful energetic Singaporean beauties parading in acclaimed designers’ garbs and promoting beauty products.

    But alas, much to my disappointment, the magazine contains not only heaps of marketing products (inevitably the same worldwide due to sponsorships), but they are dominated by Western celebrities and models. I am robbed of a nostalgia for my homeland, sort of.

    That said, I enjoyed reading the interview conducted on your adventurous trips . Wow, so you were in Sydney not so long ago. If only I knew, I would have loved to meet you in Sydney.

    On the overall, Her World magazine is praise-worthy. It arms with refreshing features, articles, beauty tips etc………

    Last but not least, Her World magazine weighs a ton – close to 1kg. No wonder the postage is pricy. lol

    Before I pen off, I would like to share with you a very special, stunning gown worn by our home grown model, Miranda Kerr. It’s 10/10. Can I scan and send it to you via e-mail?

  10. Hi Joanne,

    Definitely i would like to see your entry on exercises. Perhaps on targeted areas fro easy digestion. We need a fabulous bod to bring out the clothes, don’t we? pleassseee share with us…

  11. where did u get this top!?

    freaking nice!!!anyway, your acting has tremendously improved! keep up the good work and jia you!!!:):):)

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