《亚洲时尚风》曼谷 Fashion Asia Bangkok

两个星期前,我到曼谷拍摄一集的《亚洲时尚风》。记得来临的星期二(Oct 6), 晚上 8点, U 频道。想看更多的照片和了解多些时尚贴示可以留意明天出版的 i周刊哦!

About 2 weeks ago, I jetted off to Bangkok to shoot an episode of Fashion Asia. You can catch it on Channel U, this coming Tuesday October 6, at 8pm! For more pictures and fashion tips, check out this upcoming issue of i-WEEKLY, out tomorrow!


We were put up at Siam City Hotel. The room was beautiful! It may be rather small and cramped, but it is clean and has a homely decor. From where I'm standing, there's a sofa and a work space, so I would say it's got everything to make it convenient for the guest. I would give it 5 stars although I'm not sure of its actual ranking.


Every morning we would gather here before we set out. Feels European!


This was taken outside the Oceanarium at Siam Paragon. Princess Ariel from Disney?


There was a local fashion designer showcase going on at Siam Paragon and we gate-crashed it, with permission of course.


We had dinner at this restaurant owned by the lady on the menu. Here with me, Clarence Lee. He's a great traveling companion! The last time I traveled with him was many years ago, when I did a Sydney supplement shoot with 8DAYS. We had so much fun!


Morning glory. Highly recommended by Clarence!


Crabmeat and salted fish fried rice. I was so hungry that day I ordered another medium plate to go around. 😉


Cameraman Tong, Soundman Yap, Make-up Artiste Alvin and Cameraman's Assistant Lau (left to right)


The regular face of FASHION ASIA, Keith Png! This is my first time on a trip with him and I certainly hope it's not the last. He's got a very easy-going personality and a naturally charming disposition. We had a lot of good laughs and high-energy moments. I like him so much that I hijacked the seat from his partner on our return flight and kept him talking the whole journey back~ Oops, sorry Keith! Haha!


Because it was a long weekend holiday (Hari Raya), a lot of Singaporeans were also in Bangkok. We were filming at one of the boutiques in Siam Center when this group of fellow Singaporeans saw us and apporached us for a picture. How can we say no when they're all so cute!


Speaking of bumping into people, V ran into me while I was at Siam Paragon and asked if I was from Singapore. I later found out that she's from Cambodia and she actually recognised me from Little Nyonya, which she said was a huge hit back home. Wow!


I've never tried this before. Keith bought this for everyone at Chatuchak Market and said it's grass jelly with brown sugar. It's quite yummy, and perfect for a hot day but it would have been even better if the ice was crushed much finer.


They look so pretty, almost like those Japanese mock-up food for dollhouses. Actually I don't quite know what they are because I didn't try it. I think it's yam or some sweet paste inside? Anyone who knows what this is, please comment ok? Thanks!


Here's everyone at a lifestyle shop on the last day of shoot after the last hosts' links were done. We ended at 8.45 pm and quickly proceeded from Central World to have a nice seafood dinner before this famous restaurant (I don't know the name, sorry) closed for the night. I didn't have any pictures of that cos' everyone was so hungry, we just want to eat and relax. You know some of the crew members from the previous pictures, so here we also have the producer Huiting and scriptwriter Lili flanking Alvin (make-up artiste), and the Thai guide Tom next to Keith.


We were up at 4.45am so we could reach the airport in time for the first flight out. Here we are basking in the flattering morning sun, still somewhat sleepy.

More pictures after the programme airs on Tuesday, Oct 6, 8pm on Channel U… 🙂

30 responses to “《亚洲时尚风》曼谷 Fashion Asia Bangkok

  1. that pretty thing tastes like ang ku kueh. it’s the same bean paste inside (i’m not sure if they come in other ‘flavours’). the outer bit is also a similar sticky chewy thing.

  2. Wow, Joanne, I do not know little Nonya is such a hit in Thailand as well! Great job!

  3. those colourful ‘fruits’, i think are made of mung bean (green bean) paste inside. the filling is yellow, isn’t it? 😉

  4. The mini fruit contains sweet green bean paste, just like 红龟果。

  5. I don’t know what the Japanese mock-up fruit look-alikes are called but I do know the filling inside is like the ang ku kui filling. =)

  6. Hi Joanne,

    Refering to the photo on those colourful miniature fruits and vegetables, they are actually one of the favourite Thai Sweets known as `Look choob’. They are made from mung bean paste, cooked in coconut milk and dunked in gelatin. I tried it b4 and they were quite nice. =p

  7. hey joanne, may i know what brand and model of camera you used to snap these fabulous pictures? 😀 thanks a lot.

  8. the fruit snack you were holding are called “lokchubs” and they are my favourite! 😀
    inside is filled with sweet yellow bean paste (like those you find in ang ku kueh) and the outside is coated with a thin layer of agar agar. very yummy! must remember to try them next time yea! 🙂

  9. hi Joanne! this dessert is called ‘look choob’ (miniature fruits) there are glossy and colourful miniature fruits and vegetables made from mung bean paste, cooked in coconut milk and dunked in gelatin. I know how to make them 🙂 you want the recipe?

  10. I remember eating something like that when I went to Thailand many many years back! I think it’s something like a dessert but I’m not sure what’s inside. Can’t recall if there’s paste in it or not. But I don’t think it’s yam, ‘cos I wouldn’t have touched it if it was yam paste! All I can remember is that it was quite sweet.
    Why didn’t you try one btw? 🙂

  11. Hi 🙂 I guess the “beans” you’ve mention which resembles diff kinds of fruits, yeah, the paste is actually made from some kinds of beans. If i’m not wrong, it’s the yellow beans? I don’t know but i’ve tried it quite a few times, with no doubt, it’s tasty 🙂

  12. for pic 13, think its yam inside, the last time i ate.

    its not bad. should have tried.

  13. Hi Joanne

    I love your orange dress. You look really good in it. May I know where did u get it from?

    Many Thanks,

  14. joanne,

  15. joanne,


  16. 有自信的的女人,会是最美的。。。

  17. hey joanne,

    u took great pictures. may i know which cam u are using?

  18. Hi Joanne,
    If I’m not wrong tonight Fashion Asia should be at 8.30pm.
    But nvm I’ll still turn my TV on from 8pm to catch this show.

  19. Hi Joanne,

    Wow! I have a profound respect for your diligent and incandescent blogs. They are characterized by glowing zeal and fun. Highly admired. 🙂

    I can also see that you enjoy your social life and have collected an eclectic assortment of interesting friends. You have an amazing innate persona of creating an atmosphere of warmth and friendliness and elegance that people flourish in.

    All the lovely pictures of delicious food esp that bowl of colourful miniature fruits and vegetables have made my mouth water, hahaha………

  20. this esp is really GOOD! 🙂

    the clothes you feature in the shops really looks great on you! 🙂 i love the blue & yellow flats you wore from one of the store at chatuchak! that’s so so pretty! 🙂

    great job joanne!

  21. 水果里面装的是豆沙馅料 =)

  22. Hello Joanne,

    The multi-coloured so called fruits and veges are actually green bean. The outer layer should be agar-agar or jelly.

  23. It’s yellow bean paste. Like the ones in our ang ku kueh. Love jup lups! =)

  24. hi joanne,
    those things are quite nice. (: kinda sweet though. it’s jelly on the outside and tau sa inside. you should try it! (:

  25. hi joanne… those colourful “fruit” snack dessert can be found at golden mile complex if i am not wrong…
    my mum is a thai and when she goes back, she always buy back that dessert for me.. 😉

  26. those Japanese mock-up food thingy are actually
    ” ang ku kueh” (filled with yellow paste) 😀 its really tasty! I tried it when i was holidaying in chiangmai..heehee. u ought to try it someday ❤


  27. the japanese mock-up snacks are filled with mung bean paste – something like the tausuan beans, but mashed up. they’re really really yum!

    anyhow, am a big fan of your work. you are indeed one talented and gorgeous actress (:

  28. Singapore’s Thai Express Restaurant sells the japanese mock-up snacks (in the display fridge).. Normally are display in a display fridge near the entrance..

  29. That fake small fruit is called “Lookchup” in thai– made from green bean

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