The Wedding of the Year – Part 2


I’ve never really had the chance to work with Fann on any drama. The closest encounter was in the drama MAKING MIRACLES, where she played a doctor and I, a nurse, but still I didn’t have any direct scenes with her. She always strike me a very strong woman, for working the way she does, putting in the number of hours and still always looking so radiant. I admire her for her poise and charisma because there’s something about her that draws you in yet leaves you hanging for more. She is the role model for the rest of us in the industry.


I’ve worked with Christopher on BEACH BALL BABES. We weren’t close, but I could tell, he’s very much in love with his wife from the way her name hangs on his lips quite often. I like that when he was interviewed last night whether or not it was tedious preparing for such a massive wedding that he was forthright about it being tough as opposed to giving a politically pleasing answer. He’s charismatic to women and still remains a guy’s guy. He has good camaraderie with his co-stars and strikes up rapport with the crew and director off camera. He’s the guy everyone enjoys working with.


There is something inspiring about their relationship because it must not be easy being two high profile celebrities, who not only have to put up with media attention but also have to endure the trials and tribulations of being separated when one is filming in a foreign land for months at a go. When I see the two of them in the make-up room, there is something magnetic about the chemistry they share just being side by side that makes me embarrassed to be even breathing the same air. That’s what love in the air is like. It taught me that love can be without words.

There is hope that we will all find the right one someday too.

I wish them all the best in their careers and family building.


Irene had one of the toughest jobs last night as one of the hosts for the wedding of Chris and Fann.


Bryan Wong was my table partner. There were photographers taking photographs of guests and developing them on the spot for us.


It was very hard to catch a picture of the couple because they were always surrounded by their entourage, photographers and excited guests.


Belinda Lee and Trey, freelance stylist.


Trey is the funniest person I know and we always have a good laugh every time we meet.

Belinda Lee and I were filming the long drama YOUR HAND IN MINE just before the wedding dinner.

Belinda Lee and I were filming in the same scene for the long drama YOUR HAND IN MINE just before the wedding dinner.


I love Jin-jie's outfit. The shade of green looks good on her. Here's how to look oriental and still remain elegant.


Jin-jie, Jacelyn Tay, Eileen and I.


Jack and I.


Here's a warped picture of Karen and I because I tweaked the settings on my camera. I thought this was quite cool. I love her outfit from Balmain. She got it from Paris!


Another happy couple! I love seeing blissfully married couples, they make me cry!


Thomas used to be my managerial executive when I was still a newbie. It was so good to see him!


Patricia (left) bantered with Irene Ang on stage for a bit. He Yong Fang (right) used to host City Beat with Bryan Wong when I was still in primary school. I remembered because I bumped into them at the Science Centre once and she obliged a photo with my classmates and I.


Dr Georgia Lee and I, both in blue. 🙂


This is Gary, stylist from Passion.


Jesseca came over to sit with Dawn and I after the second course was served. It was nice to have girls' talk. Haha!


Jeremy, Ben, me and Keith.


Ok, everyone's a bit buzzed here...haha!


The stylists from Passion, with some crashers like Clarence, me and Keith. Oops...can you make out the blurred face the back who is trying to get into the picture?


"Ah Bu" was so happy last night!


The couple, as they move from table to table. The "brothers" look like they are strategising the next move.


I was lucky to be able to sneak a picture with the beautiful bride before she was whisked off to the next table. Her happiness is infectious!

15 responses to “The Wedding of the Year – Part 2

  1. Hi there yesterday came to this blog, pictures were nice I love seeing the pictures, can tell me ur psle marks I want to challenge with the score, so far I collected the highest score was 212…..
    But if do not want to tell, its okay =)

  2. i like fann’s second outfit! eh… another thing i realised her theme color is creamy right? haha.

    well, i don’t know why but i cant help it! i want to let u know something Joanne.

    Some features of Jenneth Aw kinda look like Fann. I think somehow their eyes and the sweet look they have make them 95% look alike.

    Well, for you somehow u look like Fann too! You both share the same face shape, height and cheeks. haha Sorry make it easier the T zone area. haha.

    Jenneth + Joanne = Fann Wong (look)

    Thats what i feel. ;p

  3. You look fabulous on your outfit ! Nice!
    Fann and Chris looks so sweet and happy.
    They had date for 9years ,
    its happy to see them married.
    Whens your turn?
    Haha. Jk=)

  4. I agree.. Thomas was a nice Artiste Manager in MDC. I still remember he was take care of you, when u r newbie.. Too bad, he no more in MDC..

  5. hi, saw your beautiful pictures, glad that you hae fun that night! When is your turn then? maybe is too fast for you =D
    Hope you could be happy everyday, hope to see your new drama sooon!!
    Take care~~@!

  6. So swwwwwwwwwweeeeet…. =)

  7. I am so HAPPY and i feel so blessed to see them together..

  8. Hi joanne (:

    I’m not a fan of yours, but ever since i first visited your blog, i realised i have been coming here very often as i really love your posts!

    I am now a fan of your blog. lol.

    Love to see your posts, with the beautiful photos. And you looked nice and elegant that night!

    Rock on!

    • Hi Calesta,

      Welcome here, and thank you for the continuous support! I’m glad you like what I write 🙂


  9. wow, thanks for the photos of the exclusive wedding. I think Fann’s second outfit is really elegant, and she is glowing in happiness!

  10. thanks for posting up the pictures …
    so nice of fann and chris
    super love them

    your blue topshop outfit look gorgeous too

  11. hello joanne,

    the day after the wedding, i heard a dj over the radio commenting on your efficiency in blogging regarding the event. so i decided to check it out, and im glad i made the right decision.

    haha, im also a fan of your blog now. C:

    p.s. i love your witty comments!

  12. SWEET!! love your fashion sense! GLAM GLAM!

  13. Any chance to upload the Wedding video?
    I was travelling then.

    Great blog : )

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