Wedding of the Year – Part 1

It was the Wedding of The Year as we celebrate the marriage of Christopher Lee and Fann Wong, and true to its name, I was completely awed by the effort put into organising this massive wedding. As I walked to the ballroom of Shangri-La, where the wedding was held, the lobby was quiet and there were even hotel staff holding placards to another event.

I was not ready for what was to come.

If you’ve been to Shangri-La’s ballroom, you will know that there a little “runway” which leads to the ballroom where panels lined the side and hotel staff stand by each panel to greet and usher you in. Last night, that turned into the Hall of Fame. At the end of this “runway” were throngs of photographers and journalists all camped out in a nice corner, taking photos, videos and interviews of the guests who arrived. You almost can’t slip into the reception unnoticed, unless you turned up late of course.

Into the reception and recording of 《芳心有李》, a variety show dedicated to tell the story of the lovebirds right up to their wedding day, was already in progress. There were bottlenecks everywhere, and mind you, the reception area is huge! Everyone was just catching up with one another, old friends, old colleagues. I was quite overwhelmed, it’s like you see so many people you know, but you don’t have time to properly say hi to one before another familiar nudge turns you around to yet another familiar face.

The dress code for the night was glamorous. Long sweeping gowns, beautifully done-up hair and extensive jewelry display. People you meet at work who don’t normally have make-up on now look completely different with make-up and shoulder-baring dresses. It was a gorgeous night to celebrate the union of a gorgeous couple.

I have over 40 pictures to share, but right now, I can only show some as I edit and compile the rest of it in the next entry. Look out for it!


Keith Png and I. Can you see the crowd in the back?


Christopher, Kyle and me.


Christina aka Kyle's mom, and I.


Jessica, me, Yahui and Andie


The ballroom was transformed into a rather magical land. Regardless of what the intended theme was, I felt like Alice in Wonderland.


These table decorations remind me of the magical woods. Something out of an Enid Blyton book when I was a kid.


The newly-weds. With so many people crowding around them at each time, we get a better view from the two large screens placed on each end of the ballroom.


"Half-time", we got out of the ballroom for a breather. Here's Jesseca and I.


They have a standee of them! With so many guests invited, those who didn't get a chance to pose for a picture with the real couple had an alternative. Haha! Reminds me of the caricatures from their movie THE WEDDING GAME, except this one looks more like them!


Here's a group of people who work long and hard, behind the scenes, on a typical work day in MediaCorp.


Justin's the stylist for my long drama YOUR HAND IN MINE. He gets me the beautiful clothes you see me wear on television for the drama.


Josh Bryan Ho, friend and regular make-up artiste.


Ryan Yap, the man behind many celebrities' hair at Passion.


She wishes to remain anonymous.


Joan from the make-up unit.


Lebon, freelance fashion stylist.


Danny, freelance make-up artiste.


These tablets allowed guests to write their well wishes to the couple. So little space, so much to say...

18 responses to “Wedding of the Year – Part 1

  1. Nice blog you have……
    Favourite photo is the 9th one, haha looks very cute when you and the statue standing….

  2. Hi Joanne,

    Thanks for uploading all these wonderful pics and a writeup of what went on yesterday.

    The live telecast was so short. 😦 But now thanks to you, i can feel and enjoy the atmosphere.

    And btw, you look really great and stunning like always.

  3. wow,guess u had fun on that night too !
    Congratulations to them =)
    They invited the whole Mediacorp’ Artiste ?

  4. It does look like a dream wedding come true for Fann. Actually, I doubt anyone else in Singapore can replicate this sort of wedding. Every wedding is unique 😀

  5. hi joanne jie ty 4 upload the 《芳心有李》photos =)

  6. about the magical woods you read from enid blyton, is it the magic faraway tree?

    i love the series!
    anw, love your dress! (:

  7. The tablets are cool and the table decorations are so pretty! Was it on every table or selected tables? &is that your pair of Louboutin heels? 😛

  8. Hi joanna,Ni yi ding hen xi huan zhe jian lan se dress baz?*hehez*

    Did ya get to take pic with 2 of them?

  9. thanks for sharing!! 🙂

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  11. hi, the standee very cute. anyone know where to make one?

  12. hi ivy, i think the standee is given by maybe you can go to the blog to ask

  13. Hi Joannne. May I Ask Euu Something? 1 Of Urr Photo That Write “She wishes to remain anonymous.” May I Noe What’s Her Job? She Looks Like Someone I Knew…

  14. fann very very beautyful!!!!!

  15. Fantastic photo and fantastic people…..

  16. hi fann wong you are fantastic

  17. Hey Joanne, may I know where you got your dress from?

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