How to glam up T-shirt and Jeans

Distressed Denim

3 responses to “How to glam up T-shirt and Jeans

  1. Hi Joanne,

    Appreciate your recent posting on “How To Glam Up T-shirts and Jeans.”

    Today, with stressful life styles and hectic workload, smart versatile and comfortable jeans and t-shirts are one wardrobe staple one shouldn’t be without. And there are so many jean styles on offer, like bootleg, straight leg, baggy, skinny leg…….the list goes on. There is for sure a pair to suit everyone, no doubt. But again, if you like wearing jeans in hot tropical climate, that is.

    As for me, I like nautical-inspired T-shirt and classic jean that create a simple yet sophisticated look for Summer.

    That said, I would like to add that the classic combination of black and white is forever riding high in fashion. For instance, a black jacket and a white t-shirt combination is versatile enough to go with almost anything, but for the sharpest look, I prefer to keep the whole outfit monochromatic. Heee…………..color is best kept out of the equation. 😀

  2. Simple but concise…..
    A jacket put on is nice!
    Will try it!

    Support u oways!

  3. Loved reading this post, do you also have some sort of newsletter?

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