Behind-the-Scenes to Her World Oct 2009

最新一期的 HER WORLD 已经出版了。几个月前,我们大伙儿到 Marine Barrage 拍封面。艳阳高照,我汗流浃背,服装都黏着身子,好担心在穿的时候会把布料扯破。每换一套就得花一段时间让自己凉爽些才能把衣服换掉,要不然它就是紧贴着身子。哈哈,流了那么多汗水,希望大家能多多支持这期的 HER WORLD.


We are gathered at Marina Barrage for the cover shoot of Her World October 2009 issue. This is the outfit for the cover picture. Stylist Johnny is pinning the back of the outfit to give me a bit more shape.


The Doramon battery-operated fan and colourful umbrella don't quite go with the vogue look. LOL


I love this outfit. It's a little gothic but yet very sexy!

Because of the fabric, this was the "coolest" outfit of them all.

Because of the fabric, this was the "coolest" outfit of them all.


David touching up my hair for a third outfit change.


All ready to go out and face the afternoon sun.


I quite like this hand-on-the-face pose. A bit more different than the rest.


This was taken by photographer Wee Khim after the job was done. The sun might be hot, but it is the sunlight that gives the pictures such gorgeous hues!


There you have it, the final product! Do grab a copy of the October issue now!

12 responses to “Behind-the-Scenes to Her World Oct 2009

  1. Joanne,

    Do you realise, every single entry you posted in your blog turn up in the buzz news the other day?

    • Hi Waiman,

      Not every single one but yes, it’s been happening quite often.
      I am flattered although I’m not crazy about some of the headlines, it’s nature of the business so I trust that readers are discerning enough.
      Thanks for pointing it out though.


  2. Thanks for the sincere reply and you looks real good despite the hot wheather.

  3. 挺喜欢你的,呵呵!加油

  4. Hi Joanne,

    First off, I would like to thank you for your creative blogs which are very sincere, interesting and informative. 🙂

    Gathered from the pictures above, you certainly have amazing power of endurance to undertake your photo-shoots under blazing tropical sun.

    In the upcoming issue of Her World magazine, can you please kindly advise me who I should be in contact with if I wish to purchase it on-line, as I live in Sydney, Australia?

    With thanks in anticipation.


    • HI Shirley,

      Do u mean u want to purchase an online-edition or you’d like to purchase the magazine and have it shipped to you? Thanks for ur support. 🙂


  5. Hi Joanne,

    Thanks for your swift reply. 🙂 Ooops! sorry I didn’t make it clear enough. I would like to purchase it on-line and then have the magazine shipped to me in Sydney please.

    Also, I am very interested in Mediacorp soap operas (esp. the ones you have acted in) which sadly, are hard to find in Sydney video-stores.

    I’d be much appreciated if you can advise me who I should approach in this matter. I have sent an email to Mediacorp contact recently but to no avail.


  6. hey gal,

    the black erotic dress luks marvellous ya? but somehw, it luks lik u r getting thinner each time!

    your recent blog entries sure shows your fashion sense and introducing them to your readers! Keep it up!

    Shall anticipate your next upcoming drama performance 😉

    =D cheeRs babe!

  7. Hey joanne, bought the new issue of Her world. Pity they only utilized one picture as the cover page. You donned a no of pretty gowns! Would have been better if they showcased more pics after the arduous photoshoot

  8. You look so nice!

    Support u oways!

  9. omg! Gorgeous outfits and looks. love your stop & ‘stare’ look! 😉

  10. you paid for a stripper in vegas? XD

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