Peaked-shoulder jacket



I am in need of Balmain's peak-shoulder jacket in my wardrobe.

The peaked-shoulder jacket in Christophe Decarnin’s Balmain’s collection has gone through a couple of seasons, transforming with different fabrics, but pretty much keeping the same shape. This design evolved from the 1980s when shoulder-pads were the norm. When I was younger, my mom used to love making clothes. I remembered shoulder-pads were a must-have for most of her blouses and jackets. You may think wearing jackets regularly in our climate is ridiculous, but I beg to differ. Our malls are sometimes blasting with temperatures that simulate Spring in some countries, so I think it’s reasonable excuse to dress up.

The shape of this jacket flatters ladies with narrow or sloping shoulders and would spice up an otherwise ordinary outfit. The length of the jacket shouldn’t be too long because we don’t want to look like it’s part of a superhero-type costume. Besides, I think there’s something feminine and sexy about leaving the jacket open at the waist to draw attention those hip bones.


The look taken off the runway and onto the streets of NY.

Other than jackets, the shoulder-padded blouses worn today no longer makes you look stiff or appear like you’re trying to overcompensate for a lack of bone structure. Instead, it screams “I’m different”, “I dare to take risks”.


This look is perfect for our climate! Long sleeves to protect our arms from the harmful UV rays and shorts to keep us cool. Match it with a piece of vintage accessory and the look becomes vintage chic!

I need one of these!

9 responses to “Peaked-shoulder jacket

  1. Hey Joanne! I think those structured jackets and blouse are pretty! 🙂 Nice to see you blogging about fashion, one of my interest!

  2. Gud article…..
    I can learn some for my composition in skool…..
    Yr English is juz too gud…….

    Support u oways!

  3. Thanks for this, Joanne.

    It jogs my memory a little; of why I feel so out of place on this tiny island. Haha…

    I can so imagine the brand of skincare these ladies would use, and the books they might read.

    And if you sat them down at a little bar in private, the air would smell of rose champagne.

    If only there were more jobs for talent promoters in Singapore; makes me want to be one.

  4. its great to know latest fashion information from an artist and like justea at above say,ur english is very good.

    i like ur condifent eye , its stable and turgid and heartwarming.

    wat is ur comment when a person is catwalking on the stage?i mean what “xin tai” should he/she take?

  5. Dear maple,

    You don’t know unless you try.


  6. dear alastair,
    thx=)why ler?i have tried,but in front of the mirror in my home only.because i am going to take part miss kemaman contest, hence i wan some opinion,suggestion and idea.

  7. Cool jackets… I will love to own one too. Are theses available in Singapore?

  8. Hey Joanne!
    Your blog is really interesting. Certainly hope you will blog more about fashion. I like the dresses and clothes you wear to events.

    You can get these structured jackets at this site.

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