Celebrating Minister’s Birthday

Yesterday (Sept 13) was Minister George Yeo’s birthday, and we managed to have an early celebration with him on Friday over a simple dinner.


Interesting "cake". It's apple strudel!


I don't know what's the actual age of our Minister of Foreign Affairs. The three candles hardly say anything. Hmm...


Making the first "official" cut. The special dates seen in the lower right hand corner was a gift Minister received from Saudi Arabia. It's sweetened and has almond seeds in place of the actual seed in the middle.


This looks yummy doesn't it?


Jack, Minister and I. The rest acted as our photographers. 🙂 Thank you all for the wonderful hospitality and delicious local fare.

15 responses to “Celebrating Minister’s Birthday

  1. u know george yeo personally?

  2. Thanks Joanne for sharing this intimate birthday celebration dinner of your Minister. The birthday ‘cake’ is indeed an unusual choice. 2 blue and 1 yellow birthday candles may indicate he’s either in his mid or late 40s, I guess. You looked great and relaxed in the photo. 🙂

  3. wow..minister of foreign affairs~!!ijus google it xD

  4. Apple strudel… I miss the one from Perth – it was great!!!

  5. hi
    where’s that place you were?in someone’s house?
    you might also consider an apple strudel for your next birthday too…hehe…

  6. George Yeo invite you because you are knowledgable, intelligent actress.

    He hope to seek your opinion on things that happen around the world and observe how you speak, reason.

  7. Whoa, that’s my birthday, too!!! 🙂 Apple strudel’s cool and I might have it next year. Haha. Update!

  8. Happy belated Minister BG Yeo.
    BG Yeo comes across as a very down to earth minister. He’s the people’s minister…

    Not many ministers or even MPs are as willing to share their thoughts..

    What a guy!

    sea monster


  9. my birthday on 13 sept too. haha. same day with Minister

  10. Bwahahaha… 第二春!

  11. I know where they bought the apple strudels…..its from Renaldo, the first strudel house in Spore.

    Joanne, how come you are so close with George Yeo? I remembered you met up with him for more than once right?

  12. Joanne, i think that you have matured in your acting over the yrs. I still remember when you first break into the small screen and you had short hair…..that time you were a bit proud. But now you have mellowed with all the experiences both gd and bad.

    My advise for you is that since now you have gained some popularity with the nonya show in Spore, you shd concentrate on developing your overseas acting career while you are still young.
    Really. Spread your foothold wide. Otherwise 5 yrs down the road, you will just be another Ann or Jacelyn. I know you want to be Fann. So work hard and work towards being indispensable in the industry.

  13. Wow….
    Great opportunity to celebrate the minister’s birthday!

    Support u oways!

  14. How did you get to know our minister?

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