Some time ago, everyone involved in the production of “Your Hand In Mine” were invited to a gathering where the first episode of the drama was shown. We spent the rest of the afternoon, eating and watching some rough edits of the other episodes. I’m afraid fans of the show will have to wait for the debut in November. Good things are worth waiting for! 😉







Our drama schedule coordinator (lower left) Meifeng who does all the scheduling of filming days, artistes' conditions etc etc and our lovely story writer (top left) Rebecca, who's always there to listen.




34 responses to “《想握你的手》第一集抢先看

  1. Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures of your colleagues and oh my the delicious yummy local cuisines are making my mouth water. These are the things I miss most living abroad. Good luck with the screening of your upcoming drama series. I don’t think I’ll have much luck getting the DVD over here.


  3. hi joanne…who’s the lady in picture 3 tgt with you? she looks like amy kwok (lau ching wan’s wife)…thanks.

  4. hey, do u know olivia went to 星光大道5? 她去踢馆了… 在台湾现在满出名的~ 可以上youtube 看看~

  5. need to wait till nov~ tats mean malaysia here need to wait till next year ><
    so long~~~~~

  6. In gathering 7 , Pierre Look at for what?

  7. Hi Joanne,

    Who is that wearing the ‘new orleans’ cap??
    Is she Paige Chua??


  8. Hi Joanne,

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos.. Noticed that Pierre Png likes to do funny poses wor. Lol~ =]

    To ~*Claudia*~ and Siok,
    The one u referring to is Paige Chua. =)

  9. Hi Joanne!

    I didn’t know so many artistes are invovled in this show till I saw so many of them in these pictures. Is this show going to be a long-episode series? Thanks. 🙂

  10. Hi Joanne,
    Thanks for sharing all those pictures!Hope to watch the show now.

  11. How I wish I can watch now! =) Have you done filming?

    Take care of your health and dont fall sick ah! =)

    Cheers & Loves,
    Cheryl ;]

  12. So gud…..
    Den I bet tis drama will air it at 2011….T.T
    Hopefully someone can upload it in Youtube….

    Support u oways!

  13. I hardly patronise local media, much less the blogs of its celebrities. But a few injudicious clicks of the mouse had led me to this site a while ago, and I must say I am faintly amused at the very apparent discrepencies between your purported regard for intellect and the grammatical content of your entries . . . and tweets.

    Its difficult to find reconciliation between the writing and your frequent and audacious proclamations of your own intellectual inclinations. It.Just.Doesn’t.Jive. This is at best, a typical case of literary pretension, and at worst, a display of obvious incompetence masquerading as cerebral depth.

    If you want to pretend to be smart, please my dear, at least get your grammar right. You learnt it in primary school. Grammatical inaccuracy is the surest giveaway of an inability to impress.

    Do take your time, good things are worth waiting FOR right? Besides, since you were so rudely AWAKENED this morning by a malaysian caller who REFUSES to believe that he’s wrong, I’m pretty sure slumber is at the top of your priorities for now. Oh, remember to buy that money management book which COSTS $35.90, I think its a pretty good investment !! And speaking of investments, it’d be nice to read a little treatise from you as to WHY you think Goodyear relinquished his throne ! We could have a discussion of sorts !

    All the best in your future endeavours Joanne, I think you make a fine actress 🙂

  14. Hi Joanne,

    I have been a silent reader of your blog..

    Indeed, you have grown alot le. Don’t know why. This is one of my favourite post of yours. All very natural and real. People, place and food.

    Thanks for sharing oh!!

    All the best to your future endeavours oh!



  15. 你好,我需要您的帮助。我正在筹集1百万个祝福,以向我的女朋友求婚。所以,请到我的部落格留言,给予祝福。



  16. hey i bought the book, though i m still @ the beginning but i like most is tt we shld organise ahead of what we r doing ,no last min things like for example no taking a cab , send express parcel,etc.

  17. i watched the promo trailer for Your Hands In Mine, its so funny!!i am sure this is another grand product from mediacorp!forever support to you all!!!

  18. u were sick.. take care , today evening i see haze.

  19. wow jade. that was harsh.but true, to some extent.

    Joanne, I guess if you want to target the “thinking” audience and the intelligent crowd, instead of always having 15 – 16 year old chinese and hokkien speaking teenagers (for lack of a better phrase) make up your fan base, then some quality control on your part is needed.

    After all, the mark of a good and established actress always lies in the quality of its following doesn’t it.

    • Hi Cynic,

      Thanks for your suggestion but it’s just not my style to exercise such prejudice.
      Life is tough enough, we’re all here trying to help one another become better and ease the pressure otherwise faced in school or work.
      People who are respectful and sincere provide the kind of positive energy that can fuel that.
      I am thankful for your support and all those who have stood by me for so long regardless of their background.
      Nothing personal, but I disagree that the mark of a good and established actress lies in the quality of the following. Acting, like any other craft is subjective and will always be. That’s the beauty of it, because it breeds individuality by lack of a clearly-set benchmark.

      Regardless of what you might think of the people who make up my fan base, I am glad most of them have big hearts and a good head on their shoulders, that’s most important. 🙂


      • Hi Joanne,

        Bravo! Well said and your comment earned my utter wow. 🙂 Absolutely and totally agreed with what you wrote.

        Hi Cynic,

        I beg to differ. Facebook and Tweets are sites where friends/fans can share their thoughts and ideas freely without being scrutinized. A sanctuary where people can unwind their system after a hard day’s work. So, let’s embrace Joanne’s page with lots of love, kindness and respect. 🙂

  20. Hello Joanne, is the first half have already completed or not yet completed filming?:) may I know when is 2nd half of 180 episode going to be air? 🙂

    by the way, all the best in your filming:)

    take care:)

  21. yo~ling ling is very pretty hahaha

    and u all also pretty lah hahaha

  22. Hi Joanne,

    In the last photo, I spotted the male lead who teamed up with you in “The Greatest Love of All”. May I ask, is that Zhang Yaodong?

  23. Hi Joanne,
    Where do the filming take place?

    Anthony Tang

  24. Hi Joanne. How’s life?

    would b another aniticipated long-running blockbusters that we are goin to watch. I still remember the blog post by Paul showing ur costume design as dual role in the show–the mother and the daughter. How contradictory it was when i compared the two designs. Great work to Mediacorp! I think u must be shocked to see it too!

    Yet, pity that I’m in Malaysia plus not staying around JB so we’ll miss the premiere by channel 8. Can only wait till months after to catch it on Astro like what The Little Nyonya does.

    Oh ya,what’s the character Pei Xuan’s goin to act in the show? Liping’s daughther?

  25. hi,joanne,how r u?thats will be so tiring to film such a long drama,u&yvonne are pretty&well-performed actresses,i will always support u all.Rest well ya,tell yvonne too!!!Take care!!!

  26. hahaha poor pierre png, i think he wanted to be in those photos as well. hahaha. anw, cant wait for the debut 🙂

  27. hi i am Donna Jane from Philippines just want to make friends if you have facebook please add me that is my email donnajanedetalla@gmail.com………………. 🙂

  28. The third picture is Joanne with Paige Chua.

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