Watching Moon

MOON starring Sam Rockwell

MOON starring Sam Rockwell. Click to read my latest review.

4 responses to “Watching Moon

  1. Having read your preview, I think this movie’s quite interesting, will catch this when it air in my town.

    Btw, I watched The Proposal yesterday, it’s nice movie, though I less impressed with the male lead, I think his acting not convinced me enough but nevertheles this movie make me laugh.
    How about you,Joanne or other fans can share any feeling for this movie?

    Oh.. how I’m longing for your acting…
    still wanna wait till Nov for YHIM…

  2. Saw the preview
    Quite a nice movie….^^
    Will watch tis movie…..

    Support u oways!

  3. hi , i will support u from here next time.

  4. the book is it in simple english anot?

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