Weekend Indulgence

Weekend Indulgence

After craving chili crabs for two days, I finally went to Chinatown to satisfy my longing. Why Chinatown? The last time I did a television commercial there, the chili crabs were absolutely delicious. They were big and juicy and the chili-egg gravy was thick and had just the right tinge of spicy and sweet. So I went back to the exact same store last weekend, only to be met with a huge food fest crowd. For $15, they had 25 tokens that they could use to swap for food, pretty good deal I must say! Perhaps it was the overwhelming orders, shortage of crabs, or perhaps the art director for the television commercial placed a different sort of order the last time we were there, because this time, the crabs were smaller, less fleshy and weren’t too fresh. The gravy was too sweet and they were still out of man-tous (since the last time we shot there).  I know I won’t be craving for chili crabs for a while.

The best part of the night was the dessert. I love almond paste and since they ran out of it by that time of the night, it was almond shaved ice for me! Yipeee!

13 responses to “Weekend Indulgence

  1. wow, it looks nice~~ oppsss… hungry~~ if i hv the chance to go to singapore, i would try it up~
    take care!! 😛

  2. or perhaps they save the best for VIPs and television commercials.

    thank you for the left-indented text!

  3. must b nice, hoping to check out new ion building later in the afternoon, but was tie down babysitting niece.

  4. u mean u fell in love with yr psychiatrist future husband arh, tt’s insane, but love is blind , n sometimes u just do extraordinary things just to make him happy, even though he cant be yrs , u still wanna the best for him. But somehow u just have to get over it , tt’s life.

  5. Hello Joanne Peh! 🙂 Wow! Yummy food and desserts! I really miss these food mann! Joanne, do you mind to tell me where did you have your desserts? what’s the shop name? haha!

  6. Wow…..look delicous man..
    I like the soup!

    Support u oways!^^

  7. sorie u mean recently arh?

  8. ohoh i love almond paste !!! 🙂 wow with shaved ice too *admires* but dun eat too much chilli crab, especially these few days the weather is so hottttt D: good that your craving is finally gone 🙂 what other kind of food do you especially like?

    stanley 😀

  9. just curious dun say nvm.

  10. Dear Joanne,

    I’m very sad. my friend hads just quarrelled wif me over the other friend. cuz it’s like this, i just transferred to this sch. denise and jessica are best friends and i unknowingly became their best friend. we were very happy together but because of JEALOUSY, my friend Jessica turned out to quarrel with me as Denise likes me and denise tend to follow me all the time and like yar..so denise and me are very close to each other then. therefore jessica was kind of pissed off and she quarrelled with me. i felt that it was unfair and so i scolded her. it’s been a month that we havent been talking to each other. this is seriously saddening. have u had any problems like this before? can u help me?pls ?i would die of this. thx..sorry to disturb u Joanne Jiee. =[ take care.

    from viviane.

  11. I haven’t had crabs for a while now. Now you’re making me drool~

  12. When did u do the television commercial? By the way, are u still doing television commercial? But very seldom seeing u doing hosting? This year, are u doing any hosting? I seems that u are enjoying eating crabs. I would like to recommend u another restaurant. The name of the Teochew Restaurant Huat Kee. I am not too sure whether have u heard before. It was located at the street is 74 Amoy Street. 🙂 The cold crab is nice. U should go there and try. A lot customers enjoyed eating at Teochew Restaurant Huat Kee:)
    Cheers: Debbie Wee

  13. Hi Joanne, It was my mistake:) The name of the restaurant is Lee Kui (Ah Hoi) Restaurant. It was located at 8/10 Mosque Street., Singapore 59488. Just 5 mins walk:) Lee Kui (Ah Hoi) Restaurant are selling Teochew, Zhi Char, Cold Crab.here are some of the information about Teochew, Zhi Char, Cold Crab:) If u want to find out more, here is the link about Lee Kui (Ah Hoi) Restaurant:) http://www.goodfood.sg/teochew#gmap1

    Regards: Debbie Wee

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