Pan Ling Ling

Pan Ling Ling

I love the way the accessories add some depth to this picture, everyone was very focused on the task.

3 responses to “Pan Ling Ling

  1. Hi Joanne, I do have very itchy and reddish scalp. Previously, I went to yun nam hair care but the treatment make my scalp more itchy. Do you have any good hair and scalp specialist to recommend me? Eg. Dr georgia lee (Skin Dermatologist)
    Can you please reply me asap? Because I will like to solve my problem asap i do not want to make my scalp condition from worsening.

    *Please email back me with the email provided.
    Ty very much Joanne! =)

  2. I m ur fans since schooling days n I knew u be at the stage to received ur award as it is today! Hugs

  3. For yr reply

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