What a view!

Heidi Klum and Seal’s vacation home in Mexico. *gasp* Imagine, this is a private pool right outside their house! What a view, I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else either if I had a pool like that, would you?

The beautiful couple and their three children spend a lot of time in the saltwater pool of their vacation home in Costa Careyes, Mexico. "We just hang out, go in the pool, relax," says Klum. "There is something about the view that makes you not want to move."

Their vacation home in Costa Careyes, Mexico.

Heidi Klum 和 丈夫 Seal 在墨西哥度假屋的游泳池!天啊,真漂亮。如果有这样的景,你还会想要去哪里吗?

54 responses to “What a view!

  1. Joanne,
    Itz a shame and pity you have to keep defending yourself about the plastic surgery matter. If you want to prove your innocence to your fans, understand from some people that when you raise your two arms and if there no scars in the armpit, then your innocence is proven. Try it, you’ll feel better and dun have to be antagonised by people all the time. I tried to post a comment earlier but it was not published. Was wondering why? Take care.

    • Dear Ron,

      First u want to see the armpits, that’s easy, there’re bound to be shows where I’ll raise my arms in excitement or when I’m waving. But my question is well, if you did see no scars, would you then proceed to ask to see me naked, cos’ I guess that’s the only way we’d all know wouldn’t we?
      Then what?
      Would you feel better that you’re proven wrong?
      But then at what expense of mine?

      Unfortunately, I won’t be able to satisfy your curiosity and you can keep wondering. I don’t need to go to such extent to prove anything because guess what? My emotional well being isn’t dependent on people like you.

      The reason why I don’t publish your comment? Because I said I don’t want to have to discuss this anymore, lest people like you accuse me of “keep defending myself”. But then your whole purpose for writing the comments is to elicit a response from me, so your expectations are in direct contradiction of your accusations.

      Gosh, move on dude, there’s swine flu to worry about!


      • Hi Joanne,

        I love the way you reply.. anyway.. in the latest 8days.. with the picture of your second outfit.. the reporters mentioned that ‘aunt flow’ dint help you this time.. so i guess, people should stop saying that Joanne has went for surgery…

      • Dear Cherie,

        err..what’s “aunt flow”?

      • Ohhhh!!! Oops…haha!

      • Oops,
        From your response, you’ve taken the feedback very badly..Thought it was meant to help you determine your innocence once and for all. Initially it appears to me u have a very sweet smile. This incident kinda turns me off..maybe i’m sensitive i feel dat i’m being “scolded”? hahaha.. where’s the maturity and grace? Viewers actually more or less determine how long one can last as a star. Am sure people would hope to see the best of you in both bad or good situations…I thought by winning the Best Actress Award, you would have certain special qualities that people admire and people wish to see. Ooops….what happened? Another sincere and constructive suggestion for u.. Perhaps you can check with the real stars like Zoe, Fann, Xiang Yun, Yifeng, Ivy Lee, Chen LiPing etc how they would respond to a feedback which u deem negative. Learn from them. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Don’t just listen to “pleasanties” all the time, young lady..
        When one has a long way to go, one has to learn from the more seasoned and experienced ones.

        Wonder if u are going to publish this?? Hope u handle with maturity though…


      • Dear Ron,

        Oops…there is a difference between negative comments/feedback and allegations, in this case yours lies in the latter. You can dislike my acting or the way I respond to you, but there’s no reason for me to react a certain way unless necessary, in this case, when I first chose to let the matter rest, you saw it as a reluctance to respond and unwillingness/ungraciousness to accept something negative. And so you wrote again to my latest entry, wondering why I did not approve your comment, and yesterday again, suggesting that for whatever reason you conjure in your mind, that I will not publish your comments. Just in case you think I’m scolding you, I’m not. I am merely trying to objectively portray the situation to you and the absurdity of your previous request/suggestion, which by the way if you read it again yourself, is no way phrased like a feedback. I am generally a happy and good-natured person who will treat people with respect first, but if someone is out to make baseless accusations and stir gossip, I will draw the line like I have with you.

        Most people who follow my blog will know that I do not listen to “pleasantries” all the time. I’ve had sincere fans write to me about what they think I can improve on, what they think wasn’t done well, and I’ve no problem approving them for all to see. When it comes to criticisms on the work I produce, I am on all ears, but when it comes to baseless gossip created by the media for the purpose of entertainment, then I see no reason to fuel it further after making myself very clear time and again.

        I do have a lot to learn from the veterans, and if you read my entries, I’ve already acknowledged that is why my path is still a long one. They have all gone through a difficult period in their lives to arrive at where they are today. For whatever I do, there will be people who like and support and people who dislike and boo, and if you happen to fall in the latter category, there’s nothing I can do about it. I would rather focus on what I can do to make myself better as a person, than to pander to everybody’s requests and make everyone happy as an artiste, because first there’s never going to be a perfect situation and second, being true to myself is more important.

        I appreciate your concern at my physical appearance, but enough said is enough said.
        In life, you learn to deal with some not-so-dandy things. Thank you for the important lesson.

        Joanne 🙂

    • Dear everybody,
      Plastic surgery is a very personal things. People might not own up even when they really done their surgery. I think people may stop questioning or checking on Joanne. I found out that some people are too free and spot check on people face shape, eyes, nose, mouth, eyelids and everything. They never thought of other people ‘s feeling like Felicia breaks down on other people comments. Joanne’s right. Ron said he wants to check on Joanne’s armpit if there are any scars. But if there is no scar, maybe he’ll ask to check naked. Because people wants them to prove themselves right. People, hope you can understand their feelings.

    • There are many other reasons of people saying Joanne’s surgery is real. Jealousy? Paranoid? They know themselves well.

  2. Wow~~~ So envy of….. Joanne, do u ever think what will you be after 10 years?

    • Hopefully a mother of four, a wife and owner of two dogs. 😉

      • Hehe…. can’t imagine a successful person with strong personality like you would yet have a gentle side……… Hopefully not at this moment because i still wanna see you on screen……

      • No la, still some time before that happens. Haha! 🙂

  3. 不可能天天泡水吧…. 哈

  4. wahh, that’s such a nice place to be at!
    joanne, going for any vacation soon?

  5. Hi Joanne Peh! Wow! Is there a place like this on earth? Amazing! 🙂

  6. Hi Joanne jie jie, how did u manage to take that pic?

  7. They were supposed to celebrate their wedding anniversary there, but had to forfeit because of the swine flu.

    I wouldn’t care, just for the sake of the view 😀


  8. omgosh mexico (wink wink) 🙂 anyway, it’s really nice! spectacular view haha. but the pool looks a little big (for me) for two persons bahs… But still, I wish I could go there if I could 😉 Swim for the whole day also wun wanna get out of the pool. Wow *admires*. If only we had this life…

    Stanley 😀

  9. Haha, I think nobody wanna be in Mexico at this moment. 😛

  10. So freaking me out……

    Support u oways!

  11. hey…love this soo much!! JOANNE…i miss u in beach ball babes!!! with that beautiful hairstyle ever…and u look very sporty in which that it’s suitable for u to act as a volleyballer!!! u’re really the prettiest..smartest..best in acting among the 7-princesses leh..!! hope to get to meet u in real life..seriously..is there any upcoming roadshows or events?? pls inform me ASAP…=] thx~!


  12. Wow, tell me these things don’t really exist!

    I’ll spent everyday snorkeling, diving, kayaking, canoing, swimming and everything else except studying 🙂

    This is totally….. “whoa.”

    I had this dream house (I can’t remember it exactly but well yeah.) on a beach with coconut trees surrounding it and a whole sea in front of me and my house is like 10 times bigger than what I’m living in right now. Haha, but that was a few years back so I think it was pretty lame thinking about it.

    What is your dream house? xD

    • I no longer have a physical vision of a dream house. I think it’s the people living in it that will make it a dream. 🙂

      A loving, giving environment where you’ll always hear sounds of laughter and hopefully smell something baking/cooking is my dream house.

  13. So, what u busying currently? i think u deserved it. About Best Actress in Star Award. Don’t bother of those annoying article. life rolls on, life’s good!!!right?

  14. Dear Ron,

    You really shouldn’t embarrass yourself trying to tell others how “knowledgeable” you are! Actually you are the one we should pity, Sigh…. I won’t explain further because I think with your “knowledge” even if I explain you might not be able to understand.

    If you are giving Joanne any constructive feedback I am sure she will gracefully published it even it is something about her acting skill but I guess it must be something really …. I think she just doesn’t want you to embarrass yourself that’s why she didn’t publish, you should thank her instead.

    Get a life RON

    • Yiying,
      I’ve responded to Joanne. It’s up to her whether she wants to publish the response. Good luck! Hope u get to read it!! Cheers!!

  15. Hi!

    Grats on winning the Star Awards 🙂 Hey I’ve finished reading the book that you recommended. It’s really good, I like! Any others to recommend? 🙂

    Thanks a lot!

  16. Hello Joanne Peh! 😀
    Mind if I ask you a question? What do you do when you are free? Could it be some physical activities like volleyball? Hmm? :>

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    • Hi Jianri,

      When I’m free, I’ll spend half a day writing my blog. That’s usually how long it takes for me to update an entry. Longer with pictures too cos’ I need to edit them.
      After that I’ll do some activity, maybe yoga, maybe gym, maybe run! 🙂


  17. how did u manage to survive JC?

    it’s really tough! 😦

  18. Congrats on snagging the Best Actress Awards!

  19. I have to agree with you. That entire scenery is so picturesque and you just wish things will just stay right where they are. But have you ever imagine how sometimes it may be a little too good to be true if one ever got his or her hands on such a luxury? Its unbelieveable!

  20. Wow! Bravo yiying!
    I totally agree with your comment!

    well,sorry for the little bit lateness.

  21. sorie arh, is seal a basketball player? Or something else?

  22. Joanne
    Haha there u go again..a feedback includes suggestions leh…As to whether u r good natured, let the public decide hor…Drawing a line is perhaps…not a nice word to use…severing ties…i shouldn’t watch u act anymore…? Huh?? Was i stirring gossip? But I must say, u’ve improved a little, cos I see u’ve sobered down a little. Good. Keep it up, young gal.

    Wonder if u’ll publish this? Hahaha…

  23. FYI Ron,

    U’re such a pain in the arse. whats up with u?

    I can infer from what u wrote; that u Think u’re nothing short of a saint. can u touch yr heart and swear that u’ve never took bad comments about u negatively? well, u probably can. because u have the false impression that u’re a saint so everything else said about u doesnt matter.

    just because Joanne Peh is a celebrity doesnt mean she’s free to be criticized by ppl like u. and what’s worst, she’s expect to smile and internalize the critcisms as though she owes u a living.

    Joanne’s holding a job as an actress (just like how u might be a working adult), albeit Joanne’s job requires her to responsible to e society. from what i see, she Is indeed a positive role model for her fans and s’poreans who know her.

    It’s not yr job to parent Joanne. if her blog is an eyesore to yr definition of a ‘perfect-being’. then help yrself by not reading. reckon Joanne doesnt mind she’s short of one blog reader.


  24. heidi is hotttt! 3+1kids & still looking like that hahahah. mexico is real sweeeet but but minus the swine flu pls!

  25. even if they have such a big pool, they wouldn’t be able to enjoy themselves. It’s difficult for famous people to have a private life. And the next minute, we’ll be seeing them in XXX all over the net.

  26. Hi Joanne,
    Your replies to those disturbing ppl is good. You got your individualism mindset to reshoot them, must always know how to protect yourself & as the same time not provoke them more. Its a good way to shut their mouth whenever you got your way to reply them. If they are really too much, dont bother them is a right thinking. * Thumbs UP! =p
    I know you will do your best with vim & vigor whenever in acting Or respond to the media.
    JiaYou Joanne!!
    By the way, I like your posting on Post SA. As let me know how is it like at the backstage after given away the award. You need to get interviewed by the media & in a short timing, also have to dress the 2nd attire nicely and return back to the seat. You wrote very detail in both languages. Xin Gu ni le ^-^ Thanks..
    Looking forward for your new entries..
    Have a Good day! (“0″,)”)

  27. 这么漂亮的照片,在哪里找到的?

  28. Haha.. i didn’t conjure the term ! 8days did..

  29. 请问你有QQ号吗

  30. Hi Joanne,
    Hi,nice 2 meet u! you r my Idol! May i knw wat country you like? is it Mexico?

  31. Dear Joanne

    I may not be a BIG fan of yours but sharing from an ordinary man ….

    NO NEED seriously to bother too much what others, like RON said …cos, life is just too short for us to be worn down by this and that …. we can’t be pleasing in the eyes of each and everyone….even the diplomats or world leaders …there’s bound to be some sheeps out there who are not white …haha
    we live conscientiously and be happy. that’s the basic principles of life…why do pple go around badmouthing others etc… it will bring negative karma too…if we dun like someone, just keep the feeling in us …

  32. 许久没看新加坡的电视剧了,可有天回家“度假”时无意间看了你演的《小娘惹》,我竟认不出是你,还问妈妈这演技那么好的新人是谁!哈!哈!哈!知道你入围了奖项,我就认为非你莫属了…所以你只要知道还是有很多人认可你就行了,我们不可能被所有人喜欢;也不可能取悦所有人。对于某些人的批评听听就好了…真有的缺点能改进就是自我增值;对于恶意的诋毁就当作是磨练心志!所有的流言蜚语都把它化为成就自己的力量!而诋毁你的人却什么也没获得呵!加油!^_^

  33. hey Ron
    Did u take a look at how many people had read her blog?u are making urself a fool.
    Thanks for creating jokes, its rather interesting.
    However, may i ask for ur occupation ? a crown?
    this is not a circus get ur arse back to ur stage.

  34. hi joanne,
    you is the most pretty and kind ppl in the world.

  35. Hello Joanne,
    Ur blog was so nice and simple.
    Indeed it is a jolly affair to visit ur blog.

  36. Hi Joanne, just wanted to tell you that you look spectacular whether “natural” or not and this is not anyone’s bloody business! It is a personal decision to improve one’s looks whether it is through cosmetic invasive or non invasive methods or by some other means…what Im saying is we only have ONE life. Please remember that and that we will all die someday…so do whatever that you feel like doing in this life and be HAPPY about it…I can truly imagine what you are going through as a celebrity much less myself a commoner…I myself had a little nip and tuck here and there and already some of my associates are speculating, gossiping and God knows what…but the thing is…I look great and I am very happy about it! I have never bothered about what people may or may not say mainly because I do not owe these idiots anything…so I won’t even dignify any of their crap with a response!!! Joanne, whatever it is, you look outstanding and thats it…PERIOD…Alot of people know that and are just plain jealous…As for me, I will tell you that I truly enjoy your shows and please take care. By the way, if you are indeed the one that replies in this blog, then I would say you do have another gift…you write the English language exceptionally well as you do in the Chinese language…look around you, not many Singaporeans are effectively bilingual much less able to hold his/her own in one language! Good job and you go girl!

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