Winning isn’t Everything.

Post Star Awards, I was working and meeting up with friends who were leaving. I haven’t got a chance to sit down and organise my thoughts or even let everything sink in.

Two days after the event, I had a long lunch with a friend and confessed to him that I don’t feel much different now and before. He gave me a knowing smile and said most people would expect some kind of response but I shouldn’t let that bother me too much. Be true to how you feel, this veteran said.

Honestly, I don’t really have an idea what I wanted to write in my post Star Awards entry. I had planned on writing a more coherent thank you speech, but realised the moment is over. Not that I am not grateful anymore, but I had pretty much said what I wanted to say that night, albeit in a very jumbled, disorganised manner. At least that was real! It’s almost like how when you’re acting, sometimes the first take is always the best, because the lines are still new, the emotions still raw, and the natural response most, well, natural. Repetitive takes would take the flavour out of the words. Some people liked the way I fumbled for the right words, others thought I could do better. My inexperience showed this time, but I promise I will learn in time.

I turned up for the awards with no expectations and was having fun with Gary’s (hairstylist from Passion) camera backstage. Sounds like fluff, but having missed out for two years consecutively, I no longer take anything for granted. Many people told me I’d get into Top 10 last year, after all, I did five dramas and even starred in the highest rated drama for that year, so they said, but I still ended up by myself in the front row when the Top 10 awards were given out. Disappointed, no, but boy was I embarrassed. I wished I was sitting next to someone. From then on, I learnt not to take what people say too seriously, because we really never know.

I only started to get the nerves just before the opening sequence. Perhaps it’s the words of encouragement from my colleagues or that knowing smile from a veteran that nagged at me to plan what I’m going to say should I win. And so I tried, but the bird and plane and magic tricks were so entertaining that I didn’t manage to move past the first line of thought. When the time came for the award presentation, my mind was in a mess. Part of me wondered what it’ll be like to hear my name, what I would say if I go on stage, but the other part convinced me that it can’t be possible, I was hopeful yet afraid, my mind going back and forth, my heart pounded with anticipation. Even when Ms Zhou’s lips formed the sound of my Chinese surname before Chiang-ge stopped her, I still didn’t want to believe it would happen. But it did. It was like someone yanked the plug in my brain. All the sounds faded and I went into auto mode. I knew I had to get up and go, and tried to buy time from the moment I stepped on the runway to receiving the award from Chiang-ge, so I could come up with something logical to say. Still I struggled. I searched the corners of my mind for words that normally come quickly, but they were jumping around with disbelief I couldn’t grasp hold of them. I rambled, worried I’d embarass myself by keeping silent, worried the alarm would come on and I would be rendered a mute, it was supposed to be a moment of joy and celebration but I was stressed. And I blanked out.

I never understood why winners at award shows always get so emotional. Now I do. It’s not easy at all.

Backstage, I was still in a zone. I never saw my stylist Jeremy grinned so wide before, he was always so cool, but this time he couldn’t contain his excitement. Daddy Ge Ping was backstage waiting for me with open arms, congratulating me and saying “Ger ger, see I told you.” I burst into tears because Daddy has always been there for me throughout the year. When everything didn’t seem to be in my favour, he still held so much belief in my potential, telling me to work hard. Then before I could get a grip of my emotions, my manager held my hand tight and told me to get ready to speak to the reporters outside. I panicked, I didn’t know what to say, I couldn’t get a hold of my bearing and I was still sniffing away. Emotions were running high and wild.

After the mini press meeting, Jeremy quickly pulled me upstairs to change into an outfit I never fitted for. I did as told and everyone was so flustered because the special guests were already giving out the Top Ten Most Popular Male Artistes. As I squeezed into the Hervé Léger bandage dress, I wasn’t even thinking I would have a chance to go on stage. Before I could remember what went through my head, I was already shuffled downstairs awaiting the presentation of Top Ten Most Popular Female Artistes. Then a calm sort of washed over me.

I know I was very lucky at this year’s awards. This journey I’ve taken hasn’t been easy and winning Best Actress is definitely a huge encouragement and boost of confidence.  While I received many many congratulatory messages, at the same time I am also aware that there are a group of dissenters who do not feel justified for my win. For whatever reason, most of it aren’t within my control. My work is what I hold a strong grip over. Winning Best Actress doesn’t mean I’m best, (nor do I think this will grant me any special status) and it certainly isn’t just because I work hard or had to eat bugs. Making drama is a team effort and everyone worked just as hard. I see the judges’ decision as a form of guidance, telling me that despite having tripped, fallen and hurt myself, I’ve managed to battle through the thicket and found the right path. I want to take this long journey, and I know there’s plenty of room for improvement and lessons to be learnt. But for now, I will not belittle myself just because of a few naysayers, because honestly, it was a difficult role and I shed my share of sweat and tears for it.

Barack Obama arrived at the White House with a resume that appeared short by presidential standards, there were many people who didn’t believe in him, held certain prejudices, prefer his rivals over him, and still do not like him now even though no one can change the fact that he is President of the United States; Carol Ann Duffy, recently appointed British poet laureate is equally subjected to prejudices against her gender and sexual orientation, and comments from random people that suggest she isn’t worthy of the job. But it hasn’t stopped her from doing what she is good at.

This is life. There are always two sides to a coin (unless you’re Joker) and words will remain as words. Let the actions speak for itself.

So I implore you to wait and see, give me a chance to let my work show.

I will work hard.

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  1. Hey girl..

    I’d have to say, I’m one of those who liked how you fumbled to find the right words, cause I feel, that was the real you, with your real emotions. Some say, oh they’re all actors, they know how to do it. But I can see and sense that you were truly fumbling to get your words right, and that your emotions were truly those of yours, heartfelt.

    You’re right, don’t belittle yourself because of a few naysayers. There will always be people who won’t change their opinion, even if the surrounding and circumstances have proven them wrong.

    The past 2 years at SA may not have been that great for you. But you know, they’re all in the past. Put the past behind, and look forward to the future. You can’t change your past, but you certainly can make a difference in your own future.

    So, jiayou okay? 🙂


  2. Hi Joanne,

    I totally agree with you in everything what u just said..”Winning Isn’t Everything”

    Your entry is quite long but still managed to read it all..

    We all,being the fan of you,for sure will give you a chance..So don’t worry..


  3. Hi Joanne,
    Thanks to post in English version. Hhmm… time pass day by day…. U have been involved in this industry since??? I really couldn’t recall. First, being a part-time actress during ur undergraduate was not easy, but u insisted to complete ur degree course no matter what, and yes.. u did it, even with a wonderful results that everyone envy of. Throughout these years, you gone through alot… there were high and low in your career….. but u insist…insist to continue and do even better….. and til today, i has got to say that your achievement in your career wasn’t just luck…. The moment the award presenters annouced your name, i really felt happy for you… got the feeling of 先苦后甜…….. haha!! I think you sure feel sick of those congratss greeting now…. Thanks for sharing your sincere thoughts……. Thanks to be what you are……..

  4. well said (:

  5. What was the tag – “Joanne vs Jeanette” for?

    • Hi J,

      In response to the ST Life article printed today. That was the title of the article 🙂


  6. u’re really good. being true to yourself is what really matters after all. so just keep on doing your thing. =)

  7. Hi Joanne,
    Wow…two long entries…but i enjoy reading them. =)
    Thanks for taking the time to update ur blog and sharing w us how u feel despite being so busy.

    I agree w what u said “sometimes the first take is always the best….. the natural response most, well, natural. Repetitive takes would take the flavour out of the words.”

    Sometimes when we want to have a second try and re-do everything, thinking it will be done better, it might not always be the case. Coz in this way we might have lost the most “natural” feeling and response. Hmm….

    Anw, looking forward to ur new drama. I believe in time to come, u’ll definitely be able to show and prove to the group of dissenters u deserve the award w ur hard work!
    Jia you!

    Btw, will u add me in facebook? heez =P

  8. hi,u knw actually it’s a very good thing that u have won the best actress awards.I think that those awards u’ve got can really inspire u right? U can be most anything if u put your mind to be. Good Luck mann!Cheers!

  9. Hi Joanne,

    Just wanted to say, this entry was a powerful, yet humble response to those who don’t believe in you.


  10. u’re really a smart peep,JOANNE!!love ya!!!

  11. Hello Joanne Peh,

    I am one of the audiences who watches your show, you have improved throughout the years and I really enjoyed seeing you acting as Yuzhu in “Little Nyonya”!

    Congrats to you for getting “Best Actress Award” and keep your good performance up in every dramas and everything you do!

    I agree with you that winning isn’t everything, so you have to keep on doing your best, I know you can do it, Jiayou!

  12. Hello, please don’t compare yourself with or drag Mr Obama and Miss Carol into it. Thanks.

  13. hi joanne

    i was here before the awards, congratulating u on your nomination

    and i am now here again congratulating you on your win =)


  14. Hi Joanne, not to worry abt ppl thinking tt u don’t deserve to win. I think U deserve the award!! I was expecting you to win!! Jiayou!!

  15. Still the very same old words… U can do it! Jiayou! =)

  16. Hi (:
    It’s okay to fumble for the right words as it shows that you’re trying to make the first time as wonderful as possible.

    Peace v

  17. two days ago when i went 4 dinner ,saw yr poster at the restuarant located at joo chiat area.

  18. u go girl….

    Support u oways!

  19. Hi Joanne,

    love ur two entries on the star awards…thanks for spending so much time to put them together. Jia You!

  20. Congrats on your win 🙂

    BTW, regarding the “2 sides of the coin” comment, you should refer to Two-Faced Harvey Dent, not the Joker. LOL


  21. congrats for winning , keep it up
    btw, are you attached now ? just wondering ? hehe

    • Hi Selena,

      Some fortune teller told me that for this year in order to soar to greater heights, it would be best not to settle down too soon. 😉

      Joanne 🙂

  22. Hi Joanne, i had read your two post talking about star award. I agree with you that winning isn’t everything. Your speech in the star award say you had love and passion in this job. Those words touched my heart. I believe you will surely had a bright future . I had faith in you. Your hard work definitely paid off. Don’t let those dissenters affect you. I will support you always. Lastly, do take care of yourself. Happy always ^_^

  23. “This is life. There are always two sides to a coin (unless you’re Joker) and words will remain as words. ”
    Joanne, you got it half right… Harvey “Two-Face” Dent is the one who makes decision by flipping his coin: show mercy by the shiny side, or gun down the person by the burnt side. As for the Joker, he just unleashes carnage without a care for himself or anyone around him, he doesnt even need a coin to decide what to do next.

    Anyway, I do understand how you felt when you won. Your acceptance speech may not be perfect (esp since you didnt expect to win), but I can really see the sincerity and gratitude within each and every second as you struggled to find the right words within such a short period. I can even spot you mouthing the words “oh my god” during the repeat telecast earlier today as you went forth to collect the award.

    All too often, we mistake the winners as ‘the best’ among the other nominees, but this is not always the case (take for example Fann’s Best Actress win in 1995, her win was met with mixed reviews due to her newbie status back then). Its more like a form of guidance and a boost of confidence like you said.

    Anyway Joanne, stay happy and positive no matter what happens. 😉

    • Hi Tanat and AtelierGal,

      Seems like there’s a bit of a misunderstanding.
      That is exactly what I meant, because Joker doesn’t even need a coin, that’s why there will always be two sides to a coin like Harvey Dent did with his. Unless u’re Joker. U know what I mean?

      😉 Joanne

      • Whoops I think I got what you meant, sorry bout that. I guess I was too engrossed with duality… :-p

  24. hi joanne

    congrats on your win! 🙂 i look forward to your future dramas. btw you look real hot in the hervé léger bandage dress haha 😀

  25. Hi

    Congrat, all which you have summarised of your heartfelt will cover all negatively mouths and thoughts. May I know which designer’s dress is it for your first outfit? Is it hermes?


  26. 读了你的感言。不错,很有感觉,有诚意。生命毕竟是为自己而活,没必要去在意旁人的眼光。说是容易,做是难。我也正在努力。薇秀,加油。

  27. the process is the most important.

    sometimes when things ended, time vanishes, and things are in a blur.

    Neways, like what u mention, life’s back to normal.
    But i could really feel your emotion and ‘in a whirl’ when u say your speech, and i think its very heartfelt and real.

    May the best continue to be with you. :))

  28. congratulations joanne! you deserved to win the award! anyway, 胜不骄,败不馁,把成功看成动力、鼓励,以取得更高的成就。^^

  29. Congrats. I read your post though is a long… 🙂 U deserve the Best Actress Award. U are superb! Well done. Work hard for the next coming year Star Awards. Remember to put in “xin”(heart) and “ai”(love) into all your shows! 🙂

  30. Alright, I, along with the rest of the dissenters, will wait and see what else you can do.

  31. jesuslovesalle


  32. jesuslovesalle

    i really enjoy reading your latest post, especially the last part. your writing is very good… the part about obama is awesome… we shouldnt let what others say determine our worth… jiayou!! 🙂

  33. full of shit.
    so fake can!
    you’re not the winner, you’re not everything.

    no matter what the media said, the last word still have had got to come from the audiences.

    many including myself and my whole family will always switch off tv show that has you. even for just 5 min we’ll still change the channel.
    cos your acting simply sucks can!
    (except TLN because it’s exceptional with all the good actresses/actors!)

    be more humble and stop being so arrogant. this is not only i said so. even the media also comment on this! get yourself or find the previous previous week uweekly if you havent read them! and it’s so true!

    i saw you the other time and smiled at you but you simply just shunted me away can!
    last time you wasnt like that! i saw you at mediacorp as i was working there you can still smile and say a hello!
    but recently i met you on the street your attitude totally changed.

    you can say you dont remember but that cant change the fact of anything.

    • Dear Whoever,

      I’m so sorry to hear that you have and your family have to change your viewing habits because of me. As for the article on U-weekly, I am actually in the midst of clarifying with the reporter. In fact, there is a misunderstanding and it’s got something to do with my change of mobile number.

      If you did smile at me and I shunted away, either my mind’s preoccupied, or I didn’t really see you. If you met me on the street and my attitude has totally changed I hope it’s not when you saw me filming on the street, because my character in the show is quite cold and usually I need to get myself into that mode before the camera roll, so I may not pay attention to the people walking around me.

      Sure I can’t change the fact of anything, neither can you, so why not sit back and enjoy MediaCorp productions instead of getting so personal?

      🙂 Joanne

    • if u dun like wat ppl acted…
      den pls come out and join media corp
      i reli m waiting 2 c how u act…
      mayb its more terrible..
      b4 criticizing ppl, pls 自我反省1st…
      scolding in ppl’s blog
      no manners + childish

  34. Hi Joanne,
    i saw your post talking about Star Award! After i read that very touch my heart…you write so good! The some picture that you post of Star Award very special and creative! you take with black and white,very fashion! May i know what camera you use? 🙂

  35. Congrats. We all know you deserve the Best Actress award.
    I like ur acting, you have improved alot.
    Waiting for your new series. Jia You!!!

  36. To Joanne,
    Oh my goodness I can’t believe u never tried on that black tube dress but yet it still looked totally smug on u. U can like wear anything & still look nice. I am jealous! muahaha.

    To Jo,
    In response to your comment (Hello, please don’t compare yourself with or drag Mr Obama and Miss Carol into it. Thanks.)

    Please la, Joanne Peh wasn’t trying to say she is at e same level with Obama & Carol Ann Duffy. She was just trying to reiterate her point that despite all the criticisms surrounding her, she still believes in herself & her ability to succeed. Self-confidence is always good for e soul. haha

    Anyway I believe that she will succeed too la.

  37. Hey Joanne:

    I get what you mean, because Joker isn’t looking for anything logical like money. He can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with.

    He just want to watch the world burn.


  38. JoannePeh_best

    Dear Joanne!

    My family and I are so happy when you won the Best Female Artist award, you deserve it! you acted really well. keep it up. my family votes didn’t go in vain. 🙂

    Joanne, your makeup is really stunning. can you please let us know what are the makeup brand the stylist use during the awards? what type of makeup normally use by makeup artist and how about your daily life?

    do you have any holy grail of makeup to share with us?

    look great, always Joanne!

  39. congrats!
    i miss the awards…..
    i got the updates while i was in korea ..
    woot happy for u.

  40. CONGRATS!!!! 🙂 I’m so glad you won!

  41. hi there,

    feel so sad and bad after reading this part of what you wrote:-

    hope it wasn’t what i once said that make you feel this way (haha…as if i am so important but sincerely and from the bottom of my heart i really meant well.)

    as i mention in my email (abt one year ago) because i know you can do better and felt that you should excel so somehow my expectation for you will be higher than others that’s why i wrote that email.

    well, if you have forgotten (should have) perhaps it might not be a bad thing especailly after reading your thoughts, hmm…really hope i didn’t hit your confident at that point of time because i really meant well.

    anyway, yes i am waiting to see even better work by you.


  42. Chew Yeok Peng

    Hi Joanne,

    Congrats to your star awards.

    I guess you have least expected it, for the moment I see u go on stage for the thank you speech, u r jumbled up in your thank u speech. 🙂 U forgot to thank your fans and the fan club for supporting u 🙂 Dun worry, it is natural to forget when u r caught unaware. Just work hard for the next year okie? I will still silently support u always.

    Yoke Peng

  43. Those who just want to come here and badmouth, are pretty senseless/clueless.

    Does it means one don’t smile at you, he/she is fake or arrogant? It is just not practical for these artistes to put up smiles each time they are out there…even you can’t yourself can do it, that’s being human (not a plastic-smile-robot). Is just one incident enough to define how their character is? My point is: be more open-minded.

    Joanne is not my most favourite artiste, but I do recognise her hardworkness, and going beyond criticisms. To others, she may not be the best in acting (“Best” is not that straight-cut), but this nomination of hers is the best out of her previous shows – therefore very deserving. From a beauty pageant to an acting queen, not many can do it, especially in Singapore. Look at our past candidates from beauty pageants, how many actually survived in this ever-changing industry? Without a balance between handling media and acting to their best potential when given opportunities, it is very hard, and not just not being lucky. (especially when people already judge you as “a beauty without brains”).

    Having said the above, I hope Joanne continue to improve in her acting skills and build up her portfolio. Remain humble is the most important skill that will make you go far, as acting is not just a solo effort, but support from many people (internally and externally). All the best!

  44. congratulations and keep up the good work Joanne! 🙂 and gosh you write beautifully! looking forward to seeing more of your shows on tv 🙂

  45. i say you deserved the awards this year, joanne!

    jiayou! 🙂

  46. Jo, your bangles that you wore with your second dress.. Where were they from? 🙂

  47. Hi, no hard feelings but I thought Fann Wong should have won Best Actress. She’s more pro-active in her role for ‘The Defining Moment’.

    I’m not critisizing on how you acted but as compared to Fann Wong, her performance came across as one that was unforgettable.

    Especially for her crying scenes, she did them well, she did them effortless-ly. This, is something not any other artiste is capable of.

    I really don’t know why and how can there be reporters as part of the judging panel. Anyways, this is already over and we can’t do anything about it.

    So nonetheless, not everybody loves an idol of many. Thanks!

    • Dear Jake,

      No hard feelings taken. 🙂 Btw, ur name reminds me of someone very important in my life. Sweet 🙂

      • For this, I think you are a really hardworking artiste. Still manage to fork out time to interact with e public despite ur hectic schedule!

        Anyways, looking forward to better productions (if not, as good as TLN) involving you in the future!

        P/S: Any ideas on who’s in the year-end blockbuster?

  48. You deserved the award! You did very well in the series! Jiayou!

  49. Hey Joanne!

    It’s my first time commenting over here. If this was a facebook entry, I would have click on that Like button. First of all, Congratulations on the wins. I thought you deserved it a lot. Whatever is it that we do, we are constantly under scrutiny. So, do not let the negativity and the words of the media get onto you.

    Continue working hard and you can do it. 🙂

  50. nice! i like how you mentioned that it’s not about the bug eating. i think you’re very realistic and down-to-earth about your victory. and congratulations!

  51. as long you believed in urself and know that you have done ur really best,u can just ignore what others day they will see themselves. :)))

  52. Hey Joanne, may I know if you had breast augmentation like what the newpapers claimed? Or you have menstruation everyday? Even physicians said it is impossible. Will you clarify more here?

    I really used to like you in the past (especially your Meng Zai Shou Li) you look so sweet and demure there.

    Work harder!

  53. 论外貌,她比你美,论经验,她比你多,论演技,她比你好,为什么你凭一个“疯婆子”就能打败她?很纳闷~不是我要说,只是觉得这个对欧萱不公平,她打拼了这么久,最佳女主角却落在你这个新人的手上!也许,你太幸运了!

    • beauty is in d eye of beholder…
      i think wat u said here is definitely unfair 2 joanna peh lorh…
      if u reli think joanna doesnt deserve 2 win this award…
      y dun u go n act her role and c…
      no hard feeling..
      juz feeling tat u shud accept wat d mediacorp had decided…
      and oso btw…
      joanna reli acts well in her role…
      her acting is improving…
      tats wat i can c… jyjy^^

  54. fret not, you’ve proven yourself and got the cut in acting. even if you decide to leave this industry one day, consider being a writer.
    a well-written entry!

  55. Joanne_Peh Best - Now not sure

    Hi Joanne

    Are you not comfortable to answer the question i posted? my family and i would like to know your trusted and HG makeup brand. frankly at least let us know your thoughts then no answers, no response and yet air my question. of course we believe you would truly appreciate being acknowledged too if you were in our shoes.

    if not, we are not just disappointed but also disappointed our voting money and support for you is done on a TCS artist who ignore.

    • dear Joanne_Peh Best – Now not sure,

      Joanne did mentioned in her older entry that she prefer natural skin care products and she doesn’t really like to put on heavy makeup, oh ya, she prefer mineral foundation if i’m not mistaken. Hope you understand, artists might have their difficulties, they might carry some status as spokeperson or ambassador and there might be some boundary in disclosure. In this case, i think it wasn’t Joanne unwilling to share with you but might be due to inconvenient to answer you here. For better idea is to seek advice from the experts and understand your skin deeply, i think this is the best solution ever right? Hehe….

      No hard feeling ya. Cheers…

  56. Good thinking. Nice Entry. Work hard.

  57. Hi, I’m glad you are not easily beaten by the comments whether good or bad. You really did a good job in this “Yuzhu” role, and indeed, I’m sure many could see you improve bit by bit as time went by. That’s for being humble and hardworking, you’ve definitely got a promising future ahead. Hopefully, the comparisons would die down.

    Great job and I am simply captivated by your sincere and meaningful entries. 🙂

  58. 致 lemon tea 论外貌,论经验,论演技,我觉得白薇秀更胜一筹,身材高挑穿起任何款式的服装都非常高贵大方。早报娱记曾在小娘惹播完后,从读者热线中统计出观众对剧里主要演员的演技,观从对白薇秀演技褒多于贬,反之第一女主角恰好相反。“演疯子需要一流的演技,如果无法译释好这样的角色,也不可能得奖“ — 这是今天早报热线观众反映的。单凭运气就能拿下最佳女主角?请尊重评审专业的眼光 !



  59. 拜托,我不是要偏袒欧萱,也不是对薇秀有偏见,更不是要拿来做比较,只是觉得这很不可思议!说真的,我不觉得薇秀的演技有进步。论气质、美貌,文芳、欧萱、靓萱才算是美女。经验?更不用说!其他入围者的演戏经验比她多很多。总之,幸运占了90%。白薇秀,我觉得不管你做什么,都受到眷顾,包括能够当明星。所以,要知道,人不是永远都幸运的,继续努力吧!期待你更好的演出!(我知道我说的话很难听,但我不喜欢拐弯抹角,所以我把我的想法坦白的说出来。如果你读了不舒服,对不起啊!)

    • 我不介意,你有你的审美观啊!哇。。。我没你说得那么幸运,哈哈,或许你不清楚我的事业经历吧,我也无所谓,反正戏还是会照拍,努力一定会的。无论什么行业都一样。:)

  60. To:lemon tea….


  61. jiayou. for your last sentence, jiayou.

  62. Hi joanne peh,

    Let me start off by congratulating you on your winning.

    I believe that the strongest opponent is you yourself. Therefore, I do not make any comparisons of your acting skills with any other actresses. I viewed this, entirely based on your performance in the different drama series productions. It is undeniably that your performance is not appalling to me, my friends and many people out there.

    As you have mentioned in the post that winning is not everything, I presume winning is nothing as well. It does not mean that winning an award is equivalent to good performance. The question of whether you deserve this award is mostly based on political issues.

    In my opinion, this award does not do any justice.


  63. to 佩琪, 对不起,把你的偶像说成这样,让你气愤了。其实,我是一个有话直说的人,我认为薇秀还有进步的空间,给她批评,至少让她知道哪里应该改进。你可以批评我,没关系,因为我长到这样,还没受到批评,只有赞美,我不认为我是一个完美的人,但我不知道为什么大家老是赞美我,也许千金小姐是要受这样的命吧!

  64. i saw you once too, but i think at that time you are pretty pre-occupied with your own thoughts.
    so, i didn’t dare to greet you. ;P
    but, i really want to say hi. lol! maybe next time, when i am around. 😉
    anyway, just drop by to say, all the best.
    love your shows and keep up the good work, Joanne!

    ps. don’t listen too much, just do your things.
    will always support you!

  65. to:lemon tea…..


  66. 只想跟你说…
    期待你的新戏 =)

  67. well, at the end of the day, it’s a matter of enjoying what you do Joanne. 5… 10… 20 yrs down the road, people may not even remember that you had once won the Best Actress award in 2009 Star Awards.. but only you will treasure the adrenaline effect and wonderful memories of that moment, that very night at the awards presentation. what I mean is, it’s a personal achievement (with team effort of the entire production crew) that boost your morale and confidence to do better going forward! right? =) nobody knows what lies ahead in the future… which is why, winning isn’t everything. it’s more like an appreciation and a strong motivation from the audience and the company, like in other jobs. of course, showbiz is somewhat different in its own ways.. 满招损,谦受益。加油!:)

    to the naysayers who criticized, do think twice before you pin someone down. your negative comments are equivalent to nasty remarks from your bosses or clients who do not appreciate your work and contributions. or worse, people who do not understand your job scope and experiences well enough, yet try to act like know-hows and criticize your performance like it’s not even worth a cent. lol… 己所不欲勿施于人。

  68. 🙂 We love you for being so humble and willing to learn from your mistakes, dear. xD

    Work hard for the next award! 😀

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