Birthday Celebrations!

昨天的生日过得很写意,好像放假一样。本来想好好的享受3个小时的spa,没想到竟然fully booked。也难怪啦,因为是星期六。结果我吃了健康早餐,上健身院,然后看了一场电影,就回家和家人吃饭。没有什么特别的庆祝,能一块吃饭还算是福气。收到很多朋友,同事通过电话,简讯,电邮,博客,facebook 和 twitter 的生日祝福,还有为今晚的《红星大奖》给我加油,谢谢你们有我的心。

I took a mini vacation on my birthday, thinking that I could enjoy a 3 hour spa, but it was fully booked. Oh well, I should have known it’s a Saturday! So I woke up, had a healthy breakfast, went to the gym, watched The International and went home to have dinner with my family. It was simple fare, because I’ve had quite a number of celebrations for me in the past week (thank you all very much!). I received many birthday wishes through phonecalls, sms, emails, blog comments, facebook and twitter as well as friends and colleagues who were wishing me best of luck for tonight, thank you all for the encouragement.

说道庆祝生日,早早就和Jollity fanclub 的朋友一起庆祝。他们也为我准备了蛋糕和礼物,谢谢你们破费了。

Speaking of birthday celebrations, Jollity fanclub organised one for me quite early in April. Thanks so much to the committee members who put this together at such short notice. I had a really great time!

Jollity fans with me at Bottle Tree Park

Jollity fans with me at Bottle Tree Park

Chocolate birthday cake!

Chocolate birthday cake!

Birthday wishes from everyone

Birthday wishes from everyone

Birthday presents!!

Birthday presents!!

让我最惊喜的应该是我在拍 《当公主遇上王子》的时候,剧组给我准备的蛋糕。原来大家都预先知道的,只有我懵懵懂懂,不知道什么一回事,还好这一切被许振荣拍下来了。

The biggest surprise came when I was filming Princess and Prince. Everyone knew about it except me, cos’ I was so blur! Dasmond Koh had it all captured on video using my camera. Haha! 🙂


The 5kg chocolate birthday cake!

The 5kg chocolate birthday cake!

Everyone at the birthday party organised for me.

Everyone at the birthday party organised for me.


Whatever the results tonight, I know I have the support from many of you and it can only be my privilege.

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  1. Wowww~~ U had plenty of great bday celebrations! Wish u all the best tonite~~~~ Support u always~~

  2. Best wishes for 2nite event!

    and ur 2 pony tail very cute leh!:)

  4. Wow…. 5kg huh… Thats alot of chocolate 😀 Well you got exactly what you wished for; a chocolate cake! :DD Happy Belated Birthday Joanne, I’ll be rooting for you tonight. If you win, it’ll be a really good birthday present, haha. All the best (:

  5. Arghhh..joanne,so shweet..ohmygoshz..i am so excited abt star awards..hahas..nobody posted,and i am the first one who posted!hAHAS..Whatever the results for tonite,i still believe you and i love you!!JIAYOU!Hope you can win!^^

  6. Hello joanne,
    Happy belated birthday to you.=)Hope you will win this year’s star award.Supporting you always!Jia you!:)

  7. happy birthday joanne 🙂 all the best wishes to you and good luck for star awards! be the glam-mest one on that night

  8. jiayou for tonight joanne!
    no worries about the top 10 rankings.
    cos to us, you’re already the best (:
    good luck for the best female actress award!!!
    and, happy belated birthday (:
    its been quite a while since i visited.
    remember me still? (:

  9. Glad you had a great birthday celebration… acutally should say birthday celebrationS!! 🙂
    Star Awards in one and a half hours, so excited!

  10. 生日快樂,事事順利 =)

  11. happy belated birthday joanne! bon anniversare! enjoy your 25! ^^

  12. Congrats Joanne! I think the Best Actress award must be the best birthday present for you this year! Jiayou!

  13. Congrats!! Best actress!! You hard work really paid off!! Joanne, must keep going. Supporting you forever!

  14. Congratulation on your win!

  15. while watching e HongXingDaJiang…congrat …u get the bessssst..

  16. OMGAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Congrats to you Joanne on winning the best actress award 2009! :DDD

    Finally!! finally! (are you the youngest actress to win best actress ever? i think you are! XD) Since entering the media circle (via Miss Singapore Competition); and your early minor roles in dramas, and your many ads, and then u continue your studies, and your works of a reporter/photographer….etc etc!
    There is a next level for you now joanne~
    AWWW. i’m so delighted!!!

    May you soar greater heights and create more breakthrough performances!

    Congrats to you Joanne!
    And to all those who play a part in your life; they will be so proud of you. :))

    • hey, joanne is not the youngest actress to win the best actress award. i know fann wong won it when she was 24 hahas. not sure if there is anyone even younger to win this award though lol. but am still super happy for joanne!
      she is great (:

  17. Yeah!!!! Baiiii….WEEEEEEIIIII…..QQQQQQQQ

    You won the Best Actress Award!

    Well done!


  19. Joanne!

    Finally u got ur Best Birthday present! Best Actress Award!!!

    Knew u will make it!!! Keep up the good work!



  20. Congratulations on your win Joanne! Your performance in Little Nyonya was brilliant. You deserve to win (^___^*)

  21. ^___^…jia you…congrats for the prizes that you got just now…^___^…

    i was shouting your name to the TV alot of times a moment ago…haha^___^

    hope to spot you on TV more…*all the best*…*smile*…:p

  22. JOANNEJIE! 😀

    Congrats! 2 in 1 this year 😀 I think you really deserved the award! 😀 Jiayou! Hwaiting!^^

    Love kimberly x

  23. Congrats on Best Actress and Most Popular Actress!

  24. hi i think you’re really pretty!

  25. SORRY…i mean awards^____^…congrats again

  26. congrats on winning 2 awards in star awards 09!

    best wishes..

  27. Congratulations for winning Top 10 too!!! Haha… Double happiness… May your efforts continue to be recognized by both the company as well as the audience.

  28. CONGRATS!!! 😀
    really happy for you!
    awesome babe!
    all th best …
    LOVE YOU. 🙂

  29. Joanne , you win a place in Top 10!

    310 votes was earlier given to you in April 2009!

    Cheers ! Baiiii….Weeeeeiiiii….QQQQQQ!


    jia you,

  31. Hey tribal woman, congrats for getting the award! And Happy bdae to you! Cant really go and celebrate ur bdae, still preparing for exams! =S Jiayou!

  32. Dear Joanne

    Congratulation to you of getting the “最佳女主角” & “最受歡迎女藝人”^^

    Keep it up!!! >.<


  33. happy belated birthday joanne.
    Saw you on the awards program… U look amazing.
    Congrats on getting the award too!:)

  34. congrats to joanne for getting the best actress award!

    and you look v pretty tonight too!

  35. heya joanne…congratulations that your big win at Star Awards…think this is a very good birthday gift for you as well…keep up the good work and jiayou…hope to see more good productions in the near future…btw…happie belated birthday too 😉

  36. Happy birthday to you!!!

  37. Hi joanne! Congrats for getting the best actress, top 10 and the i weekly awards! I was so happy for you! And you look pretty tonight! Congrats once again! And continue to work hard oh!

    Support you always ! 🙂

  38. and a happy belated birthday! This should be your best present ever i guess?

  39. first time leaving a comment here, congrats for the win! you looked really gorgeous 🙂

  40. 恭喜获得最佳女主角和10大~

  41. congratulations!!! it’s great to see that you get your well deserved recognition! really happy for you too! 真金不怕火炼! jiayou!!

  42. Happy birthday Joanne! My birthday is exactly a month before yours. ヽ(;´ω`)ノ

    Ur chocolate cake looks yummy… o(^▽^)o
    I love chocolate cake & strawberry shortcake! Hmm…

    Congratulations for ur hardwork paid off!
    ( ; ^ _ ^ A I feel very happy for u!

    U r a young ‘Ying Hou’! Woo! ( ^ ε ^ ) ♪

  43. congrats, joanne!

  44. Congratulations, Joanne. You’ve got the Best Actress award and one of the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes. Maybe it’s your best birthday present. Cheer up, and go on trying your best to play more popular and outstanding roles.

  45. Hi Joanne, happy belated birthday to you. And congratulations! You are a big winner in Star Awards and you look great too1

  46. WoW~~~ Great one Joanne~~~ Double awards this year……. Finally, your hard work is paid off………… How do you feel? I bet u sure cant fall asleep tonite…. Congrates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I would love to see you more and more on screen………………..

  47. Congratulations Joanne!
    Believe its indeed the Best Belated Birthday present for u this year yea?

    Not only double-winner but Triple!
    Haha. U deserve it.
    More choc cakes for ur post-celebration for ur achievements? haha.

  48. Hello Joanne Jie

    glad u got a nice bday!
    And . . .


    I was so happy when i saw online Best Actress: Joanne Peh!
    I just cried! So Happy for you!
    U beat all the favorite!

    I have one month no internet 😦
    so i’m not able to read ur blog for a time
    and hope if i got internet i surely read ur blog as first!

    keep supporting u !!
    Your fan from The Netherlands

    xx MooN

  49. Happy Birthday and congratulation for winning the star awards. The awards will be your best present.

  50. congratulation. The international nice anot , if not nice i dun watch hahaha.

  51. glad tt u enjoy ur bday celebration =)..n the vid of u tt dasmond took is super cute..hehe…

  52. Congratulations on your win!:)
    Will you be posting up photos? I can’t wait, once again, congratulations!!!!

  53. hi~

    hmm..ur bday celebration seems nice..wish i could b there too..

    Anyway, jus wanna congrats~ u for been a best actress and in top 10! I really think u deserved it..and oh ya, well..u looks pretty and fashionable..u realli work the dress out isnt?

    Well, take care and hope to see more of ur in watever upcoming dramas or shows..I know you can do it..


  54. Hello Joanne,
    Congratulations to you for receiving the star awards 2009 best ladies actress. Did not manage to watch it as i was working. Heard from a friend and was so happy for you. Believe that this is gonna be a best birthday present for you this year. In the show the 小娘惹 itself i really like the way you acted. The character of 玉珠 really touch my heart. It was really very nice. Really hope to see you with more new upcoming shows. Will be supporting your shows always. And happy birthday to you. Best wishes to you. =)

  55. yoyoyo…….. u c u got wat u wish 4 right so happy 4 u leh hahaha 🙂 zhezhendeshiruyuanyichang

  56. Wish I could be there……..

  57. hi there, congratulation! but do keep in mind to keep improving on your acting skill.

  58. heyys joanne!
    congrats on winning the best actress award! at first, i tot it would be jeanette… haa. but i think ue totally deserve it for all yr hardwork. hope ue win many many many awards next year! ^^ woo hoo! ue rock! must jyjyjyjyjyjyjyjyjyjyjyjy!!!! i’ll be supporting ue alllll the wayyy!!!!!!

  59. 看了昨天的红星大奖,真的和我们预期一样,你拿到最佳女主角,很为你开心,继续加油!昨天的打扮非常好看,我老公说你身材好好噢!

  60. Chew Yeok Peng

    Dear Joanne,


    I cannot be there during your birthday party due to certain things in my life, that I need to sort out. But nevertheless, you deserve the honor for the hard work you have put in, not only 小娘惹. For I think what needs to be a best actress or actor is you need to act with true feelings (heart and soul) in the character, so as to bring him/her to life, and not just a story or fiction. It needs to be felt real! And another thing is to do his/her very best consistently in every show. And I believe you have achieved that.


  61. O-zaki Simizutoro

    Hi Joanne,

    u finally win the star award yesterday cause i have call your star award number.

    By the way i know these actress sure get the star award 2009 eg. like Rui En, Felicia Chin, Joanne Peh and the guy is 715 and da yang tian.

    Huang hui and zheng ke ping is the dark horse and also can get the star award with

  62. Hi Joanne,

    I have been really silent for a few months already, so I thought I’ll comment here again. Remember me? (ahGOU.) :S
    Haha omg I never knew I had such a senseless name -.-


    Congrats on Best Actress and Top 10!
    My 26 votes were not alot compared to the other jolliteers, but hopefully, it was good enough a birthday present for you. Well you see I’m still quite underage and if my phone bill exceeds $100, I’m pretty much dead X:

    Though I’m pretty busy these few months, do know that I’ll always support you 🙂

  63. hello omg congrats!:D so happy for you, well deserved award because i think you totally pulled it off in the show! must be one of the youngest awardees of the main female lead!

    P.S: i realllyyyyy like your second tube dress.

  64. 恭喜白薇秀姐姐!!
    好开心你拿到best actress!


  66. hey happy belated birthday! by the way congrats for your awards in star awards! your efforts are definitely recognised 😀

  67. Hi Joanne Peh

    Yesterday watch 红星大奖. I so happy 2 c u get the 女主角 n the 十大. Since i had c u updated your blog.. U really have a wonderful birthday celebration… Anyway wish 2 c more update n upcoming show!!!!

  68. Wow, how come all group pic of Jollity, dun have all in? Where is Committee? Haha.. Very unfair loh…Onli put some of fans.. Haha.. Rina, someone never put our pictures..We want to cry lah…

  69. Hi Joanne

    Congrats ….. u r now New Ah-Jie, cheers!!!

  70. hello,

    congrats on your 3 awards last night!!

    You were definitely the brightest star last night.


  71. joanne, did u or did you not do plastic surgery on ur boobs? answer truthfully. this is the only thing preventing me from supporting you, cause I have been thinking that you lied when you say you did not.

    • Dear El,

      I guess it depends on whether you choose to believe what u read from my personal blog, interactions with people on the various social networking platforms, or from sensationalised reports by people who do not know me. I don’t think it’s necessary for me to reiterate the truth any further.

      Feel free to check back on my entries to gain a better idea of who I am and whatever you choose to believe, I appreciate you coming here and sharing your views.


    • This is very interesting, cause I made a discovery.

      At 842pm, from Paul Chan’s blog, you posted words like “got boobs but no face for wad nia. see liao want to puke.” & ” i see joanne i keep thinking abt her fake boobs very disgusting lol wan to puke.”

      Then at 855pm, you came here and posted your comment (as seen from above).

      Don’t you find yourself very contradicting?

      1) For one, I am very sure that if a person was to be about to support someone, the person wouldn’t say that he/she want to puke if he/she sees that someone. In fact, a person would be more than elated, isn’t it?

      2) You said seeing Joanne makes you think of her fake boobs which are very disgusting and makes you wanna puke. From that line, it’s evident enough to show that you already have an answer in mind whether as to Joanne did it or not, so why are you coming here to ask her to answer you truthfully? Even if Joanne says that she didn’t, you still wouldn’t believe her, because you already have a fixed answer in your mind.

      • Oh, and I won’t be replying anymore after I said my piece. Cause afterall, this is Joanne’s blog, and I’m gonna respect her & her blog. 🙂

    • El, you can always choose not to comment. It was greatly insensitive and rude for you to ask such a question.

  72. jaslynsunshine

    Joanne! 😀
    im so proud of youuuu~
    & u really deserve the star awards.
    u really acted very well.
    am happy for you! 😀
    continue to JIAYOU!


  74. congrats…

  75. Congrats Joanne on getting Best Actress! And you definitely looked the part. You looked like a goddess 🙂 Jiayou!

  76. hey joanne first time commenting, but i have been your fan since the time when u acted in destiny which was in 2005! just wanna wish u a happy belated bday and congrats on u being the big winner for last night’s award show! i was really proud of u and i really think that u are a brillant and a beautiful actress!

    u are really versatile, i mean u are able to handle so many different roles such as being a tom boy in like father like daughter and the next moment becoming a gentle gal like yuzhu in little nyonya! so i just wanna say u totally deserve this award! seeing your hard work has paid off has also encourage me further not to give up in anything despite of the many obstacles that i would face! this is a really long entry, so to keep the long story short, I REALLY REALLY LIKED U AS AN ACTRESS! JIA YOU 😀

  77. El, I dun like the way, u wrote to Joanne (joanne, did u or did you not do plastic surgery on ur boobs? answer truthfully. this is the only thing preventing me from supporting you, cause I have been thinking that you lied when you say you did not.)

    if internert ppl, forum or ppl said or newspaper write anything bad abt Joanne.. And if u all choice to believe it what, then u all are a blind eyes & blind ears ppl.. Have u all know Joanne charcter well? Have u all know her well? Have she never liars to u? I believe that she had never liars to anyone b4.. Or even she had never change b4.. She still the Joanne, we all knoe..

    Let say, when u in teenage, ur look is so ugly, then when u grow older, did ur looks change & become more pretty? So, when ppl suddenly say hey u become pretty? R u do plastic surgery ? Then, u keep told them, u never do.. Willl they believe u ? No, right? So, same.. It is still the same e.g..

    And if cos of this case, u choice to preventing from supporting Joanne, cause U have been thinking that Joanne lied when she say she did not.Then, I can tell u that, those words may hurt Joanne.. So, I think u shall better think twice b4 u said anything of Joanne or anyone else.. And also find out the truth 1st..

  78. hey Joanne it’s been a long time since i last saw you 😦 anyway wow it was super super great awesome incredibly good news that you won Best Actress AND top 10 last night. it sure had been a big night for you!

    kudos to the efforts you’ve put in and allowing us to see your burning passion in all your shows 😀 I really enjoyed them.

    I’ll always support youuu all the wayyy. lots and lots of love ❤

  79. Hi joanne,
    Happy belated BDAY!!!!=D..HAHAs…congrats for winning the best actress award!! and u looked really pretty and gorgeous that night!….HAHAs..can i ask u if u were really shocked when u heard that you won the best actress award?.. and how did u feel???

    ur dearest fan

  80. Congratulations!!!!!!
    Nice outfits!!!!!
    Jia you!Jia You!

  81. Hi, I was really very very surprised that you had won the best actress awards last night..congrats..that was really a very impressive moment for me last night when I was celebrating my birthday with my relatives.I have made one of the wishes that hoping u could get the best actress awards,and eventually u really got it.haha.I know u can make it.keep up the good work.all the best!!

  82. You don't need to know

    Sorry no offence but I don’t think you deserve to get the award. You can read the comments from Paul’s blog (including those from China). Are you even the lead actress??? What is the definition of ‘lead’? I don’t get it. Do you even feel happy to get the award? It seemed like you weren’t shocked to get the award at all from your facial expression and getting dressed up so nicely yesterday. With Jeanette being dressed up so ugly so that she wouldn’t steal the limelight.

  83. JOANNE congrats, i must say u deserve the awardS!!! all the best =))

  84. hello jiejie~do u still remember me??tingting sister…i know u at haig road basketball tay bing hui wan….erm but i think u forget me le la..but never mind…just wish u a happy belated brithday…all the best to u…and gong xi ni ar…yup..erm jie jie i wish u will send me a email..i wish to share something with u and ask u for a small help from u..wish u will emaill me…(=..i will be waiting for ur mail de…jiejie jia you hor…(=

    will be waiting~!

  85. Proud of being your fansssSSS~
    How do you feel now? Still feeling excited???

  86. congrats on your winning
    all the actors and actresses who received awards all certainly deserve it. the amount of effort put in is not what everyone can see. the negative review sometimes overshadow it.
    i wish you well in your acting career and a happy belated birthday.

  87. Once again I wanna congratulate you on your double win, Joanne!! It must have certainly be a great honor for you to be the first of the 7 Princesses to bag the Best Actress award! 🙂

  88. Dear El,

    There’s natural hormones, bust firming creams and massages, pills and cookies for bust enhancement, hormone pills, wonder-miracle-push-up-nu bras and of course, the apparent all-time favourite plastic surgery. Here’s some possible options for you to consider, it’s ur call what you think it is. 🙂 When I first entered the industry, I begin to understand my body from all the different clothings, hairstyles, make-up that I’ve tried, some more disastrous than others. I now know what flatters me, what doesn’t, and how to wear the outfits rather than let them wear me.

    I have a question for you though: Do you support your favourite celebrity because of the way they look or because of the work they produce?


  89. Dear Joey

    Sorry, I was rushing to put up the entry before going for SA rehearsal on Sunday so made a boo-boo. Sorry sorry, you all know how much what you’ve all done mean to me, I do appreciate the continuous support since I started out right after the pageant. Nothing’s going to change that. 🙂


    • Dear Joanne,

      Haha.. Just kidding lah.. U think I so petty meh? I just say say, angry 1 or 2 days, I ok lah. U still dun know me well meh…

      I know u appreciate what we had done for u.. I know. I can see it.. I not blind, I not deaf…

      I will still con’t to support u till the end.. Until I leave this world.. Haha… Nothing going to change from my heart..

  90. Dear Germaine,

    Got ur letter. Thank you!


  91. Dear Jan,

    Thanks for the note on Sunday. 🙂


    • You’re welcome. 😉 I hope you liked it, cos it was pretty rushed out and wasn’t that nice. Anyway, I still have something for you which is overdue. You think it’ll be a good idea if I send it over to MDC to you through that address you put up? With registered mail, that is, ‘cos I’m afraid it’ll get lost or something. And I sure wouldn’t want that to happen.

      • Dear Jan,

        I think it should be quite alright. i do receive the mail that people send me through the address given.
        Thanks a lot!

        Joanne 🙂

  92. Dear Rina,

    Thanks for being so understanding on Sunday, knowing I had to rush off and helping organise the photo-taking. Much much appreciated. 🙂


  93. Dear all,

    Thank you so much for the congratulatory messages and well-wishes, I am not able to reply each and everyone of your messages but I do appreciate them all from the bottom of my heart. I am trying to put together an entry but would definitely need some time. Stay tuned. 🙂


  94. Congrats to you! Win big at Star Award 2009!
    Continue Jia you wor!!!

  95. Dear you-don’t-need-to-know,

    I think the category is “Best Actress” not “Best Lead Actress”. U might want to get that right first. Well, thank you for thinking my dress was nice and that I got up nicely, I wouldn’t have want to make a fool of myself on such a big show. Haha, would you?

    It’s done out of respect for the awards plus of course I was lucky to have a veteran stylist pick my wardrobe that night.

    Well, watch my eyes when you watch Little Nyonya again.

    And perhaps it’s because I don’t have to wear “shock” on my face (when my name was announced) to be shocked, that made me a winner for that category. I will continue to strive for depth and what lies beneath in every character I play henceforth.


  96. Hi 薇秀,恭喜妳,获奖了,希望妳的演技越来越纯熟和更进一步,再一次恭喜妳.

  97. Hi Joanne, really congratulate you on winning the precious 2 awards this yr’09! You look very pretty in those 2 dresses! This gotta be your most significance presents hee.. U are the Best!! Your hard work really paid off*
    Despite all the negative comments or reports on you, Joanne Must not Give Up! i know all include me will support you throughout all obstacles~ By the way i wish you find your right one sooner, Hope he will treat you nice nice, dont bully you keke.
    Jia You wor Joanne!! ^-^(“)*

  98. To: You don’t need to know,

    After reading your comments on Joanne for Star Awards, I am quite certain you are Paul or Jeannette’s fan. Well it is not wrong to support your idol when things don’t turn good for them. Everyone has freedom of speech.

    As Joanne’s fan, I think she deserve best actress award. She has put in a lot of effort in creating “yu zhu” this role. And you must admit, she can play more roles than anyone in 7 Princess.

    As for her dress, I think you are even more ridiculous. Overseas TV awards like those in HK and Taiwan, I bet you didn’t watch. Their celebrities can even dress much better than in Singapore. I don’t blame Singapore celebrities too as Singaporeans are still very conservative.

    To dress well is to look good regardless you win any awards or not. Are you man or woman? If you are a woman, you will also want to look good when you go out with friends. What is wrong? And even if you think Jeanette’s dressing is ugly, it has nothing to do with Joanne. It is she who wants to wear the ugly dress, no one force her right?

    And lastly for what you said she didn’t look shocked and asked her not to pretend. You didn’t read papers too right? Joanne was bombarded with comments that she forgot what she was going to say. If she was well prepared, then why didn’t she remember what she wants to say? Please explain.

    I hope your comments in the future can be more constructive and not sound like a child crying over a game he just lost.

  99. To EL,

    According to what you wrote to comments, I have a question for you. Answer truthfully please.

    When is the last time u saw Joanne Peh in person?

    I personally met Joanne twice last month, once in Takashimaya and other time at Cineleisure. I walked to her and say Hi. She was very polite and even talk to me.

    I notice her boobs are not as big as it seems on TV. I am sure she didn’t do boobs job. Who wants to do a boob job for size “Cup B”? If I have a chance to do, I would want at least “Cup C”.

    She already explained that she know how to make it bigger by wearing push ups and massaging them. This was written on papers too.

    Paul Chan’s website is not healthy. A lot of negative comments about a lot of Singapore Artiste. I think he comment about Joanne’s Boob job before. What does he know? He is a gay who knows how to pin point on others only. No Standard.

  100. To: You-don’t -need to know,

    When I read this comment u wrote to Joanne(Sorry no offence but I don’t think you deserve to get the award. You can read the comments from Paul’s blog (including those from China). Are you even the lead actress??? What is the definition of ‘lead’? I don’t get it. Do you even feel happy to get the award? It seemed like you weren’t shocked to get the award at all from your facial expression and getting dressed up so nicely yesterday. With Jeanette being dressed up so ugly so that she wouldn’t steal the limelight.)

    [1]I believe that you are Jeanette’s fans. That why, u think she is not deserve to get the award.

    [2] Do u know that in the drama, there is 2 Main Lead of actor/actress? Jeanette is one of them,2nd is Joanne Peh.. If u dun know anything, pls dun make urself lose face at here.

    [3]Have u ever watch the “Little Nyonya”, which Joanne had act inside? She eat worm, her body is all dirty, she got rape, and after she got rape. She need alot time to recover back of soul..

    [4]Inside “Little Nyonya”, what had Jeanette do? Just cos she act 2 roles? And 1 is she is “ya ba”, can’t talk. Then mean she shall get the “Best actress” awards.. Sometimes, not cos u like the artiste, then u think they shall won the awards.. U shall see every drama of story, the artiste action on TV, is good or not? Then, they shall deserve to get the award.If I said why shall Dai Yang Tian won “New comer” Award? Just cos his look is gd.. Then, Mediacorp give him.. He actually come act, do u know the behind of the productions story.. NO, u dun know.. So, just dun anyhow use ur finger to point at Joanne..

    [5]Whether Joanne got plastic surgery on her boobs or not? Is it got affect ur business? Dun u know that now, there is alot of way, can make boobs look big? Have u ever heard push up bra? So, there is also 1 way of making Ladies boobs big & firm. If u dun know anything of it, pls go & read some books 1st..

    [6]In TV, Joanne’s face not shocked meh? Pls from begining, she had never think of she will won the “Best Actress” award.. When they announced her name, she was really shocked.. Even I was in the “Live” show, I also “shocked”.. Cos I think “Hot horse” shall be Jeanette & “black horse” is Joanne.. So, my guess was not wrong..

    [7]If Jeanette really won the “Best Award”, I believe that she will be MORE & MORE proud. Cos now her image is not good to ppl. So, it is the rigght, she shall know won the award.. If not, why “Top 10”, she is the last artiste to be announced .. Think of it..

    That all, I got to say.. I not helping Joanne say gd words, I just saying the Truth, whether u can accept it or not, take it & go..

  101. Dear joanne, congrats on winning. A bit late. Haha. Love the surprise look you had when you grab the award! To be honest, think it is tight competition between you and Aw. Both are winner in everyone eye! There are many more years to go your acting industry. Live up the skill beyond Singapore! Jiayou…


  102. Hi Joanne,
    Hello so happy saw u win “The Best Female Actress” and “The Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes”!!! Hope u will happy everday…Congratulation!!!

  103. Dear Joanne

    No matter how others think about you, just ignore them and dun care about what they said…..

    Be yourself and we always be with you! 🙂


  104. Hi Joanne,
    嗨!您好!请问你最近在拍戏吗?好期待看你接下来演得戏哦!!!你演的每一部戏我都很喜欢看!nice to meet u!等你回复:)

  105. nope. 最佳女主角 does stand for LEAD actress. maybe mediacorp should rephrase it to 最佳女演员 instead.

    i dunno about whether or not you are a deserving winner, but i do concur you played the role very well in Nyonya. You are a gd actress… just not too sure about the “lies”.

    • Dear Someone,

      I guess there’s some meaning lost in translation there. Well, I reckon there is a difference in your definition of “lead” from that of the company, but it’s between you and the company. I don’t have a say in any of this, so perhaps you want to put forth your suggestion to the people who make the decisions and can actually change matters than here in my blog because it’s not going to be constructive.

      Thanks for viewing my work in a positive light, much appreciated. 🙂


  106. heyys…..
    seeing from those pics ue posted, i really wishes tt i was able 2 come 4 yr bday party…. it looks so fun! and if there is gonna be one next year, i will definately go no matter how busy and how many tuitions i got.
    u look so cute when u tie two. haa. =) may ue stayy happy 4eva… must add even more oil for the star awards next year! i want ue 2 get best actress awards every single year!!!! jyjy!
    btw, ur clothes were soooo nice and it suits ue very well… but other actors and actresses the clothes oso very nice. i wish tt i oso can attend star awards. haa. wish 2 be part of the screaming fans there, screaming and supporting 4 u. =) =) =) smileee…^^ be happy!^^

    p.s: will ue reply when i send ue snail mail, will ue reply? just curious. haa.
    love ue 4eva!!!!!!♥

    • Dear 天天开心k-k♥

      I cannot promise replies via snail mails because of a lack of time. I try my best to reply the messages people write on my facebook, blog, twitter but it does take up quite a bit of time to do so, and with filming hours quite hectic, I have certain limitations. Hope u understand.


  107. 你具备作艺人的条件!谢谢。

  108. melissa miss joanne

    Dear Joanne Jie!
    Congratz on getting BEST ACTRESS award and TOP 10!! You deserve it..your hard work have been paid off!! hope to see u when i am back k?
    miss u soo much ehhh..<3
    take care and god bless

    p/s be careful whilst filming k…drinks lots of water and have plenty of for me..many many tests coming up..hai..wad i promised u i still remember de..


  109. To El and ‘you-dont-need-to know’…
    I just want you to know that NOTHING you do would ever stop us from loving Joanne, even if further negative comments from you might want to make me go into a ‘berserker rage’ (yes, I am a Wolverine fan). I would appreciate it if you can go elsewhere like the MediaCorp forums to express your grievances instead of coming here to embarass yourselves and try to provoke us. Fancy your thoughts on rumored boob jobs and even dishonest words like “sorry no offence”, when its quite obvious that you PURPOSELY want to dish out some offence! Is there not other people you can talk abt, like say Chen Mei Feng? The most you can do is mind your own business and stay away from here. Please show some respect to Joanne for goodness sake. This is my brutally honest opinion. I cant believe that childish people like you can even exist in first place. >:-(

  110. Hi Joanne,
    R u acting recently? or busy? hehe…so how r u? did u c my comment here?i like the dress tat you wear at Red Star Award!!so beautiful!! i hv leave the some comment in your blog oh! but don’t know u hv c or not…hehez..hope you can rply la..nice to meet you!!! support u 4ever!

  111. 你相信嗎?你得獎後的那晚我幾乎整晚睡不著,因為我完全沒有預料到評審會把影后這項大獎頒給這麼年輕的藝人(你).真的很開心你得到這份演藝的肯定.之前在小娘惹播出時,報章上對你的那些冷嘲熱諷,總算都倪补了.希望你繼續虛心磨練演技.把當晚的三份獎座作為推動力.等到哪天,你能向漢偉那樣,大概能預知到自己會奪得影帝獎,你就真的成功了.還有接下來的幾年,記得為你的感謝詞打些草稿.


  112. JOANNE REALLY DESERVES THE BEST ACTRESS AWARD.I do have my reasons on saying this or i would not have said it, as i’m not like ppl who are unreasonable for pin pointing others for no valid reasons or without knowing the truth etc..this is really ridiculous for ppl who are doing this.

    Firstly, Joanne’s role as Yuzhu in little nyonya indeed is hard for a young actress to act it out, bringing the feelings of Yuzhu, the character of Yuzhu, it is truely to be said as really Uneasy for Joanne, rape scenes, scenes of being mistreated, abused,hit,raped,insulted and many other more scenes that have been really really hard to be acted out,Joanne in acting as Yuzhu as her role in little nyonya was really Good,this has got her rewarded as the best actress of 2009,isn’t it?As for Jeanette, she doesnt really deserve the award,as we can see that, Jeanette didn’t really act much, just scenes of the wars, all she did was as easy as an ordinary role, just because she has got the role, the role of the MAIN actress, & more that she has acted two roles in Little Nyonya, she deserves the Best Actress Award??If anyone that is reading this still insist that Jeanette deserves the award more than Joanne, i think this person is just too unfair to Joanne.Ridiculous!!!

    Secondly, all the requirements to be as the Best Actress were well prepared by Joanne, but not Jeanette. Joanne acted well, she put in her best efforts to help little nyonya being a popular drama over the world. Next, although Joanne was being said of going for boobs jobs, plastic surgeries, whatever rumours didn’t bring Joanne down as she has really not done these, these are just RUMOURS for people who are doubting that whether Joanne has lied or telling the truth..Duh..there are still many reasons that are not listed out due to lack of time, but they will be listed out sooner or later.

    Lastly, people, i’m not being unfair to Jeanette as this is a FACT that Joanne deserves the award due to her hardwork for all these years and pls stop passing rumours or believing in rumours being passed around, as doing this really is Naive and ridiculous that the victim may be really mentally stress, hurt or broken down,pls do not do this to Joanne and to remind all of u that i’m seriously not trying to talk bad about Jeanette and once again people, this is really a FACT that u all must believe in that Joanne has good potential and even ZHENG GE PING has said that on Facebook that Joanne has Good potential and she has meet all the requirements of being the Best Actress in Mediacorp,and deserves the AWARD, ok???

    (no offence to Jeanette’s fans, Cheer!!!)

    Pls, people, i’m not CONTRADICTING but am telling u people the FACT!!!(NO OFFENCE)


  113. ps: she has MET*

  114. I must say i was really happy that you won the best actress award! You’ve flimed quite a number of show previously, but cos the character were “so-so”, so I did not really go and bother..

    But i was shocked that you’ve did so well in little nonya, especially after the rape scene..

    Jeanette aw did well too, but maybe because her role wasn’t that good for her to “fa hui”..

    you must jia you ok! don’t let those childish people put you down. People got eyes to see whether you got put in effort or not, so just take all comments as a pinch of salt. 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

  115. Congratulation!!!! You really deserve it……

  116. Hello Joanne,congrats on your effort,and you certainly deserve these awards.Continue to jia you!I will always support you all the way!=) Stay happy always!:)

  117. To Joanne,

    I like celebrities who act well (and you did, your portrayal of Yu Zhu was convincing and very touching). Just that, the threshold between a good actress and one whom I support is hinged on the public character of the artiste. And I base that on what I know about the artiste as well as what I deduce from there.

    The reason why the ‘did you do it or not’ issue is of importance here is because if you did lie, then I will not have respect for you as an artiste, much less to support you.

    People can say “Who are you to warrant the truth from Joanne in this manner? Without your support she is also well on her way etc etc etc.”.

    To these people, you are right. I am just trying to get some answers here.

    I appreciate you replying to my earlier posts, in a very neutral tone as well though my tone was definitely not as good. I apologize to you for that.

    I have a good idea of what the ‘truth’ is now. Regardless of anything, you are a good actress and I look forward to your productions coming up.

  118. Congratulations Joanne! 😀
    Love ya!

  119. Hi Joanne,

    been reading ur blog for quite a while, i like the way u write…very clear and thoughtful, u strike me as very intellectual too.

    Just watched the clip of u tgt with felicia chin and chen han wei on good morning singapore (bf the star awards), ur humility greatly strikes me…hope u maintain it:)

  120. hey Joanne,

    im realli happi u got the award, you realli portray yuzhu very well… from the kind hearted girl at the start to the crazy girl at the end of the show. It’s like I forgot the person acting ‘yuzhu’ is “joanne peh” because u realli make the role come alive. very touched by ur performance. u realli realli improve alot and deserve the award. heh. jiayou.

    As for those who criticise Joanne… pls la… even im like Jeanette very much i must admit she didn’t portray yueniang or juxiang v well. everytime she is saying her lines or wad I would think it is like jeanette saying those lines and not yueniang. she didnt realli make the role come alive (n kinda annoying at times).
    AND pls la dun keep saying she go for breast augmentation, u guys dunno wad pushup bra is? obviously she is wearing a pushupbra ok. pls dun malign her anymore.

  121. and overall, even though Joanne was nominated as ‘Best actress’ due to XNR, she acts great in other show as well! (I look forward to your 180 episdoes chang shou ju ^_^ Joanne)

    there’s always a hoo-haa over who wins ‘Best actress’, no matter who win, there’s always a hoo-haa. XD
    Cause the fight between ‘best actress’ are always so strong in the nominee list!

    And who emerge as the winner, is already deed. One must continue to uphold/improve not only because of the awards but also as a REAL actress/actor like what Chen Han Wei says. And receving the award is definetely an honour and that one’s performances is better than the rest and is seen by the jugdes; thus worth the honour 🙂

  122. my mum is a fan of yours after watching the rerun of Destiny. haha.

  123. Dear Joanne,

    Happy Belated Birthday to U.
    and U DESERVES the BEST ACTRESS Award and TOP 10.

    Never bother what the small amount of negatives people thinking. Coz, they just jealous abt what u have that nite.Don’t care about them.

    U must be Happy and enjoy ur personal life.
    When come to acting, u just go ahead, act…

    Those who’s see u with a Pure Hearts, Sure understanding u and always support u..
    I’m one of them.

    Top 10 awards, tell u how’s many people in SG loves, support and believe in U..

    stay Happy and healthy.. 🙂

  124. 薇秀,恭喜你获奖!成为红星史上最年轻的最佳女主角。很为你感到高兴!你很努力也很幸运!如愿以偿!祝福你!相信你会更加努力。愿你的演艺事业蒸蒸日上!我会永远支持你的!加油!

  125. Joanne,
    You should not let unconfirmed rumours affect you.

    I hope you will continue interacting with your fans online. More you interact with your fans, frequent updates with your blogs with your stories, articles, more popular you will become.

    Just continue interacting with your fans and I will give you 500 votes next year.

    • Whoa, 500 votes!!! Tai kua zhang le ba!! 500 X 0.8 = 400 bucks??? :-O

      • Hi, Tanat..

        Thats okay.. Next year, the price will be $0.9.
        (There are many others willing to pay more than 500.)
        Therefore, I am willing to spend $450 because Joanne is honest and willing to spend some time online almost daily , updating blogs , reply to some msgs whenever possible.

        She was multi-tasker who had done well, right?
        Coping with her studies and did filming part time durng her university days was a very tough work at that time.

        She can be a role model for some people.

  126. New JP Supporter

    Hi Joanne
    Congrats on your win! You certainly deserve to win, as you were really really good on Little Nonya. I hv nvr bn a fan of anyone ever before and watched very few mandarin shows. However, I managed to catch a few of the serials u acted in incl The Little Nonya.

    No matter how good you are, there will always be people who say unkind words, or make unkind and unconstructive comments. Just be true to yourself, be sincere and your fans will support you more and more, and your fan base will definitely swell. I am starting to be your fan…breaking record as i have never been anyone’s fan at my age (early 50’s professional).
    I wish you all the best. I am impressed tat u took time to answer yr fans even tho u must be extremely busy. Best of luck, and congrats once again!

  127. New JP Supporter

    Hi Joanne
    Congrats on your win! You certainly deserve to win, as you were really really good on Little Nonya. I hv nvr bn a fan of anyone ever before and watched very few mandarin shows. However, I managed to catch a few of the serials u acted in incl The Little Nonya.

    No matter how good you are, there will always be people who say unkind words, or make unkind and unconstructive comments. Just be true to yourself, be sincere and your fans will support you more and more, and your fan base will definitely swell. I am starting to be your fan…breaking record as i have never been anyone’s fan at my age (early 50’s professional).
    I wish you all the best. I am impressed tat u took time to answer yr fans even tho u must be extremely busy. Best of luck, and congrats once again!

  128. HAppy Belated BirthDay! Nice Dress n Looks On Star Awards! Congrats on Yr Best Actress Award!!! Keep Smiling ther Ah Jie!!!

  129. Dear Joanne,

    Happy Belated Birthday & Congratulations to you! I’m truly happy for you from the bottom of my heart…:) What a wonderful 26th birthday!
    You have improved so much over the years and could feel your love for acting from various shows.

    Ignore those rumors of yours going around… we believe in you, and you have so many fans supporting you;)
    By the way, I lurve your Hermes dress and the other outfit with YSL heels. It shows off your nice jealous! haha:p You look slim and fit. I know many ppl ask u this question, but how do you maintain your figure?

    To whoever who thinks Joanne went for plastic surgery… If you desperately want to criticize MDC artistes who went for PS, go look for others…there are some obvious ones who went under the knives to tweak their eyes, cheeks, jaws,breast..etc. Com’on, Joanne is a natural beauty. Artistes grow prettier and know how to present themselves well over time due to so much exposure to public & media, and Joanne is just one of them. From the SA photos, she doesn’t have a C or D cup, but who cares abt her breast size? She is not an FHM model or race queen; SHE IS AN ACTRESS.

    Btw, Jeanette’s colorful bohemian looking dress is pretty, you know. It’s neither ugly nor made her uglier. It just didn’t FIT her. Prob her stylist didn’t understand her well enough..It’s sad that ppl associate it to kueh because of her role in TLN.

    Sorry for writing such a long post, Joanne!
    Wishing you all the best for whatever you do.
    If you feel depressed at any point of time, remember there are so many of us who believe in you…oh, and don’t stress yourself too much yea?;)

    Take care & supporting u always♡


  130. 恭喜,看《小娘惹》的时候也觉得虽然你戏份少但是很突出,欧萱胜在戏份多可是没你后面的戏份抢眼,不过她的功底不错,假以时日也能拿到这个奖。希望你能再接再厉,从你的blog一直能感到你的谦虚,希望你一直保持这样的心态,也记住当晚三届影帝陈汉玮的话,敢于突破自己,拍出更多好戏演出更多好角色,希望以后都有你的提名而且是大家发自肺腑的赞叹,你就成功了。嘿嘿,一直有留意你嘴唇下边的痣,感到很特别呢,可能旺你哦。
    yolanda from China

  131. I honestly think Joanne deserved Best Actress. The rape scene was the one that sealed the deal for me, especially when Yuzhu is pleading for her sister to save her with her eyes. It was a scene that was truly heartbreaking. The audience felt Yuzhu’s pain and helplessness as well. Such performance warrants an award. This is only one but many scenes that left impressions in people’s minds. Joanne’s acting has improved leaps and bounds since she first started in the industry.

    People have to remember that Best Actress is not a popularity award. Sure, Jeanette’s character might be more popular with audiences, but to me, she did not have a scene that left a heavy impression in people’s minds. I am in no way saying that Joanne is not popular though, just look at her win in Top 10, :p

    Following what a previous comment said, there will always be detractors. No one will ever have 100% support in whatever they do. I hope however, that you will be able to win even more people over with solid performances in your upcoming dramas.

    All the best, and a big congratulations to you. 🙂

  132. Hey, just a note of congratulations!
    I thought the award will be between you and Aiyoyo and was happy that it was you.
    Stay Focus and be the same Joanne!

  133. oh my gosh joanne peh i just love u to the bottom of my heart…so damn pretty & smart..omg…i seriously love u !!! JOANNE PEH…

  134. Joanne..also hope that u’d update ur blog wif star awards pix!!! CHEERS!!!nxt week’s gonna be a really really tough week for me…=[ as it’d be my mid yr exam =[ Joanne….HeLp…=[

  135. joanne deserves? well, i disagree this.. well, hope u all can go paul chan’s blog and see how ppl think joanne is not deserves..

    • Dear NO BA,

      Well, I respect your opinions but just to let you know, according to the Straits Times, some reporters are on the judging panel as well. And these are people who’ve been in the industry for a long long time, whose experience I can only hope to gain through constant reading and learning. I’m sorry to read that you’re against the judges’ decisions, but for every winner there will be supporters and nay-sayers. Just because there are many nay-sayers on Mr Paul Chan’s blog doesn’t mean I don’t have people on my side backing me up for the work I’ve done. Every one has their favourites and I don’t need you to like me, but I would say it is quite bold of you to challenge the judges’ take on my performance, many of whom probably have more industry/acting experience than you and me. Unless you can be objective and not tainted by bias, I would like to invite you to take your grievances elsewhere. Thank you.


      • Yeah, Joanne’s right. Who said she doesn’t have people on her side backing her up?

        Go Joanne, I support you! 😉

      • Well said Joanne! 😀

      • Would this be the same judging panel who passed over Cynthia Koh’s brilliantly nuanced performance in The Little Nyonya in favour of OTT eye-bulging for a Best Supporting Actress nomination? And who left Ivy Lee and Zoe Tay out of the Best Actress list?

        FWIW, I’m neutral in the whole Jeanette vs Joanne debate. I just think the real travesty occurred when the nomination list came out on Feb 24, not on Apr 26.

    • To No Ba,

      I dun agree wat u write to Joanne(joanne deserves? well, i disagree this.. well, hope u all can go paul chan’s blog and see how ppl think joanne is not deserves..)

      Hey, what Paul blog had wrote.. Is all talk cock & rubbish.. R u STUPID or BLIND? Whether Joanne deserves the “Best Actress” Award or not? NOT say by u all.. Is by production & Dirctors..And Star Awards had over already.. Why U guys can’t just SHUT OFF BIG MOUTH.. And Stop pointing at Joanne.. Say she don’t deserve it.. Do u know that when ur fingers is pointing at Joanne, ur others fingers is POINTING AT URSELF..

      Wake up, kid.. Keep saying it also not use.. No matter, how u all say Joanne bad, Joanne life still move on.. She won’t just cos all the bad comments u all given her, she fall down & quit media.. NO.. She still move on & will put more effort & PROOF to u all that, SHE CAN do it & improve alot…

  136. congrat joanne, i’m speaking frm the bottom of my heart now.

    你其实在XNR的演出是还不错的,不过我觉得你还没有这个资格拿这个奖还有所谓的阿姐称号。. 论资格,论经验,论演技,你都比不上那两位真真的”阿姐”

    可是这并不代表你很差!but i seriously think that you DON’T deserves this award. 也许,奖已经是内定的了吧? WHO KNOWS? 这只有天知, 地知,你知,内知,没人知!

    • Dear 没人知,


      对自己没有信心的我觉得不可能会拿奖,可是拿了奖之后,资深的汉伟和丽萍都说我的确演得好,应该为自己感到自豪。之后我也和监制谈了,她给我的 feedback 是我已经有基础了,开始开窍了,所以不应该感到意外。我想,最后人家怎么看对我来说不是一切,奖已经颁了,我当然会抬着头接受它,因为我这一路走来也不容易,我为什么要因为某些人的看法而打死自己努力得来的成果呢?我知道我能做的,不是每个人都能做到,但别人能做的,我一定会做的更好。


    • 没人知,

      When did Joanne think she is ’新阿姐’? This words is other peoples give her… NOT from her own mouth.. And from begining until now, she had never think she is 新阿姐, if u think she 论资格,论经验,论演技,比不上那两位真真的”阿姐”.. Yes is True.. But she had keep trying very hard to act in every drama & show.. She keep learning.. But to u all know? No, right? So, just SHUT off ur mouth.. And stop saying Joanne..

      If u think, just cos all of u keep pointing at her, she will fall down. Then, u are wrong.. Joanne is a STRONG gal.. She won’t let those peoples who look down on her, and step on her head.. I had FAITH on her.. She also will proof to you all, she had improve alot, from the 1st day she step in acting until now.. So, just stay tune on it..

      Anyway, Star Award had end.. Let put everthing at A MARKING POINT.. Stop pointing at Joanne, MOVE on u all LIFE.. Spend more time on work or study.. And less gossip.. Good for u all..

  137. OMG, Paul Chan again. It’s so obvious he is smitten by Jeanette. He gave the Clotheshanger award to Pat Mok when Joanne obvious wore both dresses so well. No offence to ms mok, but clearly he doesn’t want to raise the profile of Jeanette’s “rivals”. Don’t be surprised if he doesn’t approve comments by Joanne supporters because he wants to create the impression that Jeanette is more popular than Joanne. Please….go out and ask people what they think of jeanette? Juz look at the way she hid from the press last year when she didnt win, and then try so hard to hide the sad face this year when she lost to joanne and when her name was the last to be called for top 10. She should get the Most Worried award, but of course Paul Chan will protect his favourite and give it to someone else like Michelle (whom by the way I think was just too tanned from her drama filming). Joanne has always handled her loss with grace, jeanette always sore when she’s not in favour. She says she needs fan support to give her strength to keep working harder in her thank you speech, gee, the girl wants to be famous so bad…ya maybe they should let her be Ah Jie so then she will want to improve.

    • Paul Chan’s blog is just a MDC version of wikipedia… untrue and bias info… haha.

      IMO, those who are hungry for fame and pretty looks are ‘celebrity’ and not ‘actress’…

      I’m not a big fan of Jeanette, but I think you shouldn’t put it that way… every artistes needs their fans support for motivation, and not for fame… Yes, she was disappointed. Everyone will. However, getting the Best Actor/Actress award is not the only and the last goal for them. I’m sure Jeanette loves acting too as much as Joanne, and she is matured enough to move on.
      Cheers 😀

  138. hey idol, i ve jus came to know that someone disagree u had got the award don take it to yr heart k u jus do wat u should always support n luv u too

  139. Dear Joanne,
    Congratulations on your double win! I’ve been watching your dramas since your debut (and re-debut after your University graduation) and I have to say you had come a long way! I felt so happy for you from the bottom of my heart. Totally agree with the caption on the latest issue of 8 Days “PEH DAY for Joanne!” LOL

    I know surely you can handle and overcome all the “negativity” coming your way after the (IMHO much deserved) win. Just remember that “Words can only hurt when one allows it to ~ ”

    And keep fighting! I’ll be rooting for you! 🙂

    PS. To everyone else, let’s not resort to putting others down on this lovely blog… … People can think and say what they want, and it is vice versa. But there’s not need to stoop to their level!

  140. you won! nice one lah!

    if we compare the roles that jeanette and joanne got, the former would have been a free ticket to get propelled into the best leading female, but it is difficult to achieve any sort of breakthrough easily with the role… unless you are zoe tay.

    joanne’s role is of the opposite: if you screw it up (which is dangerously easy to do so), you’d probably fade back into oblivion. but if you manage to smash through the glass ceiling (which i must say requires certain level of skill, effort and probably lots of instincts of an actress) it’ll propel you to even surpass other roles that may have more scenes or lines, which in this case, is what joanne managed to achieve.

    to me it’s not difficult to see why joanne won. and seriously folks, enough with the “oh she got rape scene and alot of scenes that can shine and show off the acting abilities” talk. she could have screwed it up just as easily but she didn’t.

    congrats j! nice bod btw (i jearous loh.)

  141. jiayou joanne! believe in urself nobody can take away from u what’s rightfully urs 🙂

  142. Hello Joanne.

    First of all, I wanna congrats u for winning Best Actress.

    Alright, though I congrats u, I disagree with the result.

    First your role Yuzhu looked more like supporting than lead. and this subject is discussed in Paul’s blog earlier. Many people questioned the nomination. They are not fine with your nomination for best actress. and the definition of lead really varies after this surprise nomination. it’s not convincing.

    Next, it’s your win for best actress. again it came across to many as shocking. You can find alot of disagreement in Paul’s blog and other discussion boards. And sorry to tell you, many people are supportive of Jeanette, Fann and Liping. People even find it unbelievable that the above 3 strong contenders will lose to you.

    Then it’s about the judging panel. I got to know from Paul’s blog that media(reporters/editors) are on the judging panel. I am so puzzled. . They may have many yrs experiences in the industry, but are they professional in judging acting?

    I know you do have your supporters but from Paul’s blog and some discussion boards, I see more criticisms at you than support. I actually sympathize with you, cuz some people compared you with the new Ah Jie Jeanette, and they praised Jeanette and criticized you.

    Last but no least, I hope you will be humble and prove to us one day that you are really good.

    Thanks for reading.

  143. joanne… congrats that you got the best actress and the top 10 female…
    you are the best.

    hope u like the piglets gift from me.. and also the elmo… dog soft toy from me..

  144. lol .. why all of u think that those bad comment are posted by jeanette fans .. i am a fans of jeanette but i will like to congrat joanne in winning the award …i dun think Jeanette and joanne are enemy after joanne has been award BA … hopefully both of u can work hard tgt and get recongise tgt one day …
    i was not at the studio on the actual day but i was told by some jeanius that jeanette and joanne will chatting tgt most of the time . i dun like to see that JA and JP fans will become enemy coz JP won the awards XD .
    ONCe again congrat ! ..

  145. To No BA,

    i am not here to side Joanne but just stating the facts.


    To 没人知,









    多点建设性的建议或批评我想信Joanne会很乐意地接受的。 无谓的攻击又有何用呢?


  146. apparently those who criticise are jealous of u winning the award rather than those who they supported. No matter how harsh their words can be , one thing is THEY CANT CHANGE THE FACT.

  147. Hi Joanne,

  148. 今天上网终于又可以打开你的博客了,在前2个星期里都打不开,都没法给你留言。今天可能是我换了个网络运营商才能打开。

  149. =)天天开心k-k♥

    yeahs joanne, i understand. =) but are ue very busy now? do ue have any new shows? =)
    love ue always!^^
    btw, do u add ppl on youtube?

  150. Ya, I agree with what YSL said…no one knows how many posts that Paul Chan approved and displayed on his blog, whether people truly support Jeanette or Joanne. For one thing, the whole TLN news 80% of it was about Jeanette, the rest goes to the others, so how fair was that in the first place? If that’s not biasness or over-publicity (may have make the judges relook at the judging criteria), then please pardon me.

    For those who say Joanne is proud because of her replies…go and support Jeanette ba! Jeanette’s “classiness” definitely not my cup of tea as well. Joanne not only gained support from her fans but as well as some veterans in the industry. Previously her co-partner with Zhen Geping in “Bao Bei Fu Nu Bing”, Geping also gave his nods about Joanne’s acting. And maybe Jeanette (or her fans) should go and have a look at Chen Han Wei’s comments about the “only facial but no depth” expressions of Jeanette’s acting.

  151. Hey Joanne,
    dun need to get upset !
    Take a deep breath. I always do that when I get unpleasant comments or mails. There is no right or wrong opinion as you had mentioned.

    What is important that you worked hard and there are many people who seen it. I certainly think you did well.

    Do let your work do the talking.
    BTW, you are stunning that night.


  152. Hello Joanne
    I am not your big fan but after knowing you won best actress I am happy for you. Just to let you know that my colleagues all of them (10) felt you acted very well in TLN in compared to the lead actress. They said you did well especially when your character became mad.

    Everyone has their favourite. To be honest I thought Chen Li Ping will win coz I am her fan for long time but again it is the judges who pick and they felt you deserve it then you should get the award.

    Hope to see more good shows from you soon. Jia You ! Will support your shows in future.

  153. Only haven’t be online for a couple of days and so many things happened here!

    Why so many so negative about Joanne Jie?
    I really don’t understand! The judges decided to give the Best Actress Award to Joanne! Its not she decided by herself! Its just FATE! Maybe she was a black horse but SO WHAT! Marion Cotillard won 2 years ago The Academy Awards for Best Actress! And she was also the black horse! Everything is possible! If u ask me did she deserve to win it! I will say YES because if your not your never got a nomination!
    And i don’t think Jeanette was better or something! Maybe she got more scenes but her scenes are not so diffecult likes Joanne Jie’s
    I got nothing against Jeanette that for sure!
    [And also if Jeanette won it was also fate! Because i really was thinking Li Ping Jie will won it!]

    And about that plastic surgery! Does that really matter? If she does SO WHAT? Are you watching the works of the person or you only watch the boobs? NO SENSE!
    I really don’t understand some peoples here!
    And if you believe others more than Joanne Jie then i don’t think you write such negative comments and just keep it for yourself!

    Neway! Joannie Jie ^^
    sorry for so long nonsense talk!
    But no matter what! Keep doing your great work!Looking forward to your next post and work ofcourse ^^
    And i also want to see the dress that you wear on the Star Awards 😦 Hope you can post a post or pic soon ^^

    Always supporting You
    xx Moon

  154. Jia you!Jia you!

  155. Dear joanne,
    Congratulations yah for winning best actress and top ten.I already knew you will got award want coz I know you really work hard and your filming really rockss!!Although I can’t watch star awards coz i’m malaysian living in sarawak.But I know you sure very happy on that day rite??without know why u got best actress instead of others,sumtime when your personal that show ur generous and many kind habit although I never see u bfore but i’m sure.

    So,joanne jia you oo!!continue to work hard.

    Can I ask u one question?Like u have been considered as best actress,do the mediacorp company increase ur salary per month?and can i knw ur salary per month minimum how much?

    Waiting for ur reply oo..

    Karen[Kuching FAN]

  156. Hi Joanne,


  157. Hi Joanne,

  158. hazelnutbites

    hi joanne,
    我默默的喊着你的名字你会得到Best Actress award。。在公布成绩那一刻。嘻嘻!You acted well,继续加油~

    still rem an entry u blog on how dirty is de room, & you’ve to touch de creature & attempt to put inside yr mouth. Its all pay off now. hehe!

  159. congrats!!!

  160. Hi Jo,

    I remembered when u first started out hosting PSC night i sent an email to u cuz u were my jc snr then. U were a lil defensive back then when i commented abt ur hosting..

    then a few yrs down the road, i had a scene with u, jiang da wei in qi2 ji1. I remembered i didn’t think much of your acting then, however what struck me then was you asking the director earnestly for his opinion of your performance , and how you can improve on it. that made me realise you don’t take your fame for granted and you were eager to improve.

    come 2009, you won best actress for a role that could have lived under jeanette aw’s shadow. To be honest, i’m a fan of jeanette, i hoped she’d win. but i thought your win wasn’t an arguable one. ur efforts shone through your potrayal, and this time round, the judges decided to credit you for that.

    heartfelt congratulations.

  161. Dear joanne..
    First I wanna say I am really a supporter of you! But when u won the best actress award, i was actually more stunned than anything.
    Hmmm I feel quite sorry for u coz u have been like innocently swindled into this mess of negative comments & incessant comparisons bet u & jeanette. But continue to be strong & hold ur head high (anw ur head is naturally already much higher than others. keke =))
    Jokes aside, I think ur attitude, that of humility & deep desire for improvement, is right. Keep it that way & I’m sure in the not too distant future, u’ll be able to win back this award without a shroud of doubt. Jiayou jiayou!!! =))

  162. A Win is a Win! 与其无畏的挣辨不如提出有建设性的评语吧!

  163. congrats joanne for winning top 10 and best actress!

    1st princess to win best actress! jiayou jiayou joanne, i will always support you forever! 😀

  164. Karen,
    What are you working as, in which company? and how much is your pay ah? if you can answer this, i THINK Joanne will answer yours also.. haha

    It is impossible to make everyone happy.
    Being a celebrity, has to learn how to handle compliment and criticism. Not choice, part of your job. 🙂
    Just do whatever you think is right.. Learn and accept from constructive feedbacks, be it positive and negative. Use these as good tools to improve your acting better.
    also Don’t spend too much time thinking about those meaningless feedback. No time for that
    cheers …

  165. Hi joanne jie(:
    I don’t agree with all those people who said you..i understand what you are going through..alought iam not a fan of jeanette but still i wun say her..i mean i wun be so kapo go gossip about you both are doesnt matter who least you have tried your best lor..not like people who don’t even a damm to try..don’t bother what pple say about you..all those people who can’t just shut-dup are childish,grow up plz,can they?No they can’t cause its their mouth not yurs right?Although i am not related to you in real life,but in my heart,you are part of my family..and should prove to all JA fans that you can do better then her..and then they will shut dup automatically(:And another thing,they say that you are very arrogant by the way you say your words..nahs..who cares?Anyways,i always support you(: I understand what are you going through by all the contradicting comments.JIAYOU!(: ILY!:D

  166. Happy Belated Birthday Joanne! And congrats to your Best Actress and Top 10 win at the Star Awards!! You totally deserve those 2 awards!

    And you look gorgeous with that spunky dress!

  167. Joanne,Congratulations on your double win. 我很赞同你赢得了这个奖项“最佳女主角. I am VERY happy for you.Why so many negative & gossip about u & Jeanette? But no matter what, dun hear so much all the gossip, keep doing your great work!Looking forward to your next post and work. Will always support your show in future. The black color dress that you wear on the Star Awards is very nice…

  168. lol liked you since mi tu :] you know that show? [my comp can’t read chinese so can’t write it too ]

    anyway jiayou and gambatte!

  169. Hi Joanne,

    just wanna let you tell you not to be discourage by all the negative comments from others, be it from reporters (news reports) or online forum to blog comments…

    I strongly believe that no matter who be it artiste or not, whenever they have some success, there will bound to be some others that will be around us to try and “pull” us down.

    Personally i really find that you had a breakthrough in your acting career for the role of Yuzhu. I wish you all the best and hope to see more spectacular performances from you.


  170. To Ah boi,
    Sorry lor if I over asking this question.I of cos cannot answer lar coz i’m still studying as uni student..but if iI really got job,I will tell how much is my pay.

    To joanne,
    Sorry joanne for asking this silly and private question.I doesn’t mean that,juz ask if u don answer nvm.
    Anyway,jia you joanne and bring out the best of u.
    Very very sorry Joanne.

  171. Yes Joanne, stay strong and be better.

    If anyone still believe in what Paul quoted, and equate that to the support votes to Joanne vs Jeanette…then pls relook again. (He is able to add some comments to some posts, therefore any editing is possible. Not only that, what have be written up is not posted immediately, because moderation take place. With two actions as stated, I am having skeptical views of what have been written actually).

    Anyway, let’s look forward to Joanne’s next shows and give her the fullest support. All the best! 🙂

  172. Hi K.ReN,

    Only when you start working ah.. then you will know why you should not ask others this kind of question, especially openly 🙂 JP is a celebrity, if she tell you openly, she will get into problem lah…:)

  173. O-zaki Simizutoro

    Hi Joanne, what is your upcoming drama @ Channel 8 and u continue to act active and i believe u will win a star award @ 2010

  174. haha you’re freaking funny when the birthday cake came in.
    Congrats on your win in Star Awards.

  175. haha it was sooooooooooo funny when i watch the video hahasssssssssssssss!!!:)))n congrate 4 the star award thing….

  176. Hi all,

    Suddenly saw lots of comments, that have good and bad.

    To: El

    It’s depends on whether you believe on Joanne or not. If you explain to you, you don’t believe, then what you want her to do.

    To: Those who thinks that Joanne does not deserve the award.

    If you think so, it’s alright. It’s up to you whether you think how she act in the drama. If you all don’t think deserve, never mind.

    To : 没人知

    It’s others say that Joanne is “Xin Ah Jie”. Not what you heard from Joanne, as you see her reply, she said she cannot take place for “Ah Jie”. You understand?

    To : Joanne
    Jiayou. Being a celebrity, there is alot of things like that and you must face to it. But I hope that some words you dont take mind in heart. Cos if you care about this, everyday you will be very tired. Cheers! Jiayou!

    Hope you can reply my comment! =)

  177. I mean if Joanne explain to you. [sorry, my mistake]

  178. To : Those Who Dont Like Joanne

    Being a celebrity is not as easy as you think, if you all are so great, go and become a celebrity and act as well as Joanne la.

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