Always having a good laugh on set.

Hello everyone!

It’s been a long time since there was a new entry, my greatest apologies to all who have been checking back regularly for new updates. I have been so busy right now that I hardly have time to sort out my thoughts and write a proper entry. My draft is still pending 😦 While I can’t actualise my writer’s dream due to lack of time, I do however have time for short updates, which will only be available through my Mblog. So if u’d still like to get exclusive updates and pictures from me sent to your mobile phone, you can check out this new service brought to u by MediaCorp. Do also feel free to post questions through my Mblog (subjected to $0.20 per sms sent and $0.50 per sms received) and I will try to reply them if time permits.

You can subscribe to my Mblog by smsing JOANNE to 73388. One time subscription fee at $0.20 per SMS and $0.50 Per SMS, MMS or video content received. (Subscribers to receive minimum 11 content or up to maximum 17 per month)

Do check out for more information.

Till then, I am hoping to revive this new blog skin with a new banner soon.


84 responses to “Sorry

  1. Hopefully the MBlog will not take over this site totally…

  2. Hi Joanne Jie

    Too bad its not possible for me to use the service 😐
    So i will keep looking on your blog!
    The Star Awards 2009 is coming soon!
    Curious what u gonna wear ^^

    Greetings -xxx-
    Moon [The Netherlands]

  3. heyys joanne! =)
    nvm lah. take yr time 2 update yr blog….. if even if ue dun update for a long long time, i will still be yr fan as those who are real fans will still support thier idols even if they gave them nth. haa. jyjy bahh. =)

    p.s: the sms-es are expensive! my mother is gonna kill me if she finds out… =D

  4. Hi Joanne,

    Its alrite my dear… know you are busy. =) Must take care k, miss you.

  5. It’s okay 😀
    No need apologise 🙂

  6. oh, its cool. too bad im in malaysia. =( sob*

  7. The economy is very bad yet you ask your fans to spend $$ to sms u. It’s not cheap, u see. Kind of selfish. U should ask the fans to save $$ as can. Tell me if it is good or not?

  8. 有点广告味噢,不过喜欢你的直率.在这里多说点…..

  9. hi Joanne,
    U dont need to be sorry…

    tell u while I was on my way to highlight my hair… u know the northeast line buangkok station …going to the harbour front side… stop for nearly 15mins …. then there was this young lady with a toddler just sitting beside me , suddenly scream … u know what ? Her child left leg fell into the gap… lucky the door wasnt abt to close. N she manage to pull her son out..Although not something very serious , but memorable..i just feel like sharing. Thanks.

    I really had a confused and hectic week…..guess I m going to take a nap after leaving this comment. Had a great weekend.


  10. Hi, update more!=D

  11. I like the usage of your written englishXD

  12. hihi…joanne…waw…may be u don’t know who i’m..haha…but anywhere i will support u ….i not often to see ur drama at all…cos i was at KL study…haiz….so miss mediacorp movie lop…haha….^^

  13. hihi!love your blogs. Love your acting even more!! I’ve been watching your “the little nyonya” over and over again. So i decide to ask my bf to draw a caricature for you! I’ve put it in my blog. If you like the original copy, do let me know and i’ll send it to you!!

  14. I wish i could subscribe to the service but i’m in cambodia 😦

  15. OH!真开心!第一个留言!
    Have a good laugh on set…对了,不忘笑口常开,可以减压的哦!
    期待您的new skin和banners。



  16. Forgot to add: Do you want to promote yourself for fame’s sake? By asking your fans to spend $$ on sms to you, eh? It’s not cheap as it is bad recession.

    I cannot believe my eyes that you ask your fans. Sorry for my tone…but I feel I have to tell you.

  17. Oh my.
    Joanne, you were in the newspaper today.
    I really feel sorry for you 😦
    Don’t worry, I’ll continue praying for you 🙂
    Keep smiling always!

  18. Dear theeggyolks,

    The cartoon is cute! Thanks!

    🙂 Joanne

    • Dear Surfer/Anonymous,

      Thanks for pointing that out. Please don’t get me wrong, I use my blog to update whatever is going on with me. I am not asking the fans to spend money on me, but rather keeping everyone updated with my on-goings, be it tv shows, promotional events etc. It’s not about fame, it’s part of the job. I take no offence with what you said for u have raised an important point, that is why the cost structure was clearly laid out so that everyone knows what they are in for before subscribing to this service.

      Since the company has involved me in this service, it is also my responsibility as the artiste to ensure that I am able to offer to those who do subscribe to the service something that readers of my blog do not get, to make this worthwhile for them.

      Thanks for your feedback though, it’s much appreciated. 🙂


  19. Dear Samson,

    Of course not! I reserve the longer entries for my blog but this takes time to compose. The Mblog is pretty much limited to 160 characters and has more up-to-date pictures, what’s-going-on-with-me on a day to day basis that is more concise and sent directly to you. I can assure u that I am not abandoning this blog. Just need some time to organise my pictures and put together a coherent entry.

    Thanks for your support and stay tuned! 🙂


  20. Hi Joanne,

    About the subscribtion..Can u send the exclusive updates and picture through email? Or only through phone?

    Don’t feel sorry..How is ur flimming going on?


  21. Tis service is gud!

    Te Start Award is coming soon!
    Hope u can get many awards!!

    Support u oways!

  22. Dear Joanne,

    Firstly, I must admit that I don’t watch ch8 prog much but chanced upon you while watching one of the Little Nyonya episode during the hyped up season. I was impressed & you are certainly one of the few artistes who exude qualities & flair for acting. Well Done!

    Since then, I had been lurking in your blogs, goin thru photos/video & reading on your thoughts. I remembered I was so obsessed that it took me few nites ending surfing in the wee hours.
    My apology for not making any contribution under the comments column.

    Today, I felt compelled to drop a note after I read the article in yesterday’s paper. I could only conclude that the article was just providing a slot for the specialists to aired their views thru their acquired medical knowledges while there’s always a possibility in everything. My question is, what’s the crux of that article supposed to be, is there a need at all?
    Now, ask ourselves, aren’t we guilty of presenting our best? Be it choosing a nicer color or design while we shop to under going double eyelid surgery. As a celebrity, it’s part of their responsibilities to maintain an image thru clothings, social behaviour..etc
    Let’s hope speculation on which artistes went under the knives would end and let’s not forget on the basis we support the artiste in the beginning…. I still support Michael Jackson by the way.

    As for the Mblog, Joanne was trying to provide us another alternative to keep posted with her latest updates. Instead of accusing her ,we should show our appreciation & feel proud that she’s one of the few selected artistes in Mblog.

    Lastly, Joanne, I am apprehensive to join your Fanclub cos I am rather shy (since it’s a celebrity Fanclub) and im in my thirties didn’t help either. Though I wish I could catch a glimpse of you in person & chat over coffee w/o sugar & milk if I do join ( How wishful thinking…lol)

    Here’s wishing you the best in the coming star awards, happy bday in advance & stay on your charm!

    Best wishes,

  23. huh? that means ue wun put the pictures ue sent to those in the smses on yr blog? yeahs. jy! love ue forever! muacksxz! haa.

    • Dear Adrian,

      Your post is a silver lining in the dark clouds that has been looming the past few days.
      I sincerely appreciate your support and you have no idea how much it means to me.
      Thank you, with all my heart.


    • Dear =)天天开心k-k♥,

      Oh yes, the pictures are exclusive. What you get on the phone will not be on my blog. It’s only fair to the paid subscribers.
      And btw, did you subscribe to it? Can u tell me how many msgs/pics/videos have u received from me so far? Any feedback?


  24. hi joanne..u jz changed this blog skin? so r u going to make the new header?

    actually im going to use ur current blog skin but too bad, i don have a nice header..
    btw,i think “surfer” is not good at express his/her words bah..
    hope to see reply from you soon..thx..

    hope u can see visit to my blog

    • Hi Shilianglim,

      I haven’t got time to make a new header, I do want to though, hopefully I’ll get down to it soon. 🙂


  25. Dear Joanne,
    Why u keep telling us to sms by asking your fans to spend money on sms to you, eh? It’s not cheap as it is bad recession.But I hope u will tell others to truth hearts to sms someone.Not to asking them,waste money.
    Sorry for what i said.
    I will support you.
    Don’t worry,Be Happy ;D

    • Dear Jaslyn,

      Don’t have to be sorry for what you say. I understand where you’re coming from and I believe you echo the thoughts of many. I think there’s a misunderstanding. I didn’t keep telling my fans to spend money on sms to me. Indeed, it’s recession, and finances need to be properly planned. Do I approve of the idea? Not really, but it’s a service provided by my company, as the artiste, so I also need to support the company’s decision. I am letting everyone know of this service, and it’s ok if you don’t subscribe to it, it’s just an option for those who would like to get more frequent updates. 🙂

  26. And dont’t to felt sorry,if you are busy..

  27. hi hi.. my phone cant subscribe le,cos i using prepaid line,so sad 😦 but i wil come yuor blog n support u…

  28. upset gwendoline

    what a bad day 2day!wan 2 share something tat’s not about tis post..hope tat u dont mind..i m very sad n unsatisfied with my exam result..the 1st time i dont think i can get an A in tis subject..a piece of essay tat i did confidently only get half of the full’s really unexpected..i hav asked the teacher 2 recheck it n hope tat he will giv me a fair mark..anyway..i still could not calm myself down with the big surprise..n u no need to appear my comment..i just need a listener..n thanks 4 being 1!

  29. Hi, it is obvious that you have lost weight. Being an actress is really not as glamorous as many people believe, especially in Singapore where Mediacorp is the sole monopoly. No competition from rival broadcasters means that the monopoly can pay you peanuts and get away with it. You really should go and find a better future out there instead of dreaming of a career as an actress. You are well educated and effectively bilingual, don’t waste your youth away with Mediacorp, it really isn’t worth it. I’m sure you are more aware than anyone else just meager an actor’s salary is in Singapore. Just look at where people like chen tianwen are now – zhen wanling used to be his girlfriend, but look at just how far each has gone in life! Chen tianwen is still a struggling two-bit actor even after so many years…even Diana Ser and James Lye knew that there is no future working in Mediacorp. Joanna, you should not be wasting your life away as an actress, there is no future here. Even Fann Wong has paid a very high price to be where she is today, and not many people can be or aspire to be like Fann. Did you know that when she was very young Fann used to have a much healthier BMI and in fact she had a very meaty bum, but look at what all these years of slogging for mediacorp has turned her into? If you don’t believe me, go and watch the Hong Kong movie that Fann used to act very long ago togather with Moses Lim and Jack Neo that was filmed at the Pan Pacific Hotel at Marina. You won’t believe just how haggard Fann looks now compared to when she just entered showbiz.

    Don’t waste your education and youth away, Joanna. Go and find a better future. Being an actor in Mediacorp is for those who don’t have much education, really. That is the reality that many new comers refuse to see.

  30. Hi Joanne,

    Saw the photos u shoot for last week’s I-Weekly, nice portriats of ‘Uncle Sheng’ got any more to share?

    U should have advertise ur Master Piece when on stage at Bugis!


    ps: can share location of shoot? thks!

    • Hi Melvin,

      I didn’t manage to see that before I went on stage. Location was at AMK Techpoint, MediaCorp Publishing office. 🙂


  31. it ‘s ok de… nid to say sorry.
    u r bz,so u no nid to say sorry…..

  32. 🙂 i using prepaid line so cant sms to 73388. Feel so sad.. But i wil always come this blog support u oh.. 🙂 think now u sure very busy with your new movie rite? I wil try get one new line support you mblog..
    Take care..

    sophia @_@

  33. hi Joanne,

    Haha Just for some fun. Had a nice day.. cheers.

  34. joan chua xue qi

    Joanne i also support you can you add me friend from add already add you but you never relpy.

    • Dear Joan,

      I can’t add anymore friends on facebook because I’ve met my limit of 5000 friends.
      Sorry about that! If u haven’t added my Facebook page, feel free to do so.


  35. 其实你不用跟我们道歉。。


    • 对不起小颜,



  36. seriously, one cup size up during period? i think you’re the only female who owns 2 separate sets of bras then. -_- why would you spin such a lie? just be gracious and admit it. it was silly of you to inflate it so much. See, if you did it like LiLin and made the increase in size subtle, tongues wont be wagging as much. And that top at the cooking show? Totally asking for it.


    • Dear Someone,

      There is nothing for me to admit to really so it’s not about being gracious or not. I have been telling the truth but it seems that you choose to take the other side, which I’m ok with, because I can’t please everyone. And for the record, I did not say that I go up by one bust size during my period, which by the way was taken from an article a year ago. At that time, I mentioned that I do experience swelling, but with no mention of my cup size. It was the writer who assumed I went up by one cup size. Taking a picture when I was 19 years old and making a comparison with one at 25 and then disregarding the effects of hormonal changes is really stretching the imagination quite a bit. I can’t control what the reporters want to write and can only trust the readers to discern for themselves what is the truth. Just because I don’t retaliate doesn’t mean I can’t, but to me, it’s really something that got blown way out of proportion.

      As for the outfit on the cooking show, I have given a very thorough explanation via an email interview to TNP, but quotes were taken out of context to fit the story they were trying to build. In fact, I even spoke to the producer of the variety show after this whole saga broke out and we had a good laugh. He said the team didn’t think it was inappropriate and that they had initially wanted to give the guests artistes full frontal aprons but that didn’t follow through.

      🙂 Joanne

  37. hiii miss u

  38. Dear Joanne jie jie..



  39. Hey girl, know that there are still people around who have eyes to see, and knows well enough that what we see on the news might not be the truth. Know something interesting? I had the exact same sentiments about them comparing a picture of you when you were 19 and 25 when I first saw the two pictures in the article, and those were actually my very first thoughts.

    “When a door of happiness closes, another door of happiness opens.”

    Don’t stand outside that door that has been closed. Walk towards the door that’s open, and happiness will come your way.

    Life has never been smooth sailing, life has never been fair. But that doesn’t stop life from going on. So, why waste your time brooding over such stuffs? There’s so much more that Life can offer to you ; so much more joy, laughter and happiness. The choice, lies in your hands. 🙂

    Hope to see the cheerful & bubbly you back! 🙂 Once that part of you is back, don’t let it go, alright? (:

  40. joanne.:)
    I hope i can manage my finance.:) haha.. Dont worry.. Wil try a way to support u cos mblog oso can know your news everyday rite? Do u receive my email? Or i send wrong email address..
    Take care lo..

    Sophia @_@

  41. hiiiii

  42. hey Joanna sis!
    Stay happy always and take gd care of yourself. jiayou jiayou! you are simply great!!! 🙂 take cares!

  43. =)天天开心k-k♥

    hi joanne!
    err. sry but i did not subscribe to the phone thing… =( my mum does not allow me as my phone bill was like… 40 over $$. oh so sorrrryyyyyy.
    and of course i will still support ue lahh. =)
    but the the phone thing is really to expensive… sry!!!!!

  44. errr… wat happened to ur latest entry? i thot i saw it this afternoon? hmmm…

    • Dear Delphine,

      I checked with production and they advised any mention of the show is to be done in April, so was asked to take it down temporarily.
      Will put it up again once the green light is given! 🙂

  45. hey..joanne

    my fren subscribe her phone last two day,she only rcv one mms n msg le, if wan to know more about u ,mean must send to 73388 or just reply tat num?


    • Dear Sophia,

      Sorry I wish I could help but I think I’m not quite sure how to explain to you as I am only required to send the sms via a portal. As for how the msgs get sent out, when they get sent out and other technical information I don’t know. U can refer to the website for more details or write to the contacts provided on the webpage to have these questions replied.
      Thanks for ur support!

      Joanne 🙂

  46. =) oh.. ok ,thanks…by the way when your new drama coming out ar?


  47. Dear JOANNE sister:

    hello . i am JOanne Too. Just drop by to support you . Actually i have finished my exam yesterday today i will have my food tour with my friend. AND toay i suppose going back to JB already , but yet my father discourage me to go back as he want me to find some part time job at KL here.When i was free i will stuf to your blog to see what you have been going on to yourlife at MEdia . i do realise that you are getting more slimmer than before. OMG , but still LOok pretty . i love it .

    ANyway, i will share my thought and feeling to you next time . BUt hoping that you are not annoy to what i share with you oh .

    Oh ..the little nyonya really a best drama.i can get the feel into the drama. haha..the some of the kuih my mum know how to make it ..

  48. Joanne:

    Juz asking when will the filming of “Your Hand In Mine” end? I don’t think it’s done yet right? 180 episodes is a lot !

    Stanley 😀

  49. haha icic… got it! =)

  50. you look pretty and fair (:

  51. some people still harping on joanna’s boobs? well, even if joanna really lied to the public and being really dishonest and hypocritical, it’s her own choice. i respect her choice but i still have eyes to see.

    actually i prefer joanna being flat. more natural looking than now.

    • Dear viewer,

      Ur comment is a little conflicting. It’s strange u use ‘lying’, ‘dishonest’, ‘hypocritical’ and ‘respect’ in the same line. Ur words are very libelous and it can potentially get u into a lot of unnecessary trouble. So do be careful next time before u comment ok?

      I can’t be 19 forever, hormonal changes are part and parcel of life. Hope u will grow to appreciate me for the way I am, just a girl growing into a woman.


  52. It’s really very inconsiderate to promote such stuffs and ask people to spend money on it during this economic downturn. i don’t see other artistes who involved doing this like you.

    sorry, i wont waste money on useless stuffs.

    • Dear Elvin,
      Pls refer to my previous response. It’s perfectly ok for u to not approve of this service and not subscribe to it. Like I’ve said before do I approve of it? Not really but it’s my job as an artiste to put forth this service created by my company to the public. And i do what is within my capacity to do so. Perhaps we have been reading different sources but there are fellow artists who indicate the availability of this service on their blogs so I’m not sure what u are trying to imply. Thank u for ur feedback and support for my blog. 🙂


  53. Dearest joanne,
    I wil always support u , dont think so much wat ppl say.. Be tough.. I believe u .


  54. Joanne:

    Then when the show start still haven’t finished filming? :O Very looking forward to the show ! Haha. Jiayou Joanne ! And btw, I don’t believe you did what transplants, I believe it’s natural beauty 😛 Thanks for replying to my previous message anyway 🙂

    Stanley 😀

  55. Fans of Joanne:

    Top 20 Most Popular Female Artistes list came out yesterday. Joanne was one of the those who got in. Congrats to Joanne and her fans please support her. The hotline to support her has opened and the number is 1900-112-2037. Please be reminded that each call costs $0.80 and subjects to 7% GST. So if you like Joanne, support her ! 😉

    Stanley 😀

  56. Fans of Joanne:

    Top 20 Most Popular Female Artistes list came out yesterday. Joanne got in and also other artistes. Congrats to Joanne ! (: The hotline to support Joanne so that she can get into ‘Top 10 Most Popular Female Actress’ has opened yesterday. The number is 1900-112-2037. So if you like Joanne, please call this number. Also be reminded that each call costs $0.80 and is subjected to 7% GST. Thanks. Please support Joanne!

    Stanley 😀

  57. Hellos joanne=)
    Sruy arh,i cant msg cause its too ex liao..If mum know gonna kill me..Lolz..But i will always support you derh=)But star awards try to vote for you larh..if cnanot then no choice larhh..anyway still hope u will win the award hahas=)Got to go..wish u gud luck for eevrything u do/-.-

  58. 🙂 joanne.
    How yours day? 感到很荣幸因为你会一直update blog.. 让我更了解你。。。 你的戏没这样快拍完吧?

  59. Who is Joanna? I think they came into wrong blog by commenting about Joanna in Joanne’s blog.

  60. To funny:I dont know maybe they see wrongly or maybe type wrongly?You will never know mahhs..Hahas..

  61. Orh joanne jie=)
    By the way,you know who’s jermaine chin?She ‘s working in mediacorp?Hahaks =x

  62. Hi joanne u did a good job in the role of Wu you qing in your hands in mine.After watching the show i think that u are a actress who can fit into ur roles.I will continued to support you(:
    Btw how do get you into the mediacorp?

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