New Blog Template!

Hi all,

After more than a year of using the same old template, it’s time for a change. After all, many many things have happened over the year. Tonight, I’ve successfully switched my blog template, created a simple header, did some housekeeping with the widgets and refreshed all new pages. Click on them to see what’s new! I will try to update the pages in a timely fashion so do check back once in a while.

Goodnight! 🙂

53 responses to “New Blog Template!

  1. heyys joanne… but i think the the previous one was nicer as there were yr pics. but, i am not trying 2 say that this one is not nice. i think it is still nice…. but not as nice as the last one. =)(no offence!)

  2. dear joanne,

    congrats for the successfully switch-over!

    jia u!

    ah lum (needless to say… a fan of yours!)

  3. Dear Princess Joanne Peh,

    Hey again~!! pls rd my comment for u for the previous post=) anywayz..i’m nt quite used to ur new blog template but it’s jz cool and NICE~!!


  4. Dear Princess Joanne Peh,

    You have too gd acting skills in THE LITTLE NYONYA..OMGosh..i couldnt stop myself from watching ep 34 which you were eating insects and looking for rats..and even drinking rainwater..i’d cry whenever i watch the part..and also coulnt stop myself frm watching the part where those days you were a kind and pretty’re too brilliant!!

    supporting u always, my pretty princess Joanne,

  5. Hi Joanne jie jie,

    I think i havent really introduce myself.. My name is CLaudia and i am from Brunei..Have u visited Brunei already??

    Nice blog template!! Waaa 12:40am you still havent sleep ah.. and u are writing ur blog..Ermm..there is no header right coz i cannot see any..and also can i email u through

    Btw way is ‘三菜一汤’ your new drama??


  6. Joanne, how come the font for your new blog skin sooo small. hard to read leh. 😀

  7. Dear Princess Joanne Peh,

    OMGosh..i’m nw watching “like father like daughter
    ” you’re so cool and kind lor..pretty=) AWESOME!!!Keep it up my Dear and take care:)


  8. Dear joanne,
    I got one question about little nyonya drama..ermm,the xiao qi i mean felicia chin actually is acted as ur daughter har??coz i got little confuse here..actually I haven’t watch finish coz i watch astro de..this afternoon i watch dvd want at my aunty house mah..i skip and watch til last episode with them..can u answer my question?this drama really really mum and dad like it very much..u so kelian at last last de episode..but love acting in this drama..

  9. Hi Joanne
    nice change to your blog, i enjoyed watching little nonya on youtube even though i am not in sg haha
    must be hard work!! jia you!!

  10. I love previous template best!

  11. O-zaki Simizutoro

    Hi Joanne,

    i think the previous blog that u have is nicer and i not trying to say tis blog that u have now is ugly, but i not quite used to it on your new blog .

    Anyway do you have any upcoming Drama or events?


  12. Ermm…Vanessa?? r u frm PL??

  13. Dear Joanne Jiie,

    I would like to join the jollity Fans club..but i hav no idea of where to u tell me?? i’ll be catching u in ” 三菜一汤” tmr..hahas..desperate to know who’s the winner but i really hope that it’s u!!~take care & byez!


  14. hey mel..i oso wanna join jollity fans club but then i cannot leh:(so sad =[ coz my father don’t allow me to join =[ *sobs*

  15. sad..but then can we chat using MSN messenger??cuz we’d be known as Spamming if we’re to chat here..see u there ~!!

    *[joanne,sorry for chatting here..]*


  16. Dear Joanne Jiie,

    Errm..Joanne..what kind of font r u using??it’s damn nice..hope to know from u soon:]


  17. nice blog template

  18. Orh,so confuse she like have to call you grandma and yue niang is her great grandma lar?so is ur daughter’s daughter…how to say?quite complicated..haha..but so nice see u acting in this drama..1st id dono this side is talking about the lastime story..dis recently juz now it..haha but recall it,is yue niang was the person who oways look after ur daughter rite?

    From karen
    love and miss you always..joanne,must be the top ten best actress in the star awards,i believe u can de..

  19. u need to get a better camera!

  20. simple, yet sweet template you have now(: suits you!(ehs, doesn’t mean the previous one don’t suit you.. it suits you too!) the previous one got the feeling of hyper-active Joanna Peh, ha!

    take care dear(:

    Qi dai he ni jian mian oh:D

  21. feel more matured with this new template! maybe the changes of the picture

  22. heyhey Joanne,
    nice header.
    simple and sweet.
    u did it urslef?
    anyway congrats for being nominated for best actress!!

  23. Hi Joanne,

    Just watched finish “三菜一汤”. It was so nice, u r so cute hehe… Congrats on winning… I love Sichuan soup, i should try out the mushroom egg someday. =)

  24. Helloo Joanne..
    I just want to say that I love to see U acting in The Little Nyonya and I want to be Ur friend…

  25. hello joanne!

    i watched 三菜一汤 tonight and i think you are totally cute and funny there lah hahas.
    hope to see more of your entries!

  26. Hi Joanne,

    Just finished watching “三菜一汤”,congratulations on winning!! nite and take care!! jiayou!!

    mel & viv.

  27. Hello! This new blog header is simple yet sophisticated. But yar i actually prefer ur previous blog header. coz it gave a more cheerful & girl-next-door feeling. haha lol anw what matters more is that ur entries stay as sincere & lovable as before. =)

  28. Nice new template but it’s too blank, maybe more colourful will be better, Anyway it’s only comment, (know it’s very hard to create and organize a blog), so ganbate neh

  29. hi joanne,
    nice to meet you…can you link me?My blog? i wish to be friend with you.You so cute and pretty.I love you acting…so do you ahve any show to out come on channel 8?..Heard from you soon bye.

  30. Nicer than the old 1

  31. Hi Joanne, you are getting prettier each time i see you!!! Thumbs up!! Hmm… maybe you can make a short vblog about your daily life, food, makeup etc…. No offences juz some random thoughts. 🙂

  32. I actaully think the old template is more attractive, but I dont mind this one. Congratulations on your being nominated for Best Actress! 😉

    • Hi all,

      Appreciate the comments on my new blog template. The new template marks my journey into a new phase of my life and I hope all of you will continue to grow with me as I move on to greater challenges and roles in the future. And yes ethereal, the entries remain true and showcase the person I am, so do stay tuned~


      If someone develops a prettier banner, haha, it’ll change. Heh heh!

  33. 简单雅趣的模板透出了博主的个性,形成鲜明对比。
    英文就更不用提。 才女!!呵呵

  34. hi joanne, recently there was this plastic surgeon who claim tt one very famous ah jie had done some breast enhancement thing, and the description tt he said about that artiste was so obvious. do u think tt he should not have said all that to the media? btw, it’s from an evening daily.

  35. You know ah, I actually thought tht panamora picture as your banner was nicer. :] I liked that one v much.

  36. Hi Joanne Peh,

    Tuesday watch the 三菜一汤, Your cooking really look nice.. I like your soup.. It look like very nice lo.. haha… N so happy because u win le… Anyways take care always…


  37. Jia you!!! Joanne!

  38. Hi jie jie joanne, i really like you in little nyonya . i am recently watching the CD i b ought. haha , very nice.
    Take care,

  39. HiHi. Just tagged for fun

  40. Hiie joanne ! im yr super biq fan=)Lols..wne i watch th lil nyona..i was lyk so confused between u , jeannete and felicia cause its all related..anywayz..i hope tht u will win for star awards this year!God will definely grant yr wish.[x

    Takecaires =)

  41. Hi Hi !! ~~ I am your biggest fan !!! Love you

  42. JiaYousss Joanne Keep Up ..

  43. Hello Joanne (:
    eur name was nice 😀
    eur acting was good (:
    eu got next movie to on?

  44. Hi Joanne Jie Jie,
    I am charis I am 11 yrs old this yr 2009 n my birthday is on 30 december i am a girl. I luv ur show (The Little Nonaya).

  45. Hi joanne

    I just like to tell you that on the channel U Party
    that dress that you wore is very sexy on you (Sorry don’t it Wrong.)

    Good Job in the last ep of the Little Nonaya
    you deserve it man…hope to here from you soon…


  46. I dun tink you deserve the award….Jeanette is far too good than you. I really feel so injustice for her. Your acting juz not up to standard….

  47. Dear princess jollity, congrats the new blog and i am your super biggest of yours i like your act you best female artistist and i going join your fan club very soon got one things i want no matter what the jeanette aw supporter or fan say about you in you new blog just ingore it don’t put it your heart ok stiil got lot people supporting you and the jollityfc too so cheers up ok,and i also wish can be your friend not just fan only free you can reply me love you

  48. joanne last time the carlsberg roadshow was the best i am enjoy it very much i see you on this friday roadshow and this sunday telemolvie ok jiayou

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