New Year Shanghai Cows

I took this picture when I was travelling alone in Shanghai last year. It wasn't even Christmas yet and there were small stores selling Chinese New Year decorations and cards. I can't imagine what it was like in January when the retail sector gets ready for Chinese New Year. I haven't had time to sit down and organise my photos or blog about my trip and to be honest, I think I just might not be able to have a complete travel journal, because I didn't keep one when I was there. It's one of the things I hope to get done this year. Haha, what a new year resolution eh?
I took this picture when I was travelling alone in Shanghai last year. It wasn’t even Christmas yet and there were already small stores selling Chinese New Year accessories and cards. I contemplated getting these but I assumed they would come to Singapore during Chinese New Year. Sure enough I saw them hanging by the racks in Chinatown last month, but somehow the “local” ones just didn’t seem to look quite the same as those I saw in Shanghai. Maybe it’s the traveler’s syndrome. I wish I had time to sit down and organise my photos and blog about my Shanghai trip the moment I came back while the images and emotions were still fresh. Hopefully that’s something I’ll get done some time this year.

Travelling alone is always an enriching experience. It is also during this time that I see and feel the most. If I may borrow a quote from the launch issue of Asia Geographic Passport to sum up why I enjoy travelling by myself so much, it would be, “It is when you realise how ill-equipped and alone you are in this world that your journey truly begins.”

39 responses to “New Year Shanghai Cows

  1. 只想告诉你一件事。。


  2. I went Shanghai last year also~ XD

  3. travelling alone? hehe, wish i could join u there 🙂

  4. wow, i went SH in dec last year when it was really cold. came back sick for a month 😐

    thanks for the nice photos and writeups!

  5. heyys joanne. tys 4 all e fotos…. update more! 🙂

  6. Joanne, did you make this blogskin yourself?
    If yes, how did you insert the link that allows you to comment on each post? what is the html code for that?
    Hope you could help me. thanks.


    • Hi Vanessa,

      WordPress has the tools already in place. It’s not created from scratch, the skin is a template that allows the owner to customise the header, so quite idiot-proof for people like me who knows nothing about html code or creating blogskins. 🙂


  7. 哈咯,Joanne姐姐,我很想知道你的生肖是什么和生日是在几时哦。。。咔咔~~ok吗。。不可以也没有关系哦~~


  8. i have one of those cows at home 🙂

  9. Hey Joanne,
    I saw tis cow toy in Miri, Sarawak
    It looks like the same com…muuu…..
    Happy Chinese New Year!

    And tks for all the photos tat u put on yr blog!
    All nice! ^^

  10. melissa miss joanne

    heyy joanne jiie!


    anyway i am already in Melbourne.and 2nd day of class redi,something different as new environment,new friends and have to learn to be independant! as parents will be in im kinda alone here liao! missing home!….

    joanne jiie, wad do i need to do if i were to stressed up??
    like,tips how to calm or relax?

    i still need advices from many people though!

    hope to hear from u soon 😛
    miss yah lots! TAKE CARE!!!


    • Hi Melissa,

      U’re adding too much stress on urself. If u keep focusing on how different everything is and how alone u are, the fear will creep up at you. Try to embrace the new environment, take the initiative to make new friends and treat everything with curiosity. When u focus on learning about the new place, it’ll distract u from the comfort zone u’re missing from home. I hope..! 🙂 Be careful and don’t take safety for granted!


  11. The only bad thing I can think about is that there’s no one to take photo of yourself and the nice background.

    Any good place to recommend to go travelling alone?

  12. Hi Joanne,
    Shanghai was a nice plc to travel, beijing oso not bad I guess.


  13. Ahh… i see. i like your header. 😀 did you use photobucket or photoshop? you did the header yourself?


  14. 发了几次信息,好像是没有提交。
    Life is like a journey, not a destination.what matters is the scenery along the way and the mood of scenery, let the mood to travel!


  15. 哦,Joanne姐姐,你还没有回复我的啊。。。。


  16. Hi Joanne Peh,

    Last yr u go shanghai u saw the cow.. Then last month u at chinatown saw the cow but u said is a bit different from the shanghai.. But at the end did u buy the cow at chinatown?? I like the cow so much.. haha.. My home got one red colour one.. hehe.. Last time i watch the佳节年华 u all went 2 chinatown, i saw the cow at tv lo.. so cute..haha..

  17. melissa miss joanne

    Hey Joanna Jie!

    Thanks for your advice! But sometimes i may not be good with words and therefore sometime i dunno wad to say…i ready have a couple of friends and wishes to make MORE friends but sometimes i just dunno how to start…being in a new environment is a good start for me as i’ve never been left alone and never have to fend for myself as parents have always been there for me. Studies is going well for me right now at the momment, Hope in the future as the work gets tougher and tougher i will still be able to cope!!…anything can ask you??


    • Hi Melissa,

      There are people who care about u too, look out for Disney’s advice! I’m so happy that my blog allows fans/readers to share problems and offer solutions, so feel free to ask for advice here and I’m sure u’ll feel better too!


  18. hey melissa

    you’re a very priviledged gal you know, 3 years will fly by in a flash.. so enjoy your uni experience 🙂

    one of the ways to ease into the environment, go for the day trips organised by the groups or international student societies. you’ll get to know people from other countries & enjoy the sights. melbourne is such a compact city and yet so ‘european’. st kilda’s beach, victoria mkt.

    Try going to the pot luck dinners organised by your housemates. if you really miss home alot, view you**be videos of sg drama. it helps & you’ll almost feel like you are back home again.

    even though you know you’ll miss your friends and sgp, don’t overdo it… 🙂 coz the best time you’ll have is when you’re not in singapore. and these are special memories you’ll have in years to come coz we do these things when we’re young once!

  19. I wanna go holiday on my own too! But im still not ready yet, both financially and mentally. Guess gonna wait till few more yrs that i’ve finish school and get a job. I always wanna visit Japan ^^

  20. “It is when you realise how ill-equipped and alone you are in this world that your journey truly begins..”

    Hi Joanne,
    It’s good to know that someone enjoys travelling alone as much as I do. People think it’s stupid to travel alone, because there’s no one to share the beautiful scenery you see with, and perhaps share and experience the same joy you feel too. Nonetheless, sometimes a journey alone makes you appreciate and treasure what you have now.

    All the best in your career, and hope to see more of your good works!

    Hui Jun

  21. Oh. 😀 thanks.

  22. melissa miss joanne

    hey disney!
    thanks for ur advice!!
    yeappx redi went to victoria u know i am in uni??
    hmmmmm..u mean youtube?? search wad?? cos tudou also need wait for people upload then can watch..hahaha..yeahx

    im already more or less adapted to here and…sometimes will miss home…true…we only get to do this when we are young!!


  23. melissa miss joanne

    hey joanne jiie!!
    yapx,im also happy to recieve receive from fans/readers and you!! but wad u the advices u told me last time i still havent forget..and its time i can apply it!! 🙂
    i might be coming back sg in june..for maybe 2 weeks or less…provided i dun have anything to do in melbourne like studies etc. If i were to come back,really hope can see u also also celebrate my advance birthday as my birthday is in August… getting old..hahahaha…
    so how was filming going along? everything alright??


  24. wow travelling alone is quite carefree. can go wherever u want at any time as u wish. though it may be lonely sometimes, like u feel like talking but there’s no one by ur side to share ur joy. hope u’ve taken lots of pics!

  25. 一个人的旅行是孤单的,不过那的确让自己有机会成长的时候。期待你的下一次分享!
    “世界的美是因有你的分享” ;)

  26. Hi Joanne jie jie,

    I went Shanghai long time ago..Why do they need to sell Chinese New Year accessories and cards so early??

    So are u fliming any new drama yet??
    I did also open a new blog..if u have time pls visit its
    I didnt really have time to upload my pictures coz all the homework in school its too much for me!! I will try to upload more photos as soon as posible..


  27. Hi joanne,

    I am so shocked when i know you like travelling to other countries your own self. Wahh! you are so independent 😀 i enjoyed travelling with my mother to other countries because we always do our shopping together.

    Josica ❤

  28. travelling alone??! I oso have plans for that……….it just that there r many things have to be taken into consideration by travelling alone, like safety and the expenses would be higher….

    sob sob…

  29. 想问你。。


  30. 已经一个星期多了。。


  31. Joanne,

    Wow! *clapping hand* I admire you bravery so u’re girl alone in country! I shall learn from you.
    Soft cows had selling smaller to bigger size and gold/red in colour from Beijing. They are cute!


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