Making New Year Resolutions


In just a few hours, it’s going to be 2009! What are your new year resolutions?

I’ve never been big on new year resolutions, and haven’t really made a list of them for the past couple of years. Far too often, people around me make customary new year resolutions that they never could keep. To me, new year resolutions are stressful because we are setting goals and targets that will guide our actions in the upcoming year when most of the time we can’t predict what’s going to come our way that might disrupt the plans. And it’s never a good feeling when fulfillment of goals elude us for an entire year.

Someone once told me, if you actually write them down and pin it up somewhere where you can see it everyday, it becomes ingrained in your subconscious, and you will be working towards it without really trying very hard. So at the end of the year when you do a reflection, you would realise that those words on the wall have actually cast their effect.

So I think I will try that this year, and hopefully next year when I’m writing my last entry for 2009, they would have come true.

Meanwhile, I would like to wish all a Happy New Year and keep those resolutions stuck on the wall!

111 responses to “Making New Year Resolutions

  1. Wish you all the best in 2009~!

  2. heys joanne! 🙂 Happy new year to you in advance pretty! Stay as cute and pretty as ever. I do hope your resolutions come true:D Anyways, I absolutely love your acting in lil nonya 🙂
    Haha, i should try the same on my resolutions. stick them on the wall:)

  3. Ohoh! forgot to tell u something! Have fun for the countdown tonight! And please take care ok, don’t fall sick again:)

    totally agree with your post.
    happy new year to you yeah!!

  5. hi joanne!

    you guys filming at lentor right? 😀 our family’s good friend stays at 54… 😀 Haha! Just one house away! :DD


    xoxo kim

  6. O-zaki Simizutoro

    hi joanne, your little nyona have 2nd

  7. hey(:

    i think you have nice dimples when you smile,
    i think that your acting in The Little Nyonya was very good.

  8. happy new year to u 🙂

  9. I kinda stopped making New Year resolutions.
    They are like invisible bonds that make you wanna not achieve what you first set out to do, at least to me…

    Happy 牛 Year!


  10. Hi Joanne Peh,

    Me again.. Rmb me.. haha… u update your blog again… Nice reading your blog… haha.. I can tell u my blog is very boring one.. hehe.. Emm.. Anyway here 2 wish u A Happy New Year 2009!!! Yeah!!!



  11. Wish u a Happy Chinese New Year Joanne!
    Support u oways!! ^^

  12. I will be having my O levels next year! x.x
    Hope I can pass with flying colours, haha.
    Hope those pin ups can really help me work towards my goal, haha. 😛

    Happy New Year Joanne! (:

  13. Hi Joanne,
    I wanna ask u
    Why when I’ve give u a comment, then afterwards when I open yr blog again,
    I cant see the comment ??
    But when the comments is getting more and more,
    I can finally see mine
    I will always support u!!!!
    Support u oways!!!!

    • Hi Justea

      Ur comments have to be approved by me before they will be published, that is why you can’t see the comment right after you type it out. And because I approve the comments at one go, u will see yours along with many others. 🙂 Thanks so much for ur support!


  14. 祝你新年快乐!!!在2009年样样顺利,身体健康。。

    and btw,its so difficult to watch in taiwan, even youtube doesn’t have. but in the end, i still found an engine but it is so slow.
    anyway,good luck!


  16. hey joanne jiie!


  17. hey sweet. 🙂
    heard you talking just now, your voice seems to be worse than that on saturday! what happened huh? rest more and drink more water okay. don’t strain your voice too much. 🙂



  19. Thanks Joanne! (:
    Btw, I’m a new fan of yours ><
    You did awesome job in The Little Nyonya!
    I love to see you acting. (:
    Hope to see more from you. Jiayou! ❤

  20. last day of 2008 and u went mad..

    (as in the little nyonya. hehe)

    happy new yr to u anw! 🙂

  21. Happy New Year Joanne! All the best for year 2009!

  22. Hi, happy new year! have a great year ahead. 😀

  23. melissa miss joanne

    hey joanne jie.happy new year! hope 2009 will be a better year for you! may ur career go smoothly for you and ur friends…see yah soon…take care!! (:


  24. O… wonder… wonder
    Support u oways!!!

  25. Hi Joanne,

    your hard work can be seen in ur recent 9pm drama. U are really improving, keep up the good work. Take care!

    ur loyal fan

  26. Hi Joanne

    Cheers to a healthy and fulfilling year for you in 2009. More opportunities and more breakthroughs. Jia You!

  27. joanne, why i never see you at the channel 8 countdown party?

  28. Hello Joanne,

    I heard you at Boon Lay yesterday. Your singing was great 😀 I was attracted to the area when i heard someone singing, didn’t know it was you! It was really good to hear you sing so well, sing more often! Happy 2009 to You 🙂


  29. hi joanne

    saw u ytd in the office suit. haha couldn’t continue standing under the tree to watch coz the ppl shoo us away, if not later we appear on tv -.-

    haha hope to see ya soon.

    xoxo kim

  30. Hi joanne i just became a new fan of yours, after watching the little nyonya. i think ur acting in it was pretty good! yuzhu is my favourite character; it’s a pity the scriptwriter was so cruel to her.

    Anyway happy 2009, and hope you manage to stay true to your resolution!

    By the way I like your blog. it’s way more introspective and honest than some other artistes’ blogs ive come across.

    Take care!:)

    • Hi newfan,

      It’s always nice to hear that someone likes my writing because that has always been one of my passions, so to be able to share that with someone means a lot.
      Yuzhu is actually the script writer’s favourite character! Because she’s the only pure one in the family that comprises of so many evil characters.I think beyond the surface, Yuzhu has such a big heart, and such a disarming disposition that no one realises she is the one to bear the retribution on family for all the evil they did. So she is a beautiful character.


  31. Dear Joanne,

    Happy New Year! May 2009 be a wonderful year for you! Wishing you good health and success in everything you do. Have a JOLLY 2009! =D


  32. Excuse me mabey got Little Nonya 2? featuring yr baby?mabey angi(felicia)

  33. Hey Joanne.
    Happy New Year, had a great year ahead 🙂

  34. 嗨!薇秀,新年快乐!请问今年的《红星大奖》什么时候举办?

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  36. JOANNE!!!

    HAPPY 2009!!!





    SHURONG ((:

  37. Joanne,


    xiiao cHeaN

  38. Wishing you a very blessed New Year Ahead!

    Happy New Year!!

  39. Hello Joanne Peh. How’re you doing ? I’ve not been to your blog about 2month already. Sorry. Don’t have the time to come here. ): Anyway, just to let you know, I’m one of your fan. Aim high whatever you’re doing. I’m sure, you can do that. ((: Smile always. Oh Ya, I saw you at BoonLay on 31stDec2oo8. So pretty of you. (: Stay pretty always. I really hope that you can tag me at my blog. Tags will be fully appericate.((: Thanks !!!

  40. Um Yr dad(as in little nonya (darren lim)WHY NVR SAVE U SO BAD Becuse of the bank thing?anyway vry great acting NIce=p hope u get star awards 2009 . hee
    take care
    hope to see u on tv more!!!
    yr fan

  41. Hi, can I ask was it you at Marina Square on Christmas/ Christmas eve? I thought I saw someone looking alike.

  42. Hi, 薇秀,你好!

  43. hello joanne….haha superb actings in little nonya! and you are very pretty too…and lastly, happy new year! 😀

  44. Hey!! you really acted damm real at the Little Nyonya..
    Hope to see you more often on TV!!!

  45. Hello Joanne!

    I’m not sure if you remember this event of not,
    but you sang for NKF at 2002. You sang “Mice like Rice”.
    And there are little kids dressed as mice and rice dancing around you. Remember that? I was one of the mice you’ve take picture with! How i wish i was smarter and asked for your number! HAHA. Just kidding 😀
    My new year resolution is to be one of singers in Singapore.
    Write me back Joanne! You’re a great actress at little Nonya!

    Pink Mouse, Dominic 😀

  46. Hi, 薇秀, 你好!


  47. Greetings,
    Hope you have a wonderful 2009!

  48. O-zaki Simizutoro

    Hi Joanne,

    your show called: Little nyona have 2nd part of the drama,

    beside the 1st part of the drama.

    may i know u have any upcoming shows @ channel 8

    beside little nyona.


    • Dear Zhi Wei,

      I’m involved in the long drama 🙂 I’m not sure if there will be a part 2 for “Little Nyonya”.


    it has been such a long period since i ever comment on yr blog.
    im watching 小娘惹 now, th last ep.
    gosh, thers one part of th show, shows you are holding th insects. isnt it scary?.
    yucks, you are brave! 😀
    wahaha, all th best!!!

  50. Hi,
    I was away from Singapore for a long time. I fondly remember the days when Zoe Tay was Queen.
    The TV scene has changed so much and Channel U has also merged back into MC. I came back occasionally and no drama caught my attention. I was in town last 2 weeks and apart from catching up with friends, I caught up with local TV drama and Little Nonya caught my attention. I was amused with my mother and friends for wanting to go home early to watch the show. There were so many people talking about the show. I soon join them.

    You did very well. I was impressed. I soon found out that you are one of the new Queens of MC. I wish you all the best and keep doing the your best, 逆水行舟,不进则退! Keep Smiling, you look very sweet with the smile.

    Yes, I stayed home and had early dinner so that we can catch the last epi tonight.

    • Hey KK,

      U’ve misunderstood, I’m not the new Queen of MC. Haha, right now I’m not qualified at all, but I appreciate you thinking so highly of me.
      Thank u for ur continuous support and hopefully my future productions will not disappoint you.


  51. i hope your new year resolutions will make you motivated in whatever you do and stay happy always!!

    *joanne will u be keeping long hair? i miss your long hair looks!
    neways, u still look great nevertheless!

    * i will miss the kind, gentle and magnanimous yu zhu in XNR
    after seeing ur explaination that yuzhu is the one bearing the retribution.. it makes me feel so sad~ but indeed, that’s the beauty of the character, u did a wonderful potrayal for yuzhu…

    * happy to see ur reply! =DD

    * hope to see ur new show soon and that it will be a good hit as well! usually in cases for long epi drama — pple either hate it or love it.

    *don’t worry, will keep supporting u joanne! rmb we are always her to cheer for you!

  52. Hi Joanne,

    On Saturday my parents and frens saw u outside Radio Gate with some fans when driving into MediaCorp. They walked back there 5 mins later but you already went off. Thats fast hehe… They should have drive over there first and chat with u.

    I didn’t manage to see you around in the afternoon when we were at the make-up room after rehearsals… After that all the way was at studio for the Sheng Siong show waiting for 8pm… quite boring.. 😛

    Anyway its alright, I shall see you soon again ya… =)
    Heard that u had long filming yesterday, must be very tiring~
    Must take care k… miss you (“,)

  53. today last eps of little nyonya but i still love it! i will still support you joanne!
    take care. =)

  54. awed by yr acting as ‘Yuzhu’! =)

  55. Hello Joanne!!!

    Very wonderful actings in Little nyonya!!!
    Very impressive and touched by the last episode!

    Wish you luck for Star Award 2009!
    Hope you will win!

    Looking forward to ur next drama!! 😀

    Take Care!

  56. Hi

    One of the things I have learnt about making New Year resolutions, and your goals for that matter, is to set realistic ones, so that it will be possible to keep, with some mental discipline.

    It is actually good to make some New year resolutions, as it is always good to set your goals, so that we will be much more focused in what we are going to do, and not aimless. It is customary to set New Year resolutions, so you will know what you want to achieve in the next short one year!

    For me, I don’t think making too many New Year resolutions work for me, as I am quite simple-minded, and I will be too confused with so many goals to achieve: so I keep it simple. For me, I wish in the next one year, I will be able to think deeply into things in my life, and improve in areas of my memory, becoming less blur in the process. I wish I can be independent in my thinking and solve my own problems independently by my own thinking process, instead of always asking people for help. in short, I wish I can plan my own life, and make things happen for me, without always leaving everything to fate, i.e. mature in my thinking process 🙂 Actually it is not wrong to ask people for help when you really needed help; it is just that I wish to reduce this frequency, so that I will be less pesky 🙂

    And how am I going to ahieive this: I have already thought of my master plan. I will do things step by step; first I will discipline myself to think about tasks I am planning to do the next day, the night before I go to sleep, so that I will be mentally ready to do what I m su[pposed to do when I wake up the next day. When I get used to it, I can think things a bit further in the future, maybe the next few day.

    Yoke Peng

  57. Hi Joanne,

    Ya, yuzhu is one of my fav character too. Shes really kind-hearted willing to forsake her own happiness in exchange of her sister’s. She don’t deserve such retribution of what her family did to others..

    U acted her well.. When chen xi visited her at mental hospital after she went mentally challenged. After which, theres a screen when chen xi confronted her “wife” on yuzhu situation. a scene flashback yuzhu shouted help for her sister.. Thats sad! How cruel that is!


  58. To Zhi Wei, I have this advice for you… MOVE ON ALREADY AND STOP PINING FOR A PART 2 FOR LITTLE NYONYA.

    Anyway Joanne, who would have thought that ‘you’ are indeed the Ma Ma of Anqi? We dont even know what really happened to Yuzhu in the end… but Im quite certain she didnt live long after Zuye was sent for adoption? Hao ke lian… :-(((

  59. Hi,

    It’s quite unlike me to leave comments on an actor’s/actress’s blog but i guess my observation of the media coverage for the last few weeks/days has pushed me to do so.

    I’d like to say that the media has been focusing way too much on jeannette aw’s character and performance (not that i’m dissing her, yes, she did a good job). But i believe that your excellent performance as Yuzhu is way underrated. The role as Yuzhu is a far more challenging one and my opinion is that you’ve proven that you have put in much effort to do well. It’s much more difficult to act well in Yuzhu’s role and you’ve stepped up to the plate and delivered. congrats.

    • Thank you Amy for your very encouraging comments. There is a lot more stress being so high profile and talked about, so I’m quite comfortable with the way things are right now. I would like to let my work do the talking because that is what will pave my way to a long-term career. Time will tell, so I do appreciate your continuous support in my future productions. 🙂


  60. Hey Joanne,

    I felt that you did a fabulous job in Little Nyonya. You conveyed the emotions of Yuzhu very well and all your scenes really touched me. Not to mention that you look really cute in the Kebaya. Haha.


  61. I’m waiting for your next drama series. jia you joanne!
    always your loyal fans! hehe. =)

  62. actually joanne, u should not think tt u are not in the running for the ah-jie title in caldecott hill.

    but even if u are being neglected on tt, i doubt being ah-jie is your ultimate goal. i think tt since u have the potential, maybe u can go into musicals in future, or in theatre productions.

  63. hi joanne

    you learned to chew the betel nut from Yue Niang give instruction. Does it taste like bitter and nice? What’s name of leaf with betel nut?
    After chewing, why spit it out? It’s very interesting!

    Best Wishes for your acting and Happy New Year to U!


  64. Joanne,
    everybody has their own MC Queen in their heart.
    You are my Queen and I am sure to many people as well.

    Continue to work hard and keep your feet on the ground. You will be Queen.

    I may not be in Spore but will keep tab and will be voting for you.


  65. Hahaha. I don’t really write down my resolution for the year too. For me, it’s bascially because I’m worried that I won’t be able to achieve it. So ya.

    BUT I know of a resolution that everyone can stick to no matter what disruptions there might be (I think). Haha. It’s linked to a campaign that’s going on now. Have heard or read the line “Start it, Show it, Share it” anywhere? I bet you have. It’s like on banners on webbies and on ads on tv. I find that it’s a really meaningful campaign. I think you’ll be interested in it too. Heh. It’s a kindness campaign to urge Singaporeans to be kinder to make Singapore a nicer place to live in. Yup. The resolution “Be kinder” should be something that we can stick to, right? Haha. Anyway, if you have the time, can you visit to support the campaign? It’s for a good cause (:

    Alright. I got to go. BYE!

  66. Hey Joanne! 😀
    I started loving you after i watched little nyonya.
    You did a great job in little nyonya! 😀
    Hope I will have a chance to take pictures with you next time! 😀

  67. i have been following the news lately too and its just sooooooo unfair that your not getting equal media coverage for your impressive perform of little nonya. You definitely deserve a nomination at least for your brillant act. I like you so much now!

    Neither was i aware of some retarded online countdown voting else i would have given you my vote too. I guess i wasnt the only one. There wasnt much publicity done about it.

    I will be looking forward to a role where you will be given the same opportunity to unleash your potential just like jeanette in XNR . I know you would be able to create a smashing performance. i will wait!

    • Hey Begal,

      Thank you so much for your ardent support, I’m glad you like the show and my character Yuzhu.
      Haha, I had no idea what poll there was because you are right, there was not much publicity about it, probably because it’s meant to be in good fun and not to be viewed too seriously. No matter 🙂 I’m happy to know that you are excited about my upcoming performance, because I’m excited to put it forth too! U take care.


  68. i felt that the ending was a little too haphazard. There’s no proper rounding off for the huang family, yuzhu and liu yi dao so the whole nostalgic effect was not reached.

  69. Happy 牛 Year Joanne!
    I don’t make resolutions for the past years so decided to make for this year coz it’s MY YEAR. HEHE

    Simple ones like saving money, must go Japan for my honeymoon…

    Take care! ^_^

  70. hi joanne,

    the tree opposite the corner hse.


  71. hi can you pls reply me and i like you in little nonya shirt !!! mmm…….. can you help me make a nonya food? i hungry

    from: cheng hui

  72. Hi Joanne, may i noe the name and address of the store u and michelle chia visited? On last week episode of “Jolly Good Time”. u all introduced the clothes which was from other countries.

    Thanx alot! hope to hear from u soon=)
    jiayou for ur acting!!

    • Hi Sim,

      Oh dear, which store are u talking about? I think it’s at Bugis Village second floor.
      Give me more details like what clothes were we wearing in that shop and I will try to help u.


  73. u all were wearing checkered kind of clothes. u were wearing a red one den Michelle wearing a grey one. i tink Michelle Chia was oso wearing a pant like Ali Baba kind. In the show Michelle mention tat the pant can be worn for office oso. coz my aunt from Malaysia watch the show and she want to purchase the pant but not sure about the address.
    Hope you can help mi=)
    reali thanx alot!!!

  74. Hi! 你在小娘惹中的演出非常突出, 亮眼! 演技进步许多耶。在看这部戏我不知不觉的变成你的粉丝了!
    工作以外也要好好照顾身子啊。 🙂

  75. 你在小娘惹中的演出非常突出, 亮眼! 演技进步许多耶。在看这部戏我不知不觉的变成你的粉丝了!
    工作以外也要好好照顾身子啊。 🙂

  76. hey joanne!

    i want to find out what is the name of the shops you went to, for a “Jolly Good Time” episode, you went to a supermarket, with technology on the shopping cart, and the cookie place!

    thanks 😀

    • Hi Gladys,

      The supermarket is at One-North, some fusionpolis building I think. The cookie place is called Cookie Museum, located at Esplanade Mall, first level if I’m not wrong.


  77. hey reali thanx alot=)
    my aunt will be happy to know where to get the pant.

    jiayou for ur acting n hope to c more of ur show on tv!!


  78. Hi Joanne,

    The first time drama series you acted in 2002, Beautiful Connection (九层糕) if i’m not wrong was when I become your fan.
    Might not be convincing. =S
    Anyway the the character u acted in little Nonya was awesome! But I was so furious when you become mentally unsound in that show. I mean Yuzhu is such a nice girl and shouldn’t be treated so badly.

    I hope I had a sister like you and have your autograph but I know it is simply impossible.

    Anyway all the best for your career in years to come! XD

  79. Hi Joanne (:

    I must say I really do like your writing alot. There are like hidden meanings behind each and every word and sometimes I have to admit they do make me go into deep thinking haha!

    And I do learn quite alot of stuff from your posts, like how to write better etc. They’re all very meaningful and I love reading them (:

    You’re great! Take care!

  80. hi joanne,

    i feel tt the 3 mins special of the little nyonya is uhh……

    at least ur acting is not affected by this.

    btw, i feel that “jolly good time” should put the location of the shops, and not let viewers search for the addresses.

    Since I said that, just want to know where is the shop called “Crescendo”? Is it inside “The Market Place at one-north”?

    • Hi Kel,

      Thank you for your encouragement. I am glad u tune in to Jolly Good Time! I think I mentioned in a previous reply to someone else, the show is unable to indicate the addresses due to programme buying/sponsorship issues. U can feedback to the production side if u’d like a more accurate explanation. So in the meantime u need to know anywhere feel free to post at my blog and I will help u as much as I can.

      Crescendo is the place that sells olive oil?


  81. yup. crescendo is the place that sells olive oil, apple cider vinegar.

    • Hi Kel,

      The shop is just outside the checkout area of Marketplace located in the same building on the same floor. 🙂


  82. Hi Joanne, XD

    Sorry, I’m not very good with words and quite unsure what I’m saying in my previous post.

    But can I ask you something?
    There was one boutique where Michelle was wearing a black and checkered short-sleeved windbreaker or something.
    What is the name of that shop?

  83. i don like little nyonya

  84. the acting still good

  85. will there be little nyonya 2?

  86. 薇秀姐姐,你演的小娘惹好好看哦!!!加油咯!

  87. hi joanne!

    in the jolly good time episode this wk, what was the name of the shop before the tough jean smith one? the stuff there looked really classy! =) thanks in advance!

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