Singapore Grand Prix 2008

I was filming in Malacca the past couple of days and when I returned, I fell into my regular habit of browsing quickly through the headlines dominating our ST for the past few days, just to get an idea what I’ve been missing in Singapore. There was quite a bit of coverage on the F1, which was a breath of fresh air from the tainted milk scandal in China. I know I mentioned in my most recent 8DAYS interview that I am not quite excited about the Grand Prix, but I am taking back my words. All that news coverage and gripping pictures of the cars, the drivers and their teams has got me very enthusiastic about Sunday’s race. Never mind that roads are blocked off, or that it takes an unusually long time to travel through town. When I watched the practice session on Channel 5 last night, it was love at first sight. There isn’t a better place to hold the race because watching the cars zoom past all those familiar buildings that we’ve been made to study for History in secondary school, all traffic/road/mall inaccessibility grievances gave way to pride and respect for Singapore and the people who invested time, money and strength on the planning and infrastructure of the first night race.

It was somewhat surreal from the aerial view, because what struck me most was the warm lighting from our famous landmarks like the Supreme Court, against the bright lights of the track and the crawling traffic along the ECP, against the super cars racing underneath. It’s one of those mental pictures that will stay in my head for a long long time.

Aerial view of the race track.

British Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton of McLaren Mercedes narrowly beat title rival Felipe Massa by just 0.080secs in the first session.

British Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton of McLaren Mercedes narrowly beat title rival Felipe Massa by just 0.080secs in the first session.

Felipe Massa of Ferrari finished third in Session Two.

Fernando Alonso in his Renault, clocking the fastest timing for Session Two

Fernando Alonso of Renault, clocking the fastest practice timing for Session Two.

This is why Singapore Grand Prix 2008 matters.

I haven’t got tickets to watch it live at Marina Bay, so I will have to content with watching in on Channel 5. Now I am truly a victim of the “Magic Bullet Theory“.

15 responses to “Singapore Grand Prix 2008

  1. Dear Joanne,

    hi~ still remember me? i’m in WKWSCI now.. hehe =)
    how’s everything in malacca? hope you enjoyed malacca food.. went back home last week for a couple of days as it was our recess week, and so coincidentally to find out that you guys are filming in malacca! passed by one of the shooting places and managed to take a photo with Pierre.. hehe.. too bad you wasn’t there with them..

    Do come back and visit our school when you’re free. (i’m so proud to use the term ‘our school’, proud that i’m officially your indirect junior now.. haha =D though life in SCI isn’t easy at all.. sigh..)

    take care always =)

  2. I saw the first practice session from my office yesterday and it was considered a near perfect view. Though I was not really excited about the Grand Prix, the anticipation and enthusiam of some of my colleagues somehow influenced me as well. Haha!

    The cars looked very much like remote-controlled cars from where i was and all of us felt that the cars were going abit too slow to our liking. But i guess they were trying to familarise with the circuit. Nevertheless, it was still a whole new experience to watch it LIVE! =)

    Just in case you are intereted, you can actually watch F1 at just $8. With such a low cost, you get to catch F1 action from the third storey of the Suntec convention centre where the Singapore Motorshow is held, courtesy of Subaru agent MotorImage. Only 150 guests will be able to enjoy the privilege. For more information, do refer to the Life! session Page E14 of Saturday’s Straits Times.

  3. hi there…
    initially i could hv 4 free tix to F1, bt i gave up the chance of having it..will fill u in some other y i gif up those tix..haha..
    bt anw, those cars were nice n the night view of singapore =)

  4. O-zaki Simizutoro

    Hi Joanne,

    No more Ticket for the F1 Car Racing. but never minds we

    still can watch@ Starhub Channel.

    By the way joanne who do you support inside the F1 Drivers?

    I Support Alonso inside the F1.

    Love Joanne 🙂

  5. hi joanne jie,

    if u can c the real life of the F1 u feel tat it’s reali veri lucky for u?ooo…..n luv the pics of u.

  6. Hi,joanne…my admire and love actress…I’m the first one wrote here…hope u got notice me…this is the first time u knw me..i got snd email to u…got receive or not?just wan to knw more bout u…really really hope we can be frenz…i knw u busy but can u reply me?how are u?still filming little nyonya?i’m not singaporean so cannot catch up all ur drama early…and i’m watching the golden path now…u bcum more pretty and pretty lor…I like u acting in the truth…bring a diffrences of you…

    hope my tv channel will show little nyonya or beach ball babes soon…i wan to watch all ur drama…hope u reply me…Joanne peh…I will keep supporting you…jia you jia you orh…

    lastly wan to ask u…can we be frenz through mesenger?don worry…i’m a 17 yrs old gal…like to see ur blog and always hope u post out stg very recently…joanne peh…the best…

  7. Hi Joanne

    Like you, i dunno anything or any of the drivers for F1 Race…but when i was watching it just now on Ch 5, it was so exciting…..

    Some friends also felt the excitement and we are going to go together the next time singapore is organizing it…. read that s’pore has signed a 5yrs contract, so there is a chance that we will be hosting again…..

    but, it will be even more difficult to get tickets….since this F1 race is bound to get singaporeans more excited and more people will want to go and watch it at the venue the next time…

    Have to book for the tickets on 1st day of the ticket sales for the next race in sg…

  8. Hi Joanne,
    Wowwee, how did you manage to get such a cool pic of the circuit??? 😮

    Like you and many others, I watched the F1 race at the comfort of my own home… but for the most of Sat afternoon, I tried to find a suitable location at the upper regions of Millenia Walk and Marina Square to see the practice sessions (with ear plugs of course), to no avail. To make things worse, it was impossible to get a good photo cos the cars were zooming way too quickly!! So I gave up and went back home to watch the qualifying rounds. But my brother was really lucky… he and his girlfriend got to get walk-in tickets at the very last minute for the Grand Finals last night.

    Well all isn’t lost, cos I made up for the ‘failure’ by attending the Singapore Motorshow at Suntec on Sat and Sun. Have you seen Russell Swift’s stunt performance before? This time round, he was performing with his son Paul. A worthy stunt show it was, nvm if the place was rather stuffy. The motorshow is still open til 5th Oct (u might see a few familiar faces there)

    Oh yes, I was also very surprised that Alonso won the first ever night race… 🙂

  9. take care of yourself

  10. i’m surprised by massa’s performance… such a disappointment. haha. but it was funny. X:

  11. O-zaki Simizutoro

    Hi Joanne,

    The F1 Championship Winner Is Alonso.

    Alonso Is i support from the Beginning until the Final

    At First many people though that Hamlition or Massa will

    win the Final, but i don’t believe. because from my own

    view alonso is a good driver in F1 but His Car is not so good

    than Massa or Hamlition. maybe this is just lucky For alonso.

    Alonso Keep it up 🙂

    Love Joanne 🙂

  12. Joanne! It was fantastic! The race was so challenging! I manage to go all around the best spot to watch the F1 race after my work there! The feeling is really extraordinary!


  13. O-zaki Simizutoro

    Hi Joanne,

    To Joanne and those F1 Fans.

    The next F1 events is at Kuala Lumpur (malaysia) on 3/4/5

    April 2009.

    Please Remember this important Events For Everyone of us

    who loves to watch Car Racing

    Love Joanne 🙂

  14. hi…………………………………………………………………………………..

  15. hi diligent girl~joanne! it has been a while u didnt update your post..guess that u will be very busy now..however, remember to take good care on yourself..dont let yourself too tired and stressed..erm..i m quite curious to know that do u play msn?pls reply me ya when you are free..thanks!^^

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