While I was sourcing my pictures from Cape Town, South Africa for an 8DAYS supplement story last weekend, I found some pictures taken then that I’d like to share. It’s not easy taking animal pictures, because they have unpredictable temperaments. Not owning a telephoto lens also makes it difficult to get good close-ups.

无意间在 Table Mountains 看到的。

A monitor lizard, Table Mountains.

我开车到Cape Point 的回程路上碰到它们。真有一点害怕,因为它们不怕人也不怕车,好像随时会攻击我!

These baboons are fearless and because there were so many of them, I had a horrifying thought that they would attack my car! Taken on my drive back from Cape Point.

在开车到Cape Point 的路途中,会经过鸵鸟场。我没有进去参观,只是偷偷的跑去和它们拍照!

On my way to Cape Point, I passed by the Ostrich Farm. I didn’t pay the farm a visit but merely stood near the ostriches for a photo!


There’re plenty of such carvings on display at the flea markets. They cost quite bit at niche furniture shops in Singapore, but it’ll be too inconvenient to bring it home from there.


I love the way the flying bird contrasts with nature.


Seals taking a break.


Squirrels bound along the pavements in the garden. They’re very agile creatures so it’s not easy getting close to them.


A very sad-looking fish.


King Crab


South African penguins。

突然很想又再一个人拿着行李乱闯。当初我自己一个人到南非的Cape Town 也是很冲动的决定。那是我的毕业之旅吧,所以去了两个星期,没有很详细的计划,想做什么就做什么,一切靠直觉。很怀念那种勇气,怀疑自己现在是否也能自己到一个陌生的国家探险。我呢,上网查关于挪威的资料,突然很想去那儿看鲸鱼,享受自然风景,出海等,体验和这里不同的生活。希望拍完《小娘惹》后,可以拿个长假,去探险!

Suddenly I have the urge to pack my bags and go somewhere. Cape Town was my graduation trip, so I took 2 weeks and without much of an itinerary, did whatever I felt like doing, following my instincts most of the time. I miss that sort of spontaneity and I hope I haven’t lost that courage after so long. I think my next trip, if I can get a longer break, would be somewhere adventurous. I’m thinking Norway, swim with the killer whales, white water rafting, hiking and just simply doing something out of the ordinary.

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  1. WOW!!! I also have such urges always…I always want to travel somewhere and really give myself a good break but you know that i am still a student and do not have the funds to go on such trips. Haha ok contact me soon…hope to hear from u soon.

  2. Oh yes i am always thinking about USA, goin there to have fun… but i always have no chance

  3. totally understand how you feel! love the the way i feel when i travel – the excitement and the unknown. the feeling of being in no-where for a period of time. woah!

    time to take a break! =P

  4. hehe, i also saw the baboons running on the road while on my way back from Cape Point. Some of them even jumped up to a tourist’s car!

  5. Cape Town sounds interesting and unique. I would love to go there to enjoy the scenery.

    It feels so good when you are away from the hustle and bustle of life, and when you can breathe in fresh mountain air all day. That’s Switzerland. Have you been there before?

    I went to the countryside, it’s a really nice place. 🙂 You will love it.

  6. hihi Joanne,
    U took the photo??Its very nice,seems very hard to take pictures like that!!hahas.take care

  7. The adventure of going out ! Everyone would just love to do that someday, go off to some country and enjoy without much worries. It’s nice, it’s nice.

    The peektures you take are nice, very thoughtful, positioning are wonderful.

    Take care!

  8. wow. haha cute animals.
    i just love whatever thats on this earth (:

  9. Beautiful . I love animals !!

  10. Hey,
    i am indian guy from bombay, watching your serials every now and then, you were great in like father and like daughter,

    i guess you, jesseca liu and fiona xie should try in bollywood,

    you should give it a shot, make lots of money laa,,,

    have you ever thought of getting in bollywood ?


  11. the pic of the bird n the jellyfish is lovely…

  12. O-zaki Simizutoro

    Hi Joanne,

    wa all this are Sea Creatures. May i know the Sea

    Creatures inside your blog is came from which country.

    love joanne

  13. the eagle flying past that mountain was also taken by you? you really are talented, not only with good acting skills but also photograohy skills. anw i feel a little for your character in beach ball babe, she’s trying to get what she wants yet gets nothing but retribution back.

  14. hi,joanne~


  15. Hey Darren,

    OMG, that is a scene straight out from a horror flick, the attack of the baboons!!! Argh!!That was exactly what I was most fearful of! Scary! Thankfully I wasn’t THAT tourist car.

    There was once I was at this island, can’t remember if it’s somewhere in Thailand, called Monkey Beach or something, and the guide warned us about monkeys, but there really isn’t anything we can do about it. There was this monkey that tried to snatch my bag and even snarled at me. I was so frightened, the guide had to come and chase it away. That was when I realised monkeys are aggressive creatures!


  16. Dear O-zaki Simizutoro,

    I mentioned in my blog post that I took these pictures from Cape Town, South Africa.


  17. Hi Desmond,

    Is that was an eagle? Cos I can’t quite remember, I thought it was just some random bird. I think I was lucky! 🙂


  18. Hi dreamsearcher,

    那是很久以前的事了!我没有用闪光灯,水族馆的环境是暗, 可是鱼缸里的灯打的蛮亮的。我用的是DSLR所以可以把aperture调低,shutter speed 调快。我也很惊讶颜色很真实,拍了不少。那里有一间博物馆,有个地区是摆设海底动物的模型。有一个特别难忘的是一只life-size 的巨大乌贼(giant squid),真的很可怕的大和长。我没有办法拍下来因为镜头不够宽。当时想如果潜水遇到的话,一定吓破胆!



  19. Hi Joanne,

    Do you tend to travel alone? Just to somewhere where no one knows you?

    Have you taken any photography lessons before?

    Frankly, I seldom leave comments. Dunno why do I leave comments in your blog. Perhaps coz I share the same view in some of the things you’ve shared, regarding love, life etc.

    Like some of your entries.

    Perhaps like you, I am also emotional and nostalgic.

    Thanks for your prompt to my query on the type of camera you are using.


  20. was surprised at the results of the top 3 local celeb award winners at the omy blog awards.

    i thought you should have won it.

    maybe your blog needs more advertising. haha.

  21. Dear Ao,

    U are sweet, thanks for your belief in me, this blog was never meant to be another competition platform, so I’m perfectly happy there are people reading what I’m rambling about. 🙂


  22. hello,

    all ur pics are so nicely taken and u are really pretty!! anyway, u acted very well in the show beach ball babes.. god job! All the Best.. Take Care

  23. hello,

    your pics are all nicely taken and u ar really pretty!! Anyway, u acted very well in the show beach ball babes.. i will nv fail to watch it regardless how busy i am.. =) All the Best.. Take Care!!

  24. Hie joanne jie jie… cute animals=) i went to USA b4 but not cape town… its looks interesting. wanna go there aft PSLE=) btw, did you recieve the email tt i sent you?

  25. hello joanne!

    omg i cant believe the baboon are such a creature! you must be scared out of hell.

    if me i will JOL! JUMP OUT LOUD! hahaha

    just a question: are u a scenery lover or fanatic? haha

    take care joanne!


  26. I admire your optimism. 🙂
    Oh yes, I’ve got my I-weekly copy! You look really really great! 😀

  27. Your pictures of Cape Town is great! Is my next target trip hopefully to be fulfilled before this year!

    Adventurous white water rafting, try O.A.R.S they have great trips – Middle Fork Salmon River, Hell Canyon Snake River, Cataract Canyon Colorado River. My boss and his family just left to water raft at Chilko-Chilkotin Fraser River!

    Website: http://www.oars.com if you need a contact I can give you their name and email. Most of their trips are with excellent feedbacks.

    Well I think you are an adventurous & independent person and should continue to explore while you are young and have that stamina & guts! But pls bring at least a friend with you…some countries are really not safe for a beautiful asian gal like you.

    PS: your recent show on TV8, gosh a new role of acting, for once I am not use to you being that character so submissive but you acted very well. And Christopher Lee losing his temper seems so strong and too real… scare the hell out of me (seems so real) when he tells you off and shouts back at Yanfang!


  28. Your photos looks so profesional!
    I’m now downloading Beach Ball Babes and enjoying your show every night!

  29. 照片很棒。我也很喜欢旅行,喜欢独自去一个陌生的地方,喜欢漂泊在路上的感觉。可惜的是,目前还没有出过国,不过好在中国够大,不出国也能让我领略不同风景,不同的风土人情。希望有一天也能独自背着行囊,去异域他国,去一个自己完全陌生的环境中去体会大千世界。要是在古代,我真想像这句话讲的那样“大丈夫横刀立马,仗剑天涯”,o(∩_∩)o…

  30. I like that sad-looking fish, and “men men bu le”, nice tag 😛
    Can I have a bigger size of that photo?
    Can email me? If yes, thanks in advance…
    I tried to google ard the net using “coral fish”, am i wrong or is it sth else?

    Oh, ur character in beach ball babe, Rainie, turn bad girl le, a drastic change on her…
    Somehow I do feel n wish tat she wil turn 2 a good n happy gal, letting go of the unhappy events n ppl, like the death of her twin sis, n that despicable tianwu…

  31. wow~! nature! =D
    but i think.. in time to come.. the trees will be destroyed.. dun u think so? trees destroyed to let the industries to “enter” and stuffs. by den.. we wun be able to treasure and even admire and enjoy the scenery.. everything has changed

  32. hello joanne.
    i’m one of your fans
    okay not say fans, i’m not those people that
    run for idols, i just admire your beauty & talent.
    you inspire me to join mediacorp in future
    -liz alexus chng.

  33. O-zaki Simizutoro

    Hi Joanne,

    you go South Africa own your own or you just find the

    pictures from internet. The Beachballbabies shows is

    getting more Excited to watch with you and jesseca liu

    inside the beachballbabies.

    Love Joanne 🙂

  34. 有段日子沒有留言了,南非,最近看回了一部旧戏”天涯侠医“,里面有点Life Force的医务人员到南非的工作,很棒的风景!但那里人民的生活。。和我们或许,有点差入,有时觉得我们也是很幸运的。。他们或许面对的人,会”真”点吧!


  35. Hi Joanna,

    I was really impressed with your travel to Capetown alone.
    Would you mind sharing with us your experiences there?

    Would love to see the lovely pictures you have taken too!

    Thank you. 🙂

  36. Hai!!!Joanne~
    The picture that u took are very nice!!!
    U r very beautiful n cute!!
    I luv u so much!!!

  37. Hi,

    This is the first time that I visit your blog.. Really nice pics that you have taken.. They reminds me of my trip to Cape town last year.. I wish I could go back there one day.. I love backpacking too, there is so much things that we can learn when we travel..

    Life is like a journey, we should explore as much as we can : )

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