i-Weekly Cover


Grab this week’s i-Weekly! 🙂

19 responses to “i-Weekly Cover

  1. You look great on the cover! 🙂 Keep rocking! 🙂

  2. i’ve got my copy alr… It’s so burning HOT!!! Haha! =)

  3. hi~joanne~

  4. Chest Thumping

    Nice cover! Very pretty.. 🙂

  5. Wow.. Sexy gal leh.. With 3 “U R The One”.. No matter leh.. Every week, 1 weekly will send to my house.. So, I will delay 1 day read I-weekly.. Dun worri.. Once I get the copy. I will read the article inside.. ^_^

  6. O-zaki Simizutoro

    Hi Joanne,

    By the way i grab the I-weekly on monday already so the

    colors of the cover is absoulte nice.

    May i know who is the Guy Standing beside you inside the


    Love Joanne 🙂

  7. melissa miss j0anne

    joanne jiex..got my copy liaox..amazing scorching hawt!!!..miaa yahx..

  8. You look great ! Getting it as soon as I leave my house. Hah.

  9. Joanne rocks! u look beautiful in i-weekly cover… very attractive in Beach Ball Babes!

  10. Hi,

    You ;look pretty on the new i weekly cover especically on the 8 days


  11. Yeah, it’s really scorching and sizzling indeed… I neary ‘burnt my hands’ the moment I touched the magazine! I think Gavriil has a crush on you, based on the pictures inside… :-p

  12. Hi Joanne

    I have got a copy of this week i-weekly magazine already:)
    Nice front cover! 😀

  13. To Ozaki… the 3 guys with Joanne on the cover are male contestants from “U Are The One” (from left to right) Zheng Jianfeng, Yuan Shuai (overall winner of UATO) and Gavriil Skaros (the one whose back is facing Joanne). “U Are The One” debuted in late March, shown every Monday and the finals was telecast on June 15th.

  14. Joanne, 你最近真的是走性感带点阳光路线的哦~~

  15. i got my copy… u really look great on it….. keep it up….

  16. Yoz.. Joanne.. I had read the I-weekly lah.. U had speak well on the interview.. Better than last time.. Haha.. Maybe cos this time, u not so straight forward on interview… And ur charcter same as me, very straight forward..

  17. Sweety! YeaH man ur cover page really rocks like mad!!! So cool!!!! Stay happy always!!!

  18. nice cover! keep it up!

  19. Hello Joanne, you’re real hot 😛 hope to seeing you more in these kind of photos. Especially in bikinis. If you have the body, why not flaunt it. 😛 Keep going! Jiayou.

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