很多人都问我,拍《球爱大战》最辛苦应该是要长时间暴晒。没错,拍这样的戏总少不了阳光,不过还好有我的“助理” -- 雨伞!你们将会在以下的照片里看到各式各样的雨伞。哈哈。。。我可以做雨伞代言人了!

Starring in a drama like “Beach Ball Babes”, it is almost impossible to stay away from the sun, that is why I have my trusty umbrella(s)! Here’s a look at me, under various brollies.


This brolly is my favourite because it opens up to a wide shade, but yet isn’t too bulky when folded. Too bad it’s almost broken!


This is a HUGE rectangular-shaped umbrella. When held against the sun, it can shade all 173cm of me and other times, about 8 people can seek shelter from the dreadful sun!


I’m just fooling around with the director…oops!


This umbrella belongs to our bus uncle. It’s still very hot because the umbrella doesn’t provide UV protection, but it’s still better than nothing! 🙂


I invented this cape by tearing the piece off a broken umbrella. It’s light-weight, easy to carry and doesn’t stand in the way of the camera…


More importantly, I can wrap myself up with it, or use it as a beach mat. How useful!!


Now I’ve got the brolly and the cape…

Wayne 披着我的“遮阳衣”,当起 Superhero!! 哈哈。。。

I tried to make the cape fly, so Wayne can be the Superhero! Haha!

26 responses to “不能没有的助理

  1. Hihi, juz started 2 read ur blog recently. Cool :P, it goes well with the drama show in TV, I mean the pace.

    Feel v pity for ur character in the show 😦
    Love the man who doesn’t love her…
    Hmm… Sth 2 ask… Tot it might spoil the whole drama..
    My question is
    “Will Tianwu reciprocate Rainie’s love in the end?”

    Can’t those dramas show more true couples love rather than triangle love affair…

  2. whahaha reminds me of u at sentosa, in the covered tent w tt super huge umbrella…

  3. woah!!

    your umbrella is super duper big!

    and u are so useful to use the UV wrap to cover your body… hahaha

    hope you don’t get sunburn…!

    stay healthy!


  4. Oh my god, your 遮阳衣 is so cool!

  5. 哈哈。你的雨伞全都很可爱,很大把哟!

  6. hey joanne,
    wow thats a variety!!
    i like the first pic with the ball jus in front!

  7. melissa miss j0anne

    hmmm..hello joanne jie..hope you still remember hu am i?? very long din come here redi..getting redi for my prelims in august!! and then come N lvls redi!! but finaly got timr off to come here cos really miss you lots and wanna see you soon yeas..do mit up soon k? anyway i ave commented you on ur the other entry..but decided to do it here case u din see it..i have something personal to ask you and and i forgot which email ur using now..can u test me at foreverfriendbear_cute@yahoo.com

    anyway really love ur dram of beach.ball.babes..rainie rocks!! love you!! muackzzz…

    Melissa Mei! <33333s

    P.S do rememeber reply me k?

  8. haha i think some umbrella company will come find you soon to be their ‘dai yan ren’ le . =P

  9. Hi Joanne,

    Okay I don’t know if you will ever read this or even reply to this.

    I’ve watched your 《球爱大战》drama, on tonight’s (18th July)episode, at the end of the episode, when you threw the silver medal into the sea, you were wearing a white dress. Any idea where the dress was from and the price of it? It’s really pretty!

    You get to wear lots of cool clothes in the show! You’re pretty! =)

  10. wow, very nice!!! I love big umbrellas! Im a umbrella freak too! The sun rays are really damaging to our skin. Sunblock and umbrellas are a woman’s best friend. hehe

  11. Hey Joanne, 我很喜欢昨晚那集的“球爱大战“里面,你穿着
    白色连身裙在沙滩上奔跑,直到海边,大声呐喊哭泣并把奖牌扔进水里的那几幕戏。 那段戏能叫人感受到你的伤痛,不甘心,不服气等情绪。特别好看。



  12. hihi Joanne,
    Wanting to ask u this question,hope is not too personal.Are u better friends with Felicia or Jesseca??

  13. O-zaki Simizutoro

    Hi Joanne,

    Yesterday the Beach ball Babies inside the show your

    brother lend money from Loan Shark, after the incident your

    brother still have borrow money or become a good guy

    already. So Do Dawn Yeoh and you itself really like

    Christopher lee inside the show. Actually is it Jesseca Liu

    like him.

    Love Joanne 🙂

  14. O-zaki Simizutoro

    hi Joanne,

    By the way who is your enemy inside the show.

    is it you hate Jesseca Liu inside the Beach Ball Babies show.

    Love Joanne 🙂

  15. Hey hihi!

    Havent drop by for quite sometimes,hehe!
    Busy with school works.

    Nice pictures of you anyway(:
    That’s so cute & sweet of you ya 😀
    Take Care.

    With Lots Of Love,
    Jermaine ♥

  16. Hi Joanne,

    I like to visit your blog as you will always update it no matter how busy you are. Unlike some local celebrities, heehee! Will continue to support you.

  17. To: O-zaki Simizutoro

    I do feel u mis-interpet yesterday episode…

    If you really watch carefully, Tianwu ( Christopher Lee ) actually team up with Rainie’s brother to cheat Rainie on the loanshark matter. This is revealed in the part when Rainie’s brother went to toilet & sms Tianwu that he received the money…

    As Tianwu’s EVIL scheme is get Rainie (Joanne Peh) telling Yan Fang (Jessica Liu) that she don’t like Tianwu anymore, and furthermore not to fear her feeling if Yan Fang really fall in love and go steady with Tianwu, which indeed happened immediately.

    BTW, This is the part I hate most…
    Poor Rainie, cheated by Tianwu and her brother 😦
    And she cried badly in the end part of yesterday’s episode..

  18. O-zaki simizutoro

    Hi Joanne,

    i think inside the show you should be wif other male actor

    rather than the Christopher Lee, i don’t like the 3 triangle

    love. i prefer both couples inside the Show, So many People

    like Chris – Dawn Joanne and Jesseca inside the shows.

    what i mean is just Choose a girl will do, i hate drama that

    3 Ladies fighting with A guy inside the beach Ball Babies.

    Love Joanne 🙂

  19. O-zaki simizutoro

    Hi Joanne,

    i think inside the show you should be wif other male actor

    rather than the Christopher Lee, i don’t like the 3 triangle

    love. i prefer both couples inside the Show, So many People

    like Chris – Dawn Joanne and Jesseca inside the shows.

    what i mean is just Choose a girl will do, i hate drama that

    3 Ladies fighting with A guy inside the beach Ball Babies.

    Love Joanne 🙂

  20. hi joanne!! your 造型 in beach ball babes very sunshine!! i like. and all your clothes are very nice~~!! so envy! may i know the bag you carry in the show is your own or..?? so nice! and where can i get it?

    加油 in your future show!! you are acting well (:

  21. 希望接下来的两个星期都是像你星期五(第十集)那样多戏份…


  22. Hi Cass and Yun,

    I think the dress was taken from the store, so I have no idea what brand it is, where you can get it or how much.

    As for the bag, all the bags you see in the show are my own, and they’re from Nike. 🙂


  23. 对不起,对于那些问情节的朋友,还是不方便透露,希望你们会明白。
    继续看下去吧。。。20 集,很快就完了。


  24. wow okay thanks!

    the bags izzit still available in nike stores now?

  25. Hey just wanna say that you brought out Rainie’s character really well in this serial, all those pent-up frustrations and inner struggles portrayed. Impressive and very convincing. Finally some decent acting on local tv. 😉
    I hope you get recognised from this even though its just 20episodes! Oh and you look great too (duh!) =D
    All the best to you babe!

  26. wow I am surprised how much interaction you have with your fans, despite you probably being really busy. But that’s a very good thing. Keep it up!

    Sorry, I think I’m like abit “suaku”, I have not watched local dramas in a long long while as I wasn’t in Singapore. But it seems like you’ve lost a lot of weight?

    Anyway, about the white dress, so you don’t get to try on the dress before you act in it? I am just curious though. Do you all get to keep the clothes you acted in? Okay, I think this might be a little too much to ask for, but is it possible if there’s anyway you could help me find out where did I could get the dress from? That will be very very very awesome! I been trying to find a white summer dress for a very long time and I really do like it a lot! =)

    Oh, and how about the bangles and necklaces? Are they yours too?


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