I was full of anticipation knowing that I would be playing twins in “Beach Ball Babes”. I was curious how filming would take place, and how I would have to take on two different personalities at the same time. In this case, it is a little challenging because our personalities do not lie on opposing ends, like say, the good vs the evil twin. In other words, I had to find a subtle difference in their personalities so that they won’t come out looking the same.

In this scene, my “sister” and I are playing on the same court. The older sister (Liu Xuan) is a spiker, while the younger sister (Rainie) is a setter. Here’s my attempt at explaining how filming is done to show two of me in the same shot.

Michelle 是我打球的替身。

Michelle is my volleyball body double.

导演在和我们讲戏。这个镜头需要我和姐姐一起跳上来拦网。Michelle 在旁边让摄影师有个概念。真正拍的时候是我自己一个人在右边跳。然后再换了球衣和发型后,再从左边跳起。那剪接后就会变成两个我同时跃起了!

The director is trying to achieve a blocking shot by the twins. Michelle is on my right and she is there to give the cameraman an idea where the other me would be standing. During the actual take, I jumped alone, and then after changing my jersey and hairstyle, proceed to stand on the other side to repeat the same move.


The camera’s position is locked and all lighting conditions must remain constant in order for both shots to be able to merge seamlessly. There is an invisible line between us, which is indicated on the director’s monitor, and whatever stunt I do, my hands cannot cross the line.


A jump rehearsal…

这么看Michelle的背影还蛮象我吧! 哈哈!所以在拍wide shot 时,我们两个就可以一起打球,要拍close-up的时候,我就得换造型。

From the back, Michelle does look like me eh? That is how we are able to play together on the same court for wide shots.


This is the make-up artiste Stella. She had to help me change my hairstyle whenever I need to do close-ups.


I changed so often, the pretty braids became a mess…

这是我文戏的替身 Julie。如果你们记得,这是艳芳穿了幸运内裤后,我们在赢了V-Rockets时的开心镜头。

Julie is my body double for dialogue scenes. This shot was done after Yanfang put on the “lucky underwear” and we won V-Rockets for the first time.


The director demonstrates how we celebrate our victory by jumping together in circles.


I guess this is what a one-man show feels like. It is fun to be the setter, and the spiker, but it is quite physically demanding, which makes good exercise! Other times, I feel like a schizophrenic, having to remember double lines and then switching from one personality to another. Not that it left me with a split personality after filming, I have to say it is a very valuable experience and I’m grateful I was given this opportunity!

40 responses to “怎么有两个我?

  1. i like ur 1st pics..so cute..haha…i did this effect b4 too =)..haha

  2. Heyy joanne,
    thanks for taking the effort to translate the words to english..
    i really apprieciate that:D
    i know that you are very busy..
    good luck to you.
    I hardly comment,but i will still read your blog:)
    andd,if i can,i’ll try my best to catch your show.
    love ya always!

  3. hi joanne,
    can really see your efforts in the show. keep it up. i guess filming doubles is kind of tiring but fun as well. can see that you really enjoy the process of filming. =P
    aniwae, take care and jia you oh!! =)

    luv <3,
    woei chyi

  4. hahas. that’s funny. :]
    so.. u r taking up the role of twins? or issit just like a slit personality? im soso sorry cos i will be missing 2 eps weekly on tue and fri cos i have cca till 10 pm! :[ sorry sorry sorry~ :[

  5. hey joanne,
    i like ur hair in beach.ball.babes!!

  6. stella like very familar… she gone on i weekly b4?

  7. haha =) actually we can see ur ‘double’ in the flashback part…

    take care ❤

  8. oh awesome.
    did anyone tell you you look like keira knightley ?

  9. 会到大马取景吗?

  10. 对不起,键盘出状况。“小娘惹”会到大马取景吗?

  11. ;D your body double’s head looks longer, somewhat.

  12. O-zaki Simizutoro

    Hi Joanne, i can see that your rehearsel acting is very good.

  13. Hello Joanne 🙂

    Been busy all week that I didn’t get the chance to get last week’s issue of 8Days :S
    I didn’t get to see the dress in the magazine >.<

    While watching that episode last week, it was pretty obvious from the camera angles who is who.

    It’s 9pm, time for TV


  14. i like ur acting..haha..u look cute when u are acting..just see through ur posts and realise that u will fall sick easily..drink more water and take good care of urself ya..hope to see you on tv more often..:)


  15. hello. nice nice 🙂

  16. Ahhhh….!!! really missed the times when we were filming together…
    so how are u?
    Please tag my blog… really appreciated anyway wasnt the first time haha
    really hope that we could communicate like last time …I leave comment on ur blog then u tag on my blog… haha
    be looking forward to it again
    ok take care

  17. During the show, I can clearly see that ur body double isn’t u.
    but anw, the show is nice!

  18. hello Joanne!

    thanks for posting up how u and ur “sister” act in the show!


    u look pretty and cute with that “tie-up” hairstyle!

    and take care too!


  19. Joanne,
    Thanks for your detailed explanation on ‘behind the scene’ works.

    This make people understand hardship faced by artistes when they are filming, especially when filming this kind of drama which required more tiring actions.

    Many people wlll respect you for that. 🙂

  20. thanks for taking the effort to include english as well.

    and acting is quite demanding on oneself.

    take care!!

  21. hihi Joanne
    Saw u taking the 2nd photo on tv,hahas,told my friends tat the photo would come out on ur blog and it really came out hahas!!But when u took the three person part ur double doesn’t look like u as her side of her face,dunnoe how to explain,but the effect was good..will there be any more scenes with ur ‘twin’.

  22. so confusing at first.. the death of the elder sister, very blury.. hrm.. nice show!!

  23. hey joanne,
    im always catching beachballsbabes these few days.
    its a nice show.
    your “sister” seriously is like an exact twin of you at the back 😀

  24. Ooh. That’s nice to know that you let us know how things went about when shooting the film.

    Anyways, your style of acting in the show is very nice and natural.

    Take care k ?

  25. HELLO!
    do act more on tv!):

  26. O-zaki Simizutoro

    Hi Joanne,

    How you can become two person, is it you play twins inside

    the beachballbabies.

    By right when is the Nike Competition that i know that i can

    Participate the km run at East Coast Park.

    Love Joanne 🙂

  27. Hi Joanne

    i like your gesture and more smile in every pictures! Also tv too! You’re very funny and fun acting! I love your pretty hairstyle when you played volleyball. Wonderful!
    Good Thumb Up!

    : )

  28. y u so tall can tell me?

  29. Hi Joanne,

    May I know where you bought the cowboy hat (that looks crochetted) which you wore in the pictures for tht entry in your blog titled “Shi Wai Xuan Chuan” (outdoor promotion)?

    Do reply! Thanks!!!!

  30. Hi Joanne,

    how u maintain ur weight? do more exercise and eat lesser?

  31. Hi Joanne!

    I love your acting! Hope you can get best actress award this year…:)
    I saw you on latest 8 days article complimenting on your ‘cowgirl’ look during beach fiesta! I love the blue dress! On the other hand I didn’t like jessica & royston tan’s aunty dress & uncle outfit… Sorry, I study fashion and like to comment on what ppl wear :p And Jade is sooo funny! Must be really fun to act together with Jesseca & Jade! 😀

    Thanks for blogging in English….
    I love reading your blog 🙂


  32. Dear Angel,

    I got that from Bangkok. 🙂


  33. Dear Jeanessa,

    Haha, I exercise regularly, and have a well-balanced diet. I don’t skimp on food but I try to match my output with my input. 🙂


  34. Dear Amber,

    Thanks for ur compliment, I’ve grown rather interested in fashion and hopefully will be able to dress appropriately for all future occasions! Wardrobe disasters are quite devastating…:)


  35. haha but i really think the double body part is quite fake.. so weird. lolx

  36. Now we know how they frame up 2 Joannes onscreen… 🙂

  37. hi joanne jie jie…do u know who is the singer of 球爱大战theme song?if u know,pls tell me

  38. Yup I saw the twin part in the drama. Lucky for u, your “twin” sister died early in the show, otherwise you will have a harder time filming the drama series. Good job Joanne!

  39. The place in the photo looks familiar. Is it at sports complex at my teritary sch? I can’t say anything in further details. But i recognise that indoor place. Heez…nice

  40. Your pictures inside continue reading and it’s auto to open pictures by click on continue reading.

    How do you do this create by yourself?

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