8DAYS Cover Out Now!

Our 8DAYS cover issue is out! Have you grabbed one yet?

I didn’t want to put up too many pictures earlier so as not to spoil the surprise of the cover, but now that it’s out, here is a sneak peak behind-the-scenes.

We were told to kept moving, and to keep pushing against Chris, so that the photographer can capture the energy on our faces. With the fan blowing in our face, us girls wearing boxer briefs for the first time in our lives, and socked-feet, we had to move in sync while balancing ourselves and looking radiant for the camera. It was definitely fun doing the cover together! I feel so alive…:)

Fong Fan preparing me for the next look…the dress was slipping off my shoulders, and we had to stuff a towel at the back to make it tighter!

For this picture, I was told that Chris is meant to be just a prop, so all he does is stand there, look handsome, and I get to pose around him.

Here’s a short video. I’m sorry the picture and sound syncing is a bit out. I don’t know why, anyone who has any idea please leave comment ok? Thanks a lot!

42 responses to “8DAYS Cover Out Now!

  1. It’s been a long since I bought 8Days (the CNY issue was my last lol)

    Somehow, the pictures don’t really match the “Striptease” theme. Maybe “Stripped Down” sounds better?

    BTW, I really like the white dress you had there. I think I’ll get the mag to have a closer look and the brand name.


  2. hohohoho! I bought the magazine and you look sporty and cool in the magazine!

    and you and christopher 有默契!


  3. hihi! Yup got a copy of 8 days already! Nice =) It’s nice to see how behind the scenes work. Thanks for sharing! by the way, a little confused here so just asking, which day exactly does 8 days and Iweekly comes out every week? It’s not monday rite? cos sometimes I cant seemt o get it on a Monday.

    And also the vball show is nice! quite abit of humour in it too! great job!! =)

  4. been busy? wanna talk to u leh…
    ok nvm see u at mediacorp sometimes
    see my blog if u have de time

  5. were you allowed to use the computer while working? you seems to be uploading videos during that time

  6. i think is because of the fan tht is blowing onto u…

    haha =)
    great cover page…i hv already grab one XDD

    take care <33

  7. could be the sound is distorted or din really record well !

  8. hihi Joanne,
    I bought the magazine already,nice pictures!!maybe the sound came frm the fan….!I love to watch Beach.Ball.Babes,is so nice attracting hahas,jiayous and take care,bye!!:)

  9. I grabbed that copy already! Wonderful (: Thumbs up!

  10. quite a nice and sexy cover..=p

  11. Joanne,
    is Nice… Keep it ON and ON…!!!
    I have every night be punctual 9 pm sitting in front of my TV set to watch it out ur new Tv show– Beach. Ball. Babes…
    NICE!!!!take Good care…


  12. u look great in white =)..

  13. 漏风!
    Love you in the show, haha : D

  14. uploading glitch?

  15. Oh so nice. Going to grab a copy later at my work place !

  16. Thanks , Joanne for your posting of videos about behind the scene works.

    This make us think being an artiste is not easy.

    Nevertheless, I had already mentioned in my email to you that your blog is the best and deserved an award for celeb blog competition, because yours is very honest posting as well as your effort to be online to post update as well as answering to some of your fans’ queries, if there are answerable..

    Hope to see you in another event..



  17. 嗨,不錯哦,如果一天你不做藝人,你想過,要做什么?

  18. I bought!! I think they 3 look good and dawn doesnt look ugly with her short hair. to those who said joanne looks weird with new hair, i think as actresses, they have to make sacrificies for work. and that includes cutting their hair into whatever style the producer wants. it’s hardly their decision. : )

    guess I’m addicted to the show! Lol, seems like all the women in the show are in love with Chris. Lucky man! There are people saying Chris seems too old for them..i think he’s fine. Afterall women have always been attracted to older men. hee hee.

  19. O-zaki Simizutoro

    Hi Joanne,

    by the way i have these magazine, inside the magazine

    quite pretty and handsome, but can i know that Dawn yeoh

    inside the beachball show what kinds of character and

    dawn yeoh is your who inside the show.

    love joanne 🙂

  20. the cover is nice,
    and like watching the behind the scenes video.
    everything was very fast!!

  21. I enjoy watching qiu ai da zhan. Your acting has improved. Jia You!

  22. hey. wad do you use to edit your photos? like adding effects or captions..?

  23. joanne will u be going for the human race training run?

  24. u veri tall
    all veri tall -_-

  25. hi..http://myopendiary.wordpress.com/ is my blog..有空可以去参观和留言哦。=p

  26. hi joanne, may i know are you the only child or you’ve a sister? thanks

    jiaying aka kaito minase

  27. although I am man, but I also like the body of the glamourous male model, ofcourse girls are great.

  28. To :O-zaki Simizutoro,

    Dawn Yeoh play Wang Sixing, 20 year old Mathematics undergraduate in her 2nd year at University. She is conservative, sensitive and easily hurt. However, she is optimistic girl. She is clumsy but she acquired amazing jump ability that is attained thru training and punishment by her grandfather played by Richard Low (Liu Qianyi).

    Sixing is Rainie’s ( played by Joanne herself) rival in competition.

  29. To J.W.

    I don’t understand what you mean?! *blur* Hmm…it is not a question of rules in place restricting us the use of computers during working but it will be almost impossible to multi-task at that level!


  30. Hi Silun,

    I have been for 1 training run at NUS already. 🙂
    The rest of the time I will be training on my own.


  31. Hi Kaito,

    I have a younger brother. 🙂


  32. Hi Nis,

    I use photoshop.


  33. O-zaki simizutoro

    Hi Joanne,

    The Front Cover Page of the 8 day weekly is Very nice. But

    How Come So Many Girls Like Christopher Lee inside The

    Drama. May i know that At THe end of the Drama who will

    Be the Girl with Chirstopher LEE.

    Love Joanne 🙂

  34. O-zaki simizutoro

    Hi Joanne,

    The Front Cover Page of the 8 day weekly is Very nice. But

    How Come So Many Girls Like Christopher Lee inside The

    Drama. May i know that At THe end of the Drama who will

    Be the Girl with Chirstopher LEE.

    Love Joanne 🙂

  35. BBB is a great show!

  36. Joanne, I enjoyed reading your blog and comments.
    By the way, do you have time for all these thingy when you are busy for Little Nonya show?

    If you are busy with Little Nonya, then all the comments will be snowballed to over 20 and you will have hard time reading comments then publishing online. Ha Ha!

  37. U look good in the magazine. Also your outlook in the drama Beach.Ball.Babes is very nice. Do upload more videos of behind the scenes. I think a lot of your readers would love to see more of such videos!

  38. the video appears to be moving too fast. my guess is the video is accelerated while the audio remains constant.

  39. 孤单小精灵


  40. hqi joanne! i love yr blog … continue 2 put more behind e scenes pics and vids!!!!!! jia you!!!

  41. melissa miss j0anne

    hey joanne jie..so long nvr come here redi luhs..how are you?? hmmm..i have something to ask you..very personal but i forgot which email to u r using now..can you leave me a msg at this email..foreverfriendbear_cute@yahoo.com

    awaiting for your msg!! meanwhile..miss yahx..muackzzz…


  42. restrictedmic

    most webbys will have such prob, esp youtube. cos they tend to over compress the vid size.. so always ending up wif audio/vid not syn tgt..

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