I’m not sure how many of you tuned in to the first episode of “Beach.Ball.Babes” last night. Those of you who did might be wondering how Christopher Lee drove so convincingly. I am about to share with you “behind-the-scenes” to a car scene we did together in a later episode. In other words, you get a little preview of what is to come later on, and how it was done.


I’m not quite sure what they were trying to do here, perhaps they were trying to find a way to tow the car?


While waiting for the car to be in position…cameraman, director, Christopher Lee’s body double, lighting engineer, camera assistant taking a break (left to right).


Christopher and his DS Lite.


Tired of squatting, or in need of a change of “fengshui”?


The cameraman prepares the camera for a front shot.


The cameraman is shooting Christopher from my point of view while I’m feeding lines from the backseat.


The tow truck in front drags the Range Rover “driven” by Christopher behind, to simulate the driving experience.

最辛苦就是摄影师,为了达到效果“不择手段”, 真的是敬业乐业!

A car scene on television may only be a few seconds, but the filming process can take up to a couple of hours, just mounting the cameras and repeating the lines from different angles. The professional cameraman going all out to capture yet another angle. Please do not imitate.


I’m waiting for the rain to stop with Christopher’s body double. For wide shots, he will take over Christopher behind the wheel.


Here’s a video to give you a better idea!

46 responses to “铭顺开车?

  1. The first episode(like every other first episode of a serial) is light and funny. Esp. the interaction between Dawn & her Grandpa.

    I never could imagine Chris playing DS. I thought he’s more of a PSP guy lol

    Watching the show last night makes me wanna play volleyball like old times.


  2. hi joanne jie jie, yea i got watch last nite… v nice=)

  3. hihi Joanne,
    The person at the front sit was the camera man rite,and u were behind??Did u took the video,if yes how did u do it while fliming?:)

  4. Joanne 😀 so funny when you hold the frog ! must be very disgusting ah , hahaa .

  5. hi Joanne,
    Episode two- how was the feeling of holding the life frog??

    Cheers ,

  6. hi..nice to meet u..i’m from Malaysia..hope to make friend with u..erm..“球爱大战”没那么快在大马播出。。也许。。我还必须等一段日子才能看到你在这部戏的演出。。

  7. Joanne, just wanna say you’re absolutely gorgeous in Beach,Balls,Babes! I love your hair and face! Thanks for posting behind the scenes and translating what you’ve written in chinese for us. have a good week ahead!

  8. interesting video… hahaz… gr8 to see u ytd… 🙂

  9. Hi Joanne (:
    do u noe wads Jesseca’s hairstyle called in Beach.Ball.Babes?
    cos i rly love it..
    &&, of cos i like the way to tie ur hair in Beach.Ball.Babes, the ponytail- its cute! 😀
    hope u reply to my question…

  10. I watched a bit of Ep1…the cake shop you work in looks the same as the one where Zoe Tay’s character opened her new cake shop in La Femme…

  11. were u the 1 who took the video?

  12. wah can see that a lot of hardwork is being put in for the car scences.Maybe in the drama it may be shown for a few seconds but it takes many people and hours to perfect it.
    the new show is really funny and interesting!!

  13. Hi JW,

    yes I was the one who took the video!

    Joanne 🙂

  14. Hi kimberly,

    I’m sorry I don’t know if there’s a name to Jess’s hairstyle.


  15. Hi Val,

    All I can say is….ewwww! *sorry frog*!!


  16. Hi Germaine,

    I took the video while sitting in the backseat feeding lines, using my camera. I didn’t need to be in the shot, so all I did was point and shoot. 🙂


  17. Hi you did great in acting in this production and i love to see your shows too ! can i get to know you?

  18. Haha… I agree with what 10) Kelvin said. The cake shop’s the same as the one Zoe “owned” in La Femme. Coz of the bright red walls… Also, the gold tone bag that Pan Ling Ling carried in episode 1 was the same one as the one where Jeanette used in the drama serial before La Femme (the one about Christopher Lee being able to change the ending…).

    😀 It’s a nice bag though, any idea what’s the brand? 😀

    Joanne, you look really nice and sporty in the show. The image suits u really well. Sunshine girl!

  19. 刚看了两集,继续跟进中……

  20. hello (: nice blog you have.
    im one of the trainee who work at verve studio the last time you went (: rmb me?

  21. Hi Joanne! I’ve been following the episodes religiously every single night now and making it an effort to reach home early before the show starts…hahaha, it proves that I’ve showed much passion for volleyball too! *grin*
    My mum commented that u look nice with pleated hair while playing on the court.

    Btw, may I know if you faced any difficulties playing volleyball outdoors compared to indoors?
    As playing outdoors u’ll faced many difficulties, such as the sand, the sun and the wind, beach volleyball players must have outstanding ball skills and court speed.

    I’m a volleyball player like you Joanne, back in school then and I was playing defender ^__^ so i guess playing outdoor is not really that difficult for you thou’?

  22. hellos joanne jiie..i havent started watching the beach.ball.babes yet as i was busy with scho0l work..and stuffs..but i did record it with a tape..aahahah.now that i am not that busy anymore i am sure i will be able to have the time to watch it now yahx.i am sure so logn as have u inside would be great and omgggggg…the frog part..i guess its pretty slimey yea?? how did u overcome ur fear?
    do reply me k?
    take care and loves! cya soon (:


  23. hello joanne!

    i love your acting yesterday night (july 10). you and your “sister” part! hahaahaha.


    i was wondering how does your face showcase twice with jesseca liew?

    how to see your reply soon!

    take care


  24. Yo joanne. The show’s really very nice ! But I missing half an hours cause I come back late from work. Sigh.

    Take care!

  25. hihi Joanne,
    Will there be more scenes with ur ‘twin’ sister,or only yesterday.Hope to see more with ur ‘twin’ as its very nice to see two same person.U acted very well with the two personalities and u look cute as the younger sis,hahas..take care!!

  26. O-zaki Simizutoro

    Hi Joanne, May i know who is the person sitting beside you in the car.

  27. 孤单小精灵


  28. I like that idea. the way the shot is taken as if christopher is driving. very innovative. hahaha! it really shows how much coordination and teamwork is needed to make a scene look so simple.

    respect =)

  29. first time writing 2 u….im a sec sch student…i wan to be a actress lik u…how you become a actress at de first place???

    Hope 2 hear from u soon!!!

  30. u rocks!!! joanne!! i luv ur shows so much as well as ur clothes!! so stylish!!!

  31. This is the 5th time I’m leaving Joanne comments but she never bother to reply anyone of them! =(

  32. GabrielLe, dont be disappointed.
    Joanne is an celeb, meaning very busy life with work!!! Much much much much busier than anyone of us. dont be discouraged if she doesnt reply. =) smile.

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  35. 原来平时拍摄驾车戏都是如此的啊?大开眼界-ing。。。

  36. hihi! ^_^
    i like seeing the part when you
    was with ur ‘twin’ too.
    so cute.hahahah
    anyway thanks for translating those mandrin words
    into eng!

  37. dun support anione^^

    ur acting is pro one lar..

  38. dun support anione-.-

    ur beach ball babes u acted veri nice sia.i lurve it man..

  39. Hi,Joanne jie..
    hav u got any blog?at wat webside?
    n may i hav ur e-mail?my email is hengyinghui@msn.com

  40. Hi,joanne jie,

    Merry Christmas 2 u too!
    n i hav 2 ask some thing,the baobeifunubin
    “zi ji de xing fu”dat’s u sing 1?

  41. Oo..nice ya..haha..
    may i hav ur fon num pls?i am ur fans ler..

  42. By the way,i’m a girl..scare??

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