Graduation portraits

Last weekend I finally found time to take my long overdue graduation family studio portrait. What struck me most was the price! I never expected it to cost so much and frankly, I wasn’t impressed with the way they tried to get me to take different sets of portraits and blow it up to outrageous sizes (the biggest size cost like over a thousand dollars!!!!), saying that most people like to hang a big picture of their portraits in the living room. I for one don’t really think there’s a need to be so extravagant. I think I’ll only blow it up and place it in my living room when I take my PhD graduation portrait (that is, if I do it this lifetime). Eventually, I stuck to the smallest size for my individual photo (8R) and kept my parents’ and the family portraits at 20R and 40R respectively.

Still, I wonder where we’ll find the space to hang it up.

Taken while waiting for my mom to be done with her make-up…

The photographer used a few different backdrops and props. This young man is the photographer’s assistant and he is there to make sure my robe is neat and nothing is out of place.

I have to keep very still, otherwise he has to adjust my robe all over again.

The 2 assistants and the photographer (extreme right). I don’t really like this bookshelf backdrop.


Act blur…

Act cute…

Try a different pose…

Ok done!!

It’s been 2 years since my convocation, and gosh, I miss school!

20 responses to “Graduation portraits

  1. I like the 7th pic… Nice! =) And i miss sch too… ALOT!!!

  2. Hey Joanne,
    I’m jacob
    long time nvr see u le and chat online haha through leaving messages lol
    ya jus completed the construction of my blog but still hav some more to add
    hope u would take time off to see
    will talk to u soon
    take care…:p

  3. Hi

    Your blog is one of those which I pop by and would continue reading on and eventually cannot stop reading… cool~

    You really possess a great talent in writing, keep writing!

    Saw the preview of your upcoming series on tv, just wanna share my thoughts… People were saying that your acting skills is not as good as before. No offence, you failed the role in ‘The golden path’ and the one as ‘Shuxian’. This is perhaps due to the image you have casted in viewers’ eyes. In this show, viewers will definately love you. Cos, this is the image they have registered you as. Honestly, it is not that you lack of something or you don’t play the role well, but it is just that image. For eg. Chen Liping, if she is going to play the role of a successful career woman, it will not be convincing. And, Felicia Chin who is always playing the role of a sweetie, the girl next door. For sure, it is more convincing when played someone who is demure. This is something that takes time for viewers to accept, and also depends alot on chances.

    Sorry if I have offenced you in any way. I really admire you for being who you are and that is why I posted this comment.

    Hope everything goes well for you, stay happy. Try to make yourself fairer… White is more pleasing to the eyes, HA!

  4. Wow! I guess you are the smartest among the actresses.

    If you graduated with PhD, many people will respect you for that because you can cope well with your studies and acting career.

    How about Doctor Joanne Peh or

    “Doctor Baiiii….Weiiiii….Xiuuuuuuu!”


  5. Hello joanne, seldom seem to hear you complain about stuffs, haha…seems like you’re not really impressed about the photoshoot..oh wells, i’m sure they’ve turned out just fine! Anws, wana say jiayou in your career field and best of luck in whatever you do=)

    the once-in-a-while visitor=)

  6. Hi, did the photographer say you are quite professional? haha… one more thing to ask… now everybody call you ‘dao you’ (soy sauce in hokkien) right? If you’re trying whitening your skin, don’t you try the best whitening brand in Singapore – Garnier light.

  7. joanne !!
    u look very gorgeous in ur graduation outfit

  8. hihi Joanne,
    I want to invite u to my 13th birthday on the 12th of July..It will be held at ”The Pitstop”( to this website to find out more about the place..I’m not sure about the time yet but its most probably be in the afternoon.Hope u will be able to come,and hope u will reply me soon as my mum needs to book and need to know the number of people going..thanks,hope to see u soon..!!:)

  9. Hey Joanne,

    I don’t really understand your post. (Sorry!)
    What was the photoshoot for?

  10. hihi Joanne,
    So will u be able to attend my b’dae party??

  11. Hi Qing Hui,

    Oops…let me try to explain. When we graduate, we have a Convocation Ceremony where we will wear the robe and go on stage to receive our certificates. We can rent or buy the robe and the company that does this will usually throw us offers to take studio portraits. Maybe it’s a custom, families will come together to take a proper professional studio family photo. For me, it marks the end point my parents had always wanted me to achieve, so this photo is taken for personal significance. 🙂 I hope that clarifies!


  12. Hi Germaine,

    My nonya drama has started, so I don’t think I can make it for your celebration. I hope you have a crazy time with your friends!! Happy Birthday in advance!


  13. Wah, so cool! 🙂 Haha, thanks for explaining, I get it now. 😀

  14. Good luck for your nonya drama and have fun filming! 😀

  15. I think that graduation photos are a scam!

    I wanted to take one after I grad but was put off by the price.

    Why spend $$ on a pro studio when I can do it myself?

    So in the end, I went back to my university and did my own light setup and took my own grad photos hahaha

    *This is only applicable if you take photos yourself =)

  16. hihi Joanne,
    Ok,nvm,jus hope tat I will be able to see u soon,i cannot make it for the sentosa event as my mum sprained her ankle..and thanks for ur birthday greeting,hope u hve fun fliming ur new show,take cares!!

  17. I came by after watching the beach.ball.babes (did I get the order right?) show… and yes this bookshelf backdrop… I am sure it is found in every *[&#@* photo studio..!

  18. Hi Joanne,

    I was wondering which studio did you take this photo at?


  19. Hi Joanne,

    Nice graduation pics.. By the way, was wondering if you can share which studio is that? I’m planning to take mine too.. Lolx.

  20. Hi there.
    I think, the photos look nice coz the person is pretty.

    I think it really is a scam.

    They won’t state the hidden details, like stamping the word “SAMPLE” on the front of the photographs which are not chosen.

    I’m very much disturbed and angry about this, as they had not said this part prior to the paying of deposit.

    It is unlike my make-over and wedding photos done differently at 3 different studios. Although there were over 200 photos which I did not choose to put in the album, those 3 studios still returned my ‘samples’ to me in nice condition.

    This studio really hide all the details and I don’t know why NTU, NUS, SIM, MDIS etc keeps giving them the tender. Is it just because they quote the lowest price?

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